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Paragraph 1:

  • Othinus (オティヌス Otinusu?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Paragraph 2:

  • She is a Magic God, and was the leader of GREMLIN. Prior to the 10th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel, she was originally a powerful being who refers to herself as a god, and was the primary antagonist of much of the early Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index.
  • After subjecting Kamijou Touma to much suffering, the both of them later come into a mutual understanding of each other's situation, which later allows for Touma to save her from the destruction that was eating her body.
  • She later becomes 15 centimeters in size with much of her former power gone, virtually harmless, after Touma saves her from killing herself after she believes she didn't deserve to be saved.[1]


Paragraph 1:

  • Her name, Othinus, is the Latin name for Odin the Norse god of war, wisdom, magic, poetry, and betrayal among other things, which is also the alternative reading of her name.
  • Her name is derived from the Gesta Danorum, an euhemerized account of gods and their relation to the history of the Danes, which tells of Othinus' throne being taken by Ollerus after the former's exile.

Paragraph 2:

  • With this, the characters of Othinus and Ollerus in the series are an exaggerated reflection of their roles from the Gesta Danorum.


Paragraph 1:

  • She is referred to as One-Eyed Othinus and, similarly to the Othinus of legend, she wears an eye-patch over her right eye which she removed as a sacrifice in order for her to drink from the Well of Wisdom.
  • It is the way she is dressed that would be later used as the basis for the appearance of Odin in Norse Mythology.
  • Her remaining eye is glittery green and with slit-like iris, though not often the case in illustrations.

Paragraph 2:

  • She is described as having the external appearance of around a 14 year old girl.
  • She has long, wavy blond hair.
  • She's seen dressed in a revealing outfit, a low-cut neck line that goes down below her navel.
  • She has a long cape, and has a ribbon wrapped around her.
  • Traces of a witch-like design are present, such as the cape and a wide brimmed hat with a pointed tip.[2]
  • Touma had joked that her outfit isn't that different from how people depicted Odin outfit, wearing only pants and a cape.


Paragraph 1:

  • Initially, Othinus was depicted as a ruthless and cold-hearted individual who will utilize any means necessary to achieve her goals, regardless of how much destruction and suffering they bring to others.
  • She has no qualms about threatening or harming anyone who inconveniences her in the slightest way, be it an enemy or an ally.

Paragraph 2:

  • She is very cunning and manipulative, able to fool everyone that knew her that there was only one method in creating Gungnir.
  • As her namesake Odin is also a god of betrayal, it is only fitting that she has no qualms in using and then casting aside her comrades to get what she wants.[3]
  • In the same breath, she was very easily angered when Ollerus called her a lonely person and finds it frustrating when people she's trying to defeat continue to inconvenience her.

Paragraph 3:

  • Upon acquiring the Lance of Gungnir, she declares her victory and immediately destroys the universe on a whim.
  • Due to being able to create and destroy whatever she desires, she now paints the world as she desires it to be, such as erasing all forms of crime or pain from it simply to make it more appealing rather than for the sake of those living in it.
  • She also seems to treat Touma's continued existence like an amusing game until he actually started to become an inconvenience to her.[4][5][6]

Paragraph 4:

  • She is also both afraid of Imagine Breaker and also afraid to get rid of it, as she is aware of the fact that she can transform the universe into any form she chooses but could also easily end up losing her way back to the original version of it.
  • Because of this, she was ultimately unable to kill Kamijou Touma and resolved to break his will instead.[7]

Paragraph 5:

  • Othinus desired to return to her original world, which she had previously eliminated with her powers as a magic god.
  • This left her with the fear of losing Imagine Breaker, which could be used as a reference point for that world.
  • Through defeating Touma however, Othinus comes to terms with her lost desire and realized that she only wanted someone to understand her.
  • She puts Touma in the same trapped situation as she was in hopes of gaining that someone.[7]
  • She ultimately decides to restore Touma's reality with Imagine Breaker's reference, and resolves to die as an enemy of the world.[8]

Paragraph 6:

  • After coming to an understanding with Kamijou Touma and spending time alone with him to recover her lost eye in Denmark, she is shown to be quite open in humoring his personality.
  • However, she doesn't suffer fools lightly and can be quite violent when annoyed by him too much, though this has no effect on Touma as he enjoys it.
  • She acts serious and levelheaded, making her the straight-man to Touma's wise guy.
  • Both Touma and Thor has noted that Othinus likes to explain things.[9][10]


