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Telesma (天使の力 (テレズマ) Tenshi no Chikara (Terezuma)?, lit. "Angel's Power") is the power dwelling in the Phase known as Heaven[1] and the source power for Angels of divine origin.[citation needed] The Magic Cabal Stella Matutina referred to the Power of the World as Telesma.[2]


Telesma is the English transliteration of the Ancient Greek word τέλεσμα (télesma, "payment"); and partly directly from Byzantine Greek τέλεσμα (télesma, "talisman, religious rite, completion"), ultimately deriving from τελέω (teléō, "to perform religious rites, to complete"), itself derived from τέλος (télos, "end, fulfillment, accomplishment, consummation, completion"). It is the origin of the word "talisman".[3]


The potency of telesma cannot be compared to mana. The human body cannot handle a large amount of telesma due to a difference of affinity, not a matter of potency. If the human body forcefully does absorb a large amount of telesma, the person would suffer severe damage as demonstrated when Acqua of the Back drained telesma from Archangel Gabriel.[4] This further shows that Saints, even if they have undergone modification from God's Right Seat, cannot handle Telesma. However there are some people who can control telesma, like Leivinia Birdway,[5] or with an object like the Curtana Original.[6][7] There have been some cases where a human can possess telesma such as Sasha Kreutzev as a result of the Angel Fall incident. One side-effect of high telesma exposure on the human body is that a person becomes able to detect nearby Magic, experiencing pressure and a slight trembling when they are near to active spells or spiritual items.[8]

Unlike mana, which is not initially aligned when produced, Telesma is aligned to one of the elements. Large concentrations can have highly dangerous effects on the real world, such as causing large tidal waves. Such phenomena is related to the element to which the Telesma is aligned.[9] Dense concentrations of Telesma, such as that which covered London following the Overloading of the Curtana Original, also carry the risk of an explosion if magic is used inside them.[10]


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