A Tarnkappe (タルンカッペ Tarunkappe?) is a spiritual item based on a cloak of invisibility which appears in Norse Mythology.[1]


A Tarnkappe (which can be translated as "cap of concealment") is a hat (or sometimes a veil) worn by an alp, which gives the being magical powers, including the ability to become invisible.


The Tarnkappe originally would have been a large cloak, which would enhance its wearer's strength and make their body invisible.[1]

In the case of the Tarnkappe used by Alfar, it was analyzed and its workings reconstructed to turn it into a spiritual item in the form of narrow threads. These threads were laid out in a passageway, creating a magical screen like the film of a soap bubble and erasing a person's form from the background, leaving virtually no trace of them visible even to the enhanced eyesight of a Saint like Kanzaki Kaori, though she was able to notice the threads after focusing more.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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During the events in Brick Wharf, Alfar initially hides herself, and an animal distorted by her power, from Kanzaki Kaori using a Tarnkappe made from silk threads.[1]


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