As a legendary figure and creator of worlds

Paragraph 1:

  • An unknown number of years and phase shifts ago, Othinus, though she may have had a different name back then, became a Magic God. To do this, she went to Denmark, to the lake where Egeskov Castle will one day stand, and sacrificed her right eye and threw it into the lake as part of an enormous ritual, allowing her to obtain the body of a magic god.[11] And thus, many tales from many cultures told about her power, though some would make her seem like an old man or a vicious god of war,[7] there were implications that she herself would deliberately take forms that would now be recorded in mythology.[7][12] Othinus later used her power to change the world through shifting its phases. However, she later yearned for her original world, and despite the fact that she could have used the Imagine Breaker to change the world back, her hesitations prevented her from doing so. For there was hope that she could make the world into her original world as she saw in her mind. Moreover, there was a hope for her that she could just bring the world into a new form through phase-shifting and just settle there. Regardless, she suffered for it, and for countless phase shifts she was worn down by the suffering that she felt in each of them, something she would later visit upon Touma. Due to being worn down and the impermanence of the world, she began looking for something that would not change.[13] Specifically, she was looking for someone who can understand her, the only one seemingly constant in the world. Though she didn't know what she wanted herself—that changing the world was but a means to an end. In the end, she settled in the current world, and somehow relinquished her title as Magic God.[7]

Paragraph 2:

  • During Thor and Touma's battle at the end of the Ichihanaran Festival Arc, Thor mentions Othinus taking extreme measures to gain knowledge such as pulling out one of her eyes, and hanging herself on a tree.[14] This refers to the steps Othinus took to become a Magic God, likely referring to the time before she relinquished being a magic god after settling with the current world as he mentions Othinus sacrificing her eye. The other is a reference to Odin hanging himself on the world tree Yggdrasil for nine days and nights, in order to learn the wisdom that would give him power in the nine worlds.

Return as a Magic God

Paragraph 1:

  • Her unease later returned, however, taking back her title as a Magic God, earning the anger of Ollerus, forming an adversarial relationship with the man.[7] In fact, Ollerus would continuously claim that Othinus stole becoming a Magic God from him. This relationship between them extends with his magic. The first implication of Othinus' existence in the series is when Ollerus uses the queer magic, Hliðskjálf, upon Sogiita Gunha.[15] This magic, of course, is named after the high seat of Odin, which allows him to see into all realms. In the Gesta Danorum, Odin was exiled and Ollerus was chosen to take his place. This can be presumed why Ollerus currently has the Hliðskjálf.

Paragraph 2:

  • World War III would later spurn her into action even further, as she forms GREMLIN for the purpose of constructing the Lance of Gungnir.

Paragraph 3:

  • As Othinus is a Magic God in spite of her limitations, she is one of the most powerful beings in the Toaru Majutsu no Index storyline, and as demonstrated later, is able to reshape the world according to her will using the Lance of Gungnir.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

Othinus is mentioned in passing by Ollerus after finding Fiamma of the Right, referring to her as the person who stole his title of Magic God.[16]

Othinus was aware of the events of the war, along with other members, though it is unknown when exactly she formed the group that would be known as GREMLIN. The members were either watching or taking part in the battle to see if Academy City would survive it.[17] However, they did not want to have anything to do with World War III. Moreover, they did not have anything to gain from helping Fiamma of the Right, as even if he succeeded, his method would not have saved the world as he thought it would. Since the opposite occurred, they did not want Fiamma of the Right, Roman Catholic Church and their Christian Alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church's losses to be forced upon them, and declared their own War with Academy City.[18]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

All from the beginning, Othinus planned to acquire Gungnir, the key to changing the world into her favor. Fitting her namesake of Odin, she played her comrades for fools. She used them to help her aid in the creation of Gungir, in spite of being able to create it on her own, propagating false information that there was only one method and that it was the only way to acquire Gungnir. But it was just one of the many branches she can get Gungnir, and though it would've worked as well, she could easily make it on her own. This is because she used it as a decoy for her subordinates and especially those of her enemies who will surely interfere.[3]

But her problem with the infinite possibilities of being a magic god still troubled her. Intending to unify her infinite possibilities, she saw that she could only rely on achieving 100% success through the fulfilling the decoy plan, seeing as the Imagine Breaker, being the reference point of the world is of no use. And she saw no way to achieve 100% failure as well, as she has reached a level where it would be difficult to obtain a truly 100% and thorough defeat.[3] Thus begins the violent struggle to create Gungnir.

