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Assorted Notes

May 2020

  • 06/05/2020: Thoroughly despondent after going through logs and seeing volume of work to be done, how many problems people have introduced and the amount of tasks having to juggle. Negativity cascade and mental stall. Need too de-stress but can't afford to spend time away or problem will grow further (like a leaking dam or quagmire). Feel a bit like crying.


  • Revise/update Image Tasklist for Kaysuami
  • Answer OH&S
  • Complete Daihaseisai Overhaul
  • Complete Referencing Guide draft
  • Complete STOP Notes and Progress Log
  • Carry out the image caption overhaul for Railgun T Eps 1-12


  • Silvercross Alpha
  • Tour Guide Girl



  • Charlemagne
  • Race to the finish - Daihaseisai Overhaul
  • Caption review
  • Record discrepancies which might slip through the radar
  • Record poll results from Gauging
  • Fulgurate
  • Agnese/Kuroyoru SS
  • Christianity spammer
  • Check recent edits to make absolutely sure that no additional Ep1-12 images have been added to articles since check
  • Tour Guide Girl (TrackTag10 being used to locate remnant text) (rename image after sweep or before sweep aid update)
  • Infobox/Navbox File Compilation


  • Trains in AC, Seibun Hill, District 5, Triathlon, Infrastructure


  • Daihaseisai overhaul partially finished


  • Assemble list of images for renaming before the sweep aid update


  • Append debug code &debug=1 to edit URL to regain use of FindAndReplace


  • Initiating pre-update image renaming sweep, beginning at 17:15
    • Keeping redirects temporarily for processing purposes

June 2020



  • Identified odd jobs
    • {{Character Infobox|Full Name (Character Infoboxes without spaces between fields)(sweep done, articles identification phase 1) (done by Ollerus)
    • Category:Anime
    • Pages requiring cleanup - similar to article stubs case (sweep done, less than expected)
    • {{Template:Science}} (Magic)
    • {{nihongo


  • Span tag search (in progress)(TrackTag)
  • Search for "residual"?



  • Operation Twin Ravens/Huginn/Muninn (review of existing activities and plans for future)
  • Operation Quoth/Nevermore (asking users about suggestions/tasks)




  • Extraction Tool? - Ask OH&S (asked on 13th)
  • Unnecessary span code usage dealt with, only intentional left
  • Template:Necessarius - update character list?


  • Agnese SS discussion



  • 5=6 caused malfunction in scroll box
  • Residual Information and Summoning articles created
  • Barcelonan Priest, Barcelona, Calais not made



  • Astrology/Science/Magic/Mythology/Goetic/Olympic operation names?


  • Do reminder posts for referencing and images
    • Image Reminder:
    • Reference Reminder:
  • Operations
    • Dealing with recent subject articles
    • Dealing with bloated/inaccurate main articles
    • Images
  • SD105 - Link implementation with bot
  • SD58/SD4/SD15/SD16
  • User:Norme10: Replacing images with drastically LQ images, adding images with inappropriate size and no caption
    • Note: Previous inappropriate header tweaks and improper/sloppy image additions to sections
  • User:Maware958‎: adding non-design images to design galleries (new user)


  • Post reminder on Images and References, post notification for Operation Interim, reprimand
  • SD103 (Character Infobox Space Fixes)
  • SD105 (Summoning)


  • SD113 (Temp Image Log)
  • SD114 (SS/Non-Canon/Out of universe plot section headers)
  • Tasks for carrying out while SD114 auto-sweeps are underway:
    • Agnese SS-related
    • Images
    • Collab-related
    • Toaru IF
    • Reminders


  • Have carried out several sweeps for SS/non-canon/non-Chron sections
    • Have also carried out sweep removing header spaces (before/after header content) - freed up TT7
    • TT active for summoning, TT5 and TT10 in use for SS/non-canon/non-Chron - SD114 being used to gather results


  • Morning - Conducting sweeps for Videogame to Video Game, Sidestories (TT10) and Side-Stories (TT5) in section headers.
  • Ruby Template and Ruby code locator sweep?


  • A112: Efforts to update CAL on Episode pages. Good understanding of recent formats, revisits and corrects grammatical errors, a few minor problems to be adjusted. Tell them that they are doing well, let them know about several problem areas on old and new articles which have yet to be addressed, either due to other workloads or the need to acquire data first, to minimize error carry-forward.
  • Speak with A175 about the problem areas they are involved in.


  • Have to operate off-line for a while


  • Comment pruning (off-topic content)


  • Down for most of the day due to circumstances
  • Advance notice and reminders delayed
  • Apologies

July 2020


  • First of the month tasks: (delay)
    • Review/rename certain recent images (in progress)
    • Update Sweep Aid Lists
  • Reminders (Images/References/Comments) (in progress)
  • Operation Interim
  • Community Tasklist
  • Mobile Front
  • News

01/07 (B):


  • GT2 Plans - SD116, SD117 assigned
  • Stalled during day


  • GT2Pr info processing
  • Recent: Agnese SS, Railgun T, Biohacker, Railgun SS3, Nectar Arc, Jailbreaker Arc, Astral Buddy
  • Operation Interim preparations


  • Operation Interim - more locks/SD assigns?



