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Dark Side of Academy City
Factions and Organizations Board of Directors (Board Chairman: FormerCurrent)
Kihara FamilyHound DogGROUPSCHOOLITEMMEMBERBLOCKFreshmenScavengerFull CourseSpark SignalDisciplinary ActionL.S.S.STUDY
Experiments and Projects Level 6 Experiments (Level 6 Shift Project) • Radio Noise Project (Third Season) • Agitate Halation ProjectClone DollyExterior ProjectDark May ProjectProduceFive OverRensaAnatomy Mechatronics
Total Human Cyborg Replacement ProjectWhite AlligatorChemicaloid Project
Aleister's Plan Windowless BuildingImaginary Number DistrictMisaka NetworkUnderlineDRAGON
Key Events (Timeline) Sisters Arc0930 IncidentSkill-Out UprisingBattle Royale ArcGemstone MiningDRAGON ArcWorld War IIIFreshmen ArcBaggage City ArcAgitate Halation ArcMental Out ArcChristmas Eve ArcOperation Handcuffs Arc
Other Magic-Science TreatyMilitaryDestroyerVoice on the Phone
See also: Academy City


This is a navbox to be used on certain articles about subjects connected to the Dark Side of Academy City. This includes the Dark Side itself, key dark-side factions and organizations, aspects of Aleister's Plan, certain experiments and projects, certain events involving the dark side, and specific pieces of terminology. It is not to be used on every article linked in the navbox or every single article connected to the city's dark side.

Articles leaning more towards the surface of Academy City are to have the Academy City navbox instead, though several articles will have both navboxes, including the Dark Side of Academy City itself and Academy City.