Hawaii Invasion Arc

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

She appears in voice-only, talking to Marian Slingeneyer the Dvergr, over the phone, regarding their plans, and their successful fulfillment of one its steps, the eruption of Kilauea and the spreading of volcanic ash upon the world, and states on how she has gotten a report regarding Brunhild Eiktobel the Valkyrie, who once used Gungnir, a portion of it however. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Cendrillon, who is quickly defeated.[19]

Baggage City Arc

Main article: Baggage City Arc

With Bersi's knowledge in the darkness of Academy City, she allows him to be the only to know the true extent of the distortion that would occur for the experiment in Baggage City and orders him to adjust the experiment depending on the scope of what Academy City's forces that would inevitably attack.[20]

After Bersi's death, Marian Slingeneyer swears to avenge him and prepares to unsheath Dáinsleif, the harbinger of Ragnarök. Othinus calls the Dvergr and beseeches her not to do it, or she would ruin GREMLIN's experiments. Marian merely scoffs at her.[21]

When Kamijou Touma defeats Marian Slingeneyer and prepares to destroy Dáinsleif for fear it could be mastered and used at its full potential, Othinus reveals herself, stopping Touma and severing his right hand crushing the wrist.[22]

Othinus promptly destroys Dáinsleif with her powers, cursing how Marian had to create such a thing. But then, the Invisible Thing within Touma tried to break free, though Othinus used her powers to suppress it, seemingly unimpressed with its state and form. It is then that Ollerus appears to confront Othinus, suggesting she leaves with Marian as he has business with the Imagine Breaker. The two spar and browbeat each other until Ollerus reveals he has Fiamma of the Right on his side, empowered by the fact that Kamijou Touma's hand was severed, allowing his world-saving powers to activate. Seeing this, Othinus begins to carry off Marian, but decides on a whim to fight and kill them off. The match ended in a draw.

Later, Othinus used her powers to raise the deceased Bersi from the dead to join the Einherjar and carry Marian for her. There, she declares the pieces are coming together. Having acquired a proper furnace in Hawaii and Gungir's blueprints having been stolen, all that's' needed is a specimen to become a Holistic esper—someone greater than a human, without Valkyrie or Saint properties that hasn't been altered by Academy City's Power Curriculum Program. Such a specimen exists within the confines of the Windowless Building.[23]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc
NT Index v06 431

Othinus cometh.

Othinus appears at the end of the arc to meet the members of GREMLIN in a port in Tokyo Bay. There, she questions and then punishes Thor (who is actually Ollerus in disguise) concerning his failure to capture Fräulein Kreutune, by cutting off his right arm. However, the magic she used ended up being in the negative 50% of the infinite possibilities, so as a result her own right arm started to fall. She then decides to pick up the organs of the original Kakine Teitoku and use this new option to begin manufacturing the spear, unaware in that her group has been infiltrated.[24]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc
GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

She has GREMLIN move Sargasso on the waters near Tokyo instead of directly attacking Academy City. This is so that they can distribute what people hopes to gain, put pressure on Japan, Academy City, and all the nations who are against her, as well as the people living in Tokyo in order for them not to rise up in a unified force to attack her, which was the same way how how Fiamma of the Right was defeated during World War III.[25] There, Othinus and the other core members of GREMLIN are in their base at Sargasso making preparations to forge Gungnir. She then asks each of the members regarding the status of their assigned tasks and assigns Thor (Ollerus in disguise) to intercept the attackers once the lance enters production stage.[2] Here, she is completely oblivious that both Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right is hiding within Sargasso, waiting for the moment to strike her down.

