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Telekinesis (念動力テレキネシス Nendōryoku (Terekineshisu)?, lit. "Telekinetic Force") is the ability to move objects from a distance.[1] It is among the most common types of esper abilities found in Academy City.



Akemi using Telekinesis to levitate Muu

Telekinesis is an esper ability with various applications; one of its most common is the leviation of objects.[2] Other applications include applying a "layer" of its influence onto objects, as well as its use to solidify the user's body, increasing their inertia.[1][3]

It's effects are visibly similar to that of Awatsuki Maaya's Float Dial ability, which led to Baba Yoshio confusing it in his analysis. One can also "transfer" the ability to seemingly lift objects for a time, as Baba Yoshio did not find it suspicious that Maaya lessened Kongou Mitsuko's buoyancy to make her able to be carried by Saten Ruiko.[4]

The Columbus’ Egg test, which is an exam conducted by the Power Curriculum Program, is seemingly designed specifically for telekinetics.[5] Telekinetics are also examined by moving scales in a certain angle.[6]

Known Subtypes[]

  • Side Arm (気力絶縁 (サイドアーム) Kiryoku Zetsuen (Saido Āmu)?, lit. "Energy Insulation"): A variation of Telekinesis that interferes with the motion of electrons, and thus allows the user to repel electric attacks.
  • Attention Power: Ability Number 00483 as registered in the Bank; a potential unknown variation of Telekinesis, or an alternate name for it, as it is a potential translation of Telekinesis' kanji.[7]

Known Telekinetics[]


  1. In the Toaru universe, telekinetic espers are said to produce an AIM diffusion field that exerts pressure onto objects within its effective range. There exists a high chance because of this that Telekinesis in this universe works by exerting pressure to induce motion and thus move targets.