  • GT2 article start approach
  • Split off several Railgun character Chronologies and Shokuhou's Personality & Relationships in anticipation of expansion
  • [Thread:73464|Wall thread regarding Razorhead's 'Small Facts' compilation]: External Link


  • Prevented editing during early evening due to database lock
  • Went out to see if could see Comet Neowise, think saw it but not clear, good view of the stars, saw ISS and a shooting star


  • Contact core contributors for help with Interim, proceed at own discretion if no response in time


  • Slider
  • Zombie - lousy slipshod additions again


  • GD/K, K/O - not entirely the same image though close
  • Anon poorly copy-pasting chapter summary to Hokaze Junko (bring under Operation Interim)
  • User with user name perhaps needing attention, monitor actions
  • Keep eye on Necromancer Arc in case sloppy additions made again
  • Carrying out some work offline due to mechanical problems, partial stall, tidying up and excess papers


  • Two blog posts - STOP Notes, Exploring Bases or Volunteering Request?
  • Rename images before first of the month sweep aid update
  • Anons of potential interest - establish contact?


  • STOP Notes (new episode/chapters (conclusion of Accel/Astral), GT2, Agnese SSCh3, Operation Interim extended, frustration/comments/messy edits)
  • Request for Volunteers (Tasks: ?, UQ hover display, OST review/log)
  • SD150 - Shundan Kimi: Appearance, Personality, Background, Chronology


  • Identify helpful anon assisting with R-T Ep16, and the unintentional? hindering anon from now and last time
  • Golden Darkness, Rurushu29, Kaysuami - Communicate and Convey

August 2020


  • STOP Notes (new episode/chapters (conclusion of Accel/Astral), GT2, Agnese SSCh3, Operation Interim extended, frustration/comments/messy edits)/Progress Log
  • Community
  • User contact
  • Volunteer Request
  • Log Processing


Due to certain circumstances, I'm currently assessing a number of possibilities with regards to future work on the wiki, which may or may not be pursued. For a few of them, involving coordinated collaborative action between multiple users/volunteers, I need to gather data from you, the users of the Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki, and gauge your general inclinations towards certain things, in order to help determine whether certain possibilities should be pursued or abandoned.

Nothing is set in stone at the moment and these things might not come to pass, however I need accurate information in order to determine the best courses of action for certain areas. If you wish to help me with this, please answer the questions in the polls below, or if you wish to provide further information, please do so in the comments below. Thank you for your time.

Would you be willing to volunteer to take part in coordinated efforts to improve the Toaru Wiki? 
*Yes: 17
*Depends: 4
*No: 3
*Don't know: 1
*Total: 25
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to work as a team together with other users? 
*Yes: 7
*Depends: 13
*No: 2
*Don't know: 1
*Total: 23
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to work through a set task on your own? 
*Yes: 15
*Depends: 4
*No: 2
*Don't know: 2
*Total: 23
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you follow the instructions of the admins and the user organizing the operation(s)? 
*Yes: 17
*Depends: 2
*No: 1
*Don't know: 2
*Total: 22
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you put thought and care into your edits and efforts? 
*Yes: 22
*Depends: 1
*No: 0
*Don't know: 0
*Total: 23
*Start Time: 12:38 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to carry out tasks which might be somewhat tedious in nature? 
*Yes: 6
*Depends: 13
*No: 2
*Don't know: 0
*Total: 21
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to go through a large quantity of data/pages on the wiki and accurately record your findings? 
*Yes: 6
*Depends: 8
*No: 2
*Don't know: 5
*Total: 21
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to go through a large quantity of data/pages on the wiki and make specific adjustments to areas that meet a designated criteria? 
*Yes: 6
*Depends: 8
*No: 2
*Don't know: 4
*Total: 20
*Start Time: 12:41 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to go through a large quantity of source material and find specific pieces of information? 
*Yes: 17
*Depends: 0
*No: 2
*Don't know: 1
*Total: 20
*Start Time: 12:27 on April 11, 2020

Would you be willing to go through a large quantity of external online content and find specific pieces of information? 
*Yes: 6
*Depends: 11
*No: 3
*Don't know: 0
*Total: 20
*Start Time: 12:55 on April 11, 2020



  • Railgun T Ep16-18 edit checks (for grammatical errors and poorly-written)
  • Ogino - character measurement info


  • Grammatical errors
  • Volunteer request candidates
  • Assemble anon/user list for existing Ep16-18 edits
  • Check recent redirects for categories that need to be added


  • Consider using Notifications to call recent contributors (Dream Ranker Arc)
  • SD150
  • FCT suggestion - tasks outside specialization area?
  • Next STOP Notes (Edit)
    • Volunteer Request
    • Forum Retirement and UCP switch-over
    • Database Dump


  • SD94 Notes - Added extract from known navboxes
  • Noted that several navboxes not categorizes
  • Noted that several navboxes are missing from articles but also that several are meant for the character list articles only.

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SD120 Operation Interim - Index, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD121 Operation Interim - Index, Abilities Draft
SD122 Operation Interim - Kamijou Touma, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD123 Operation Interim - Kamijou Touma, Abilities Draft
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