Once the parallel processor was finished by Bersi, he sets it up to send signals to Kakine Teitoku's flesh and blood organs in order for it to produce Dark Matter. After some time, the organs produces white sticky substance and then gathers to form Kakine's own body. Othinus and Bersi both realizes that Kakine is already conscious. After hearing the conversation of Othinus and Bersi regarding using him for their own purpose, he starts to devour all the equipment attached to him and declares that all he knows is their fate for using him as a tool then attempt to attack them. He forms a dome around the headquarters of GREMLIN and proceeds to attack. Before the attack arrives, Othinus subdues Kakine by unhesitatingly grabbing Kakine's neck in one hand, digging her fingertips to his neck. At that instant the dome collapses. Othinus and Bersi then exchanges a few short words. Othinus then forces Kakine to submission and transforms him into a mass the size of a volleyball then tosses it to Bersi and commands him to do what needs to be done with it. She then senses that their base is already found by their enemies.[26] Once Bersi's assigned task was complete, Othinus then instructs him to intercept their enemies and destroy what needs to be destroyed to buy them time while producing the lance.[27]

While battles are going on, Othinus, Marian and Mjölnir stands at the side of a large pool filled with a thick transparent liquid which is actually pure gold that lost its chemical properties and meaning. Othinus then wonders that the sight before her is what it is like when beginning the production of the lance. Marian then explains it to her and assures Othinus that all they have to do is to wait once the process starts, to which Othinus says that she won't let her guard down until it passes a certain stage. She then mentions that what they are doing is essentially a magic ceremony but cannot be completed solely with magic since the automatic work will stall somewhere. To accurately throw in the holistic esper and continue the ceremony with the proper timing, it needs to be switched over manually.[28]

As the white girl, the Holistic esper (made of Dark Matter), stands in the center, eight giant flower petals bloomed while fused to her ankles. A great number of electrodes were sticking into the petals and various signals were being sent into the girl via cables. Those signals were producing extended high-pitched screams. The handle of the lance, the size of human arm, is already visible at the bottom of the pool. Marian then remarks that the process is going well and if the process keeps up, they will surely make it through without issue to which Othinus replies that saying the word 'surely' meaningless. While the process is approaching the manual part, the white girl starts to collapse and Marian was in already in a state of panic. Othinus then forces her hand inside the white girl and grabs the area corresponding to a human’s lungs. She squeezes it like a pump to force air out. She then tells Marian that the time spent in negotiating will just lead the production of the lance to failure so she instructs her to immediately do the manual switching to continue, to which Marian complies and it becomes a success. Dark red blood then trickles from Othinus’s eye patch and the core of Othinus begins to shake. Othinus then tells Marian that she will go somewhere and focus on mending herself.[29]

Othinus suddenly appears behind Thor (Ollerus in disguise) after he destroys Mökkurkalfe and asks what is he doing. Thor (Ollerus in disguise) then says that it is about time and threatens Othinus regarding Marian. Othinus then threatens him to show his true self and he transforms back to his true self. She then questions Ollerus’ motives of being there and someone's life or death won't stop her from carrying out her plan. Ollerus then remarks that he is glad that she didn't see through his plan and her infinite possibilities sends her power to the negative direction. Othinus then responds in disappointment that there is no way she would add him to her ranks of Einherjar and she would totally obliterate him and Ollerus responds to her mockingly, to which Othinus responds by creating tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of strange explosions in the slight space between them. The battle between Ollerus and Othinus goes on then immediately, Ollerus rushes up to Othinus while disregarding the damage he is taking. He then jabs his glowing palm at the center of Othinus chest to turn her into a fairy based on the idea that fairies were former pagan gods that were shrank down by Christianity without being aware of it. In that way, the magic god will be returned/dragged down to the territory of a human. But despite that, Othinus just laughs and tells him that she has deceived his senses and thanked him for giving her a means to finally defeat him. She then uses the same move against Ollerus to turn him into a fairy. Ollerus then staggers and says that his second hope is still on track. Othinus is confused. But then she is stabbed by the same spell again, this time by Fiamma of the Right who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Ollerus then tells her that he no longer has an interest in becoming the magic god but he won't allow someone to misuse it. At that moment, it seems that it is all over for Othinus but she just laughs. She then tells them that she doesn't care whether she lose, what's important to her is unifying her infinite possibilities. She only needs it to lean in one direction or the other. It did not matter whether she completes the lance and have 100% success or become a fairy and have 100% failure. Whether she wins or loses, she will be a complete magic god. While saying all these things to Ollerus and Fiamma, Touma and the others approach GREMLIN's base. As they approach the end of Sargasso, Touma doubts if it is still part of the real world. He then sees Ollerus' body fall from the deck of a passenger ship.
NT Index v08 410-411

And the world ends.

