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This template is used to create an infobox for character articles, providing concise information about a character, including the character's name in Japanese, personal information like age, gender, occupation and affiliation/s, and information regarding appearances in official media.
Type {{Character Infobox|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below. It is advised to add this infobox at the very start of the article, before the introductory section.
Parameter overview
  • Full Name: The name of the character in question. Defaults to the article title.
  • Images: Takes in a picture that represents the character. Multiple images can be added using <gallery> tags (see example).
  • Kanji: The character's name in Japanese kanji.
  • Romaji: The character's name in Romanized Japanese.
  • Epithet: Names that are attributed to the character. Multiple entries can be added by separating with a <br> tag.
  • Status: The character's current status, whether Alive, Deceased, Unknown or some other unique circumstance.
  • Age: The character's age.
  • Gender: The character's gender.
  • Height: The character's height.
  • Family: Other characters that are related to the character by blood or law. Multiple entries can be added by separating with a <br> tag.
  • Classification: The character's classification, whether it is an esper, magician or otherwise.
  • Magic Name: Corresponds to a character's Magic Name. Only applies to magicians.
  • Occupation: The character's jobs or professions, up to five.
  • Affiliation: Any groups or organizations the character is affiliated to.
  • Magic: The name or type of magic or spells the character uses. Only applies to magicians.
  • Esper Power: The name or type of esper power the character uses. Only applies to espers.
  • Ability: The name or type of ability the character possesses that does not fall into the category of magic or esper power. e.g. Imagine Breaker.
  • Level: The designation of strength of the character's ability. Often used for espers as dictated by the Power Curriculum Program.
  • JAP Voice: The character's Japanese voice actor/s.
  • ENG Voice: The character's English voice actor/s.
  • Appears In: List of all mediums the character has appeared in.
  • Novel Debut: Corresponds to the light novel volume in which the character first appears.
  • Manga Debut: Corresponds to the manga chapter in which the character first appears. For multiple series, list all that applies separated by <br> tags.
  • Anime Debut: Corresponds to the anime episode where the character first appears. For multiple series, list all that applies. <br> tags.
  • Audio Debut: Corresponds to the audio drama in which the character first appears.
  • Game Debut: Corresponds to the video game in which the character first appears.
Empty output
{{Character Infobox
|Full Name = 
|Images = 
|Kanji = 
|Romaji = 
|Epithet = 
|Status = 
|Age = 
|Gender = 
|Height = 
|Family = 
|Classification = 
|Magic Name = 
|Occupation = 
|Affiliates = 
|Magic = 
|Esper Power = 
|Ability = 
|Level = 
|JAP Voice = 
|ENG Voice = 
|Appears In = 
|Novel Debut = 
|Manga Debut = 
|Anime Debut = 
|Audio Debut = 
|Game Debut = 
Sample output
{{Character Infobox
|Full Name = Tsuchimikado Motoharu
|Images = <gallery>
|Kanji = 土御門 元春
|Romaji = Tsuchimikado Motoharu
|Epithet = ''The Siscon Sergeant''<br>''No Sister, No Life''
|Status = Alive
|Age = 15/16
|Gender = Male
|Height = 180cm
|Family = [[Tsuchimikado Maika]] ''(Stepsister)''<br>[[Tsuchimikado Bishu]] ''(Fake)''<br>[[Tsuchimikado Touzu]] ''(Fake)''
|Classification = [[Magician-Esper hybrid]]
|Magic Name = '''''Fallere825''''' - ''The backstabbing blade''
|Occupation = Multiple Agent ''(Several organizations)''<br>Student ''([[A Certain High School]])''
|Affiliates = [[Church of England|Anglican Church]] ([[Necessarius]])<br>[[GROUP]] ''(Former de facto leader)''
|Magic = [[Onmyoudou]] Arts
|Esper Power = {{nihongo|'''Auto-Rebirth'''|<ruby><rb>肉体再生</rb><rp> (</rp><rt>オートリバース</rt><rp>) </rp></ruby>|Nikutai Saisei (Ōto Ribāsu)|lit. "Body Regeneration"}}
|Level = 0
|JAP Voice = {{w|Anri Katsu}}
|ENG Voice = {{w|Newton Pittman}}
|Appears In = Novel, Manga, Anime, Audio, and Game
|Novel Debut = [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 04|Volume 4]]
|Manga Debut = [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Chapter 022|Index Chapter 22]]<br>[[Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Manga Chapter 079|Railgun Chapter 79]]
|Anime Debut = [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 01|Index Episode 1]]
|Audio Debut = [[Toaru Majutsu no Index Radio Drama|Index Radio Drama]]
|Game Debut = [[Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)|Index PSP Game]]

Results in...

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