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Teleport (空間移動テレポート Kūkan Idō (Terepōto)?, lit. "Spatial Movement") is the esper ability to instantly transport matter across space. It requires 11th-dimensional calculations to use,[1] and thus more concentration than most other abilities.[2][3]


Only 58 Teleporters form part of Academy City's esper population, and out of these 58 are 19 who can teleport multiple objects at once. Because their power is so rare, there is limited information on the AIM Diffusion fields of Teleporters, though it is known that they cannot teleport one another due to potential contradictions in their respective calculations.[4]

The basis of teleport is finding the 11th-dimensional position of the object of interest and then calculating the vectors to move. The calculations are more complex than the commands of regular espers, and thus Teleporters cannot use their ability when distracted by anxiety, confusion or pain.[2] Moreover, since vectors are still involved, Accelerator can reflect teleported objects.[5]

Once able to teleport themselves, Teleporters normally achieve clearance for Level 4, according to Accelerator.[6]

Known Subtypes[]

Subtype Description Known User
Teleport (空間移動テレポート Kūkan Idō (Terepōto)?, lit. "Spatial Movement") It allows its user to teleport the objects they touch; they also use themselves as the "reference point" in their calculations. Shirai Kuroko
Move Point (座標移動ムーブポイント Zahyō Idō (Mūbu Pointo)?, lit. "Coordinate Movement") It is an advanced version that enables its user to teleport objects, regardless of contact. They can teleport objects within range without having to specify a definitive reference point. Because it is more calculation-intensive, it is slower to use than regular teleport. Musujime Awaki
Kill Point (死角移動キルポイント Shikaku Idō (Kiru Pointo)?, lit. "Blind-spot Movement") It is named as such by Accelerator as it is used to teleport the user behind others. Users of this version of Teleport base their calculations on others because they otherwise cannot perform them. Saraku
Mass Teleport It is an unknown variation with a name that implies that it is used to the teleport several objects at a time.[7]
Replace (入れ替え能力リプレース Irekae Nōryoku (Ripurēsu)?) It is the variation of teleport used by the Coffin Taotie which allows it to remotely switch the positions of targets, including itself.[8] Coffin Taotie
Asport (遠隔射出アスポーツ Enkaku Shashutsu (Asupōtsu)?, lit. "Remote Emission") It is the "Level 5" version used by the Coffin Taotie. The user requires only a remote view of the target to teleport it and can also use this ability to effectively bypass Accelerator's reflection to teleport him.[9] The remote view of the target can be achieved by viewing it from a camera for example.[10] Kihara Gensei used Level 4 version of Asport which acquired via Level Upper.[11] Coffin Taotie and Kihara Gensei

Known Teleporters[]