Othinus then tells him that he is too late. Touma then asks about the lance, to which Othinus responds that it all ended in failure but it doesn’t matter to her since all she wants is to complete her position as the magic god and as long as there is a way of doing it even without the lance, it doesn't matter anymore. She then tells Touma that all of it was just a decoy, even the formation of GREMLIN and everything that has happened in the past. Othinus then pulls the lance of Gungnir that she made herself from her right eye socket. While Othinus laughs, Touma becomes speechless. She then declares that she is now a complete magic god by having both solutions at once to which Touma just screams. Othinus then lightly spins the lance around in one hand and points its tip toward the heavens and says that the little fights around her are troublesome, thus she'll just end the world. And exactly as she has announced, everything is immediately destroyed.[30]
Shifting and Fluctuating World
NT Index v09 016-017

Othinus and Touma in the black world.

The world has truly ended, and while in the Black World, Othinus tells Touma who had just woke up that he has failed to save the world and tells him that she isn't interested on what he will be going to do. Touma stands up speechless, notices his surroundings and asks Othinus about the place they are in. As Touma continues to deny what he is seeing and not accepting the fact that the world had really ended, Othinus tells him that what she destroyed is not just the Tokyo Bay or the Earth but the whole universe itself and only the two of them are left. Touma could not still believe it and walks away from Othinus as he wanders around the place.[31] After walking for a very long time, Touma accepts reality and wants some kind of a landmark. He then realizes that Othinus is still there and decides to go back to face her.[32] When he comes back, Othinus tells him that she thought that he had already died somewhere. Touma tells her that there is nothing there and that he will find a way to meet again the people who have disappeared. Othinus tells him that there is nothing he can do now that the world has already ended. Touma then tells her regarding his Imagine Breaker as a reference point as what Ollerus said and will find a way to revert everything she threw out of order. Othinus then tells him she is fine with it and that she has already expected Touma as the final barrier. Despite the fact that she could kill him easily at that moment, she doesn’t do so because she thinks that if she kills him, Imagine Breaker will just reside somewhere else and it will be problematic so she decides to just break him mentally and use him as a cage to trap Imagine Breaker. Touma then challenges her for a fight but Othinus tells him that a magic god like her won't bother fight a puny human. She then pulls her lance from the ground and it glows signifying that she is creating something. Touma then wonders what she is doing and she tells him that she is going to break him mentally by taking everything from him and show him the insignificance of everything that he has gained in his life.[33]

In the Alpha World, while Touma is still in the bedroom and is at lost on what is happening after knowing that the world treats him as an evil person and wants him dead, Othinus suddenly appears and tells him that the world have realized that this great commotion would not end unless they kill Touma. Touma, while trembling, asks her what have she done to them, to which Othinus responds that she did not threaten them and that this is the current world and not just a nightmare. She then tells him that he would eventually die and nothing will change that. Touma then looks around the destroyed bedroom but Othinus had already disappeared.[34] After Touma escapes the police officers who are pursuing him, Othinus appears again to Touma on top of a telephone pole and tells him that he overcame his first trial. Touma then questions her what exactly she did, to which she responds that she just merely changed everyone's point of view then vanishes yet again. Touma then learns that after the war, Japan was set up such that it would dry up on its own without help and that the pile of rubble that he was in is actually Shibuya. He then thinks if GREMLIN or coalition did this, then Othinus suddenly responds that it wasn't her and it doesn't seem to be over yet then vanishes. Touma then hears an announcement coming from the store's speakers that the students who had fled Academy City were the target of bombings. The attack lands and the shock waves affects Touma. He begins to run toward the station hoping that the people hiding there were not wiped out, then suddenly Othinus appears alongside him riding an electric two-wheeled vehicle that she had picked somewhere, while telling him that he shouldn't be so sure about that and things might not go as nicely as he thinks he will. Touma tries to punch her but she disappears along with the vehicle.[35] Touma then reaches the station and sees Fukiyose Seiri. While he is attempting to save her, she suddenly stabs him and blames him for everything that has happened. An LCD TV buried in the rubble comes to life and shows an announcement that a second and third wave of missiles are coming right at that moment and the missiles came. The ground of Shibuya Station collapses and Touma falls. Othinus shows herself again to Touma while falling through the deep underground of Shibuya Station and asks him if he understands that the world they are in is one with a different point of view. Touma then asks him what point of view she changed to make this world, to which Othinus answers that she changed everyone's point of view concerning him. Touma then wakes up from the impact of falling and hears an announcement that Academy City has had all supply lines cut off. He understands that most people in the world hates him and that any people or organizations that were connected to him were being indiscriminately targeted. Othinus yet appears again leaning against Touma's back while he is confronting Aogami Pierce who is about to attack him. She tells him that she did not brainwash them nor added anything new but just changed their point of view. She also tells him that he has already done what it would take to be treated like this and it's just that he and the others haven't realized it before. Continuing on, she tells him that in the world he knows, he always charged headfirst into some kind of incident using his fists to defeat the enemy and protect someone as a result then being treated as a type of hero and only that positive aspect was emphasized. She then continues on by whispering to him about what will happen if their point of view was changed and emphasized the other side of his actions, specifically the negative ones and that it would be strange for people to silently accept an incarnation of violence like that. After saying those words, Othinus cleanly vanishes. Touma then fights Aogami, who is blaming him for everything and later defeats him. He runs away, while thinking about the safety of his parents. Othinus appears hanging upside-down the ceiling; apparently she knows what he is thinking. She then tells him that she will not stop him if he wanted to see it for himself and that he should be more cautious of his surroundings. Suddenly, he is stabbed by Komoe from behind. Komoe then apologizes and tells him that she has to take responsibility. The LCD monitors in the station suddenly lights up and shows his father announcing that despite the fact that Touma is their son they are willing to help everyone in order to kill him because he is an absolute evil and that they will correct the mistakes they made. Othinus then appears staring down at him while crouching and asks him who in the world actually saw him for who he was. She then tries to break him by telling him that people are not actually looking at him and that they do not see him for who he is and that is the reason why they were easily manipulated by changing their point of view. She then asks him if this kind of world is worth risking his life to protect, to which Touma responds that it is. She then realizes that she could not break him that easily and decides for a slight change of plans. At a snap of her fingers, time speeds back to normal and Komoe proceeds to kill Touma.[36]

In the Beta World, Othinus sits on the teacher's desk in the twilight classroom as evening falls, while Touma is contemplating on what he just saw earlier in the class. It turns out that there is an impostor who is living his normal everyday life and the others do not notice it despite the striking differences in their appearances. She tells him that it was “Kamijou Touma's” everyday life and that for those people, it did not matter who it was. She explains to him that their trust was established because he saved them so as long as they are saved, regardless of who saved them, their trust and good will would have turned in that person's direction. She tells him that anyone could be “Kamijou Touma” and that no one is truly looking at him. She then asks him if he can still continue on, to which Touma replies that he won't deny the world he protected and it's valuable for him. Despite Othinus trying to break his will, Touma still decides that it is all right if everyone abandons him and that he will just rebuild his connections with them. Othinus then asks him who he is, then Touma realizes that he no longer knew who he was.[37] While Touma is contemplating about his identity, Othinus asks his name, what kind of person he is originally, the kinds of people he is surrounded with, as well as the person he wanted to protect. She tells him that as thanks for letting her kill some time, she will return him to his former position as long as he tells her his proper name. She showed him his own class photo and tells him that if he chooses correctly who he is in that photo then she will return his world, life, and existence. Despite the fact that Othinus is trying to break his sense of identity, he insists that he is Kamijou Touma. Othinus is utterly displeased, and asks how did he catch on to which Touma replies that she gave him a hint.[38]

Othinus then makes Touma experience countless of worlds. Touma then realizes that Othinus isn't actually destroying anything. Othinus then explains to Touma about Phases and on how she just creates new filters and place them over the world so the world appears to have changed. She then mentions a man who names himself “Silver Star” who seems to have attempted to directly tamper with the 'Pure World' beyond all the filters. Touma then thinks that his Imagine Breaker does the opposite of what Othinus is doing and with this his hope to bring everything back to normal is renewed. Othinus knowing what Touma is thinking warns him regarding that last thread of hope of his.[39]

NT Index v09 006-008

Omega World: Paradise for all but one.

In the Omega World, just as Touma had his resolve in bringing back everything to normal, Othinus shows Touma a seemingly perfect world, where everyone was saved and is enjoying their everyday lives. She tells Touma that if he insists that the changed worlds and the act of changing the world is evil, then he should reject this perfect world. Othinus embraces Touma's shoulders from behind, while holding the lance which is within reach of his right hand. She then tells him that it must be right to return it to normal and that he should test out his own idea of justice by rejecting this perfect world. Othinus explains to him that the world does not need him and that even without him, everyone can be saved by using her power as the magic god regardless of the issue of good and evil. Touma then complains that it isn't fair and questions himself about what he is doing all along. He also complains that he could not save everyone and that his actions might have caused tragedy to other people. Othinus tells him that he should not blame himself and that he had done well for a mere human. Suddenly, Index approaches him for her ball and Touma reaches for it. He also sees Stiyl, Kanzaki, and other priests and nuns that he did not recognize. Index then asks him what's wrong, to which Touma responds that it's nothing. Index then jogs away and goes back to her group. Othinus then lets him choose whether to protect or destroy, to which Touma asks what else he could do since even if he does not do anything, she can save the world. She then tell him that the perfect world was created on the assumption that he does not exist and him existing for much longer in this world will cause it to begin collapsing so he must end his life.[40]

NT Index v09 228-229

The confrontation at A Certain High School.

Othinus is at the schoolyard of A Certain High School when Touma shows up. It irritates her that Touma is still there and alive when he should have already killed himself after accepting the perfect world that requires that he must not exist. She then decides that she will just kill him if she cannot break him and that she might achieve more stable control if she transfers Imagine Breaker to a more fragile container and break it.[41] And thus the battle between a man and a god began.

Without moving from her position, she sends explosions to Touma by just holding up her lance. Touma attempts to come closer to her but it is futile. When he almost gets the chance to punch her, she vanishes then appears close to him and grabs his neck. As she lifts him up, she tells him to realize it already, to which Touma replies that he already has. Touma realizes that they've been battling countless of times already and that she won't kill him for some reason.[42] Othinus then feels exhaustion due to the fact that they've repeated this countless of times until Touma fails somewhere along the line. But Touma wouldn't break and she shouts in irritation. Othinus kills Touma over and over again while Touma speaks to her.[43] Touma then tells Othinus that she couldn't throw away her first and ideal hope of returning to her original world by removing all of the phases that she have put in place and that her second hope of creating a world similar to her original world would still be different from the original so she couldn't abandon her first hope. He claims that she should be able to use Imagine Breaker to repair the world and that he will do whatever it takes for her to bring back his original world. Othinus then responds that she tried it but it didn't work so her only option is to create the next world. Touma then tells her that he won't move onto the next world and that they will repeat this billions or even trillions of times. After the 10,031st fight, she finally decides to end their protracted battle and that she would give up on her first hope but suddenly she feels an intense headache. Touma explains that fighting with a weak opponent would wear down her mind at a faster rate as compared to his case wherein fighting a very strong opponent, would wear his mind at a slower rate.[44] Othinus then decides that she would end this and kill him there and will move on to the next world. Othinus continues to attack Touma but he just evades it and tells her that all this time, he is analyzing her attack patterns and somewhat starts to understand her. She then throws the lance to Touma at a tremendous force that the space itself has torn apart but Touma uses his right fist to strike it then the lance veers sharply upward to return to Othinus but it disintegrates midway. Touma then thinks that he could end this due to the fact that Gungnir, the item that grants her 100% success has been destroyed but Othinus uses the fairy spell to grant her the 100% failure condition of his magic god status.[45] Othinus then uses her crossbow to rain down arrows on Touma. Touma evades the first nine arrows but he does not anticipate the tenth one due to not considering the 100% failure in his analysis so he is struck and his lower body is blown apart. Othinus catches him in one hand and tells him that it is over. Touma accepts it and tells Othinus to put Imagine Breaker into good use to take back her first hope. While dying in her arms, Touma tells her to just act the way she wants regardless of good and evil and asks her what she really wanted from the beginning. He then dies. As she stands alone in the pitch black world, she then realizes that she no longer remembers why she wanted to go back to her original world and that what she really wanted is someone who understood her. She had no assurance that if she goes back to her original world, she would be able to find that someone. She realizes that Touma was the only one who truly understood her and that she just killed him with her own hands. She then decides to bring back Touma's original world.[46]

NT Index v09 322-323

Touma saves Othinus.

Touma wakes up and sees that they are once again at Sargasso. Upon seeing Othinus, he realizes that Othinus has already changed and conceded the world to him. He tries to stop Mikoto, Index, Leivinia and Lessar from attacking her but it doesn’t reach them. Othinus does not attempt to defend herself and is knocked backwards. Touma then runs to Othinus, much to his friend's surprise, and searches for her. Meanwhile, Othinus is lying on the ground accepting her fate as the magical bombardment from the coalition falls on her. Touma then uses his right hand to protect Othinus from the bombardment, which surprises Othinus. Touma then tells her that she knew that this would happen but still kept quiet about it, to which Othinus responded that she would not last longer due to the fairy spell destroying her from the inside and that it is too late even if he uses Imagine Breaker. Touma tells her that she is different now and that she must atone for what she did and he can no longer sense any evil in her for her to deserve death. Touma then declares that he will save her even if it means he will have to fight the entire world.[47]

VS The World

Immediately after stopping the international coalition's magic attack on Othinus and declaring his intention on saving her even at the cost of making the world his enemy, he and Othinus spirits away inside the labyrinthine chambers of Sargasso where they discuss their plans. In spite of his intentions, Touma is not going to write off all her crimes, but he will not have her killed without a fair judgment. So long as a fair judgment is passed down on her, it would not matter to Touma. Moreover, if Othinus was punished with imprisonment for a long count of years, Touma will not abandon her and will wait for her until the time all of her crimes had been made up.[11]

Inside, Touma acts very casual with her, even calling her Othin-chan, much to her chagrin. After remembering that he has absolutely no plan to save Othinus. With a sigh Othinus reveals that the fairy spell works only on a magic god and as such if she turns human it won't work. She tells him that if they go to Mímir's Spring and retrieve her eye from the spring she will become human again, stopping the destruction that the fairy spell is causing at the cost of sacrificing a lot of power. Touma is so glad with the news that he hugs Othinus, much to her embarrassment. Othinus tells him that he needs not follower her, and if he chooses to, he would be inundated with the world's malice and good will, the same tragedy that befell him in the other worlds. Touma is aware of it but says that he is not alone this time. With that, after, Touma asks her for help to get them to Denmark, a rare occurrence in itself but exacerbated as Touma is asking someone he wants to save to help him, Othinus reveals the Bone Boat and moves the world to get Denmark towards them.[11] When they arrive, Touma feels the cold of a Danish winter, though Othinus seems unaffected. Touma later sees a man clearing snow off a roof, and tries to communicate with him. After some time, a dejected Touma comes back to Othinus, and says to her that the man thought they were loves acting out their youth and trying to have sex in the outside, suggesting to them that they should stick to car sex. Othinus, shocked by this, throws a tantrum and shouts that she really is truly going to destroy the world. Touma then tries to restrain the bewildered Othinus.[11]

While walking next to a road, Touma finds out that they are in Hjørring, miles away from Egeskov Castle, and here Othinus' discuss to him basic information regarding Denmark. Touma asks why Othinus couldn't get them closer, to which she says that her margin of error was decent enough and that they are lucky not to have been teleported somewhere else. He then asks if the members of GREMLIN insisted to her not to use the spell and just use normal means of transportation, much to Othinus' frustration, saying that they think about how to travel safely to their destination. Touma says that hitchhiking would be the best course of action as stealing a car or bike would actually help their enemies track them and that they would be watching public transportation for them. He says that the focus would on the driver and not on the passengers in security checkpoints. Othinus notes that they are both wanted now worldwide, and that it may not work this time. Touma states that there is no worry for Othinus being recognized as the magic side is viewing her existence as highly classified even if they were wanted worldwide.[9]

NT Index v10 047

The One who Bears White and Black Wings and Opposes the World.

With that, their ridiculous plan of hitchhiking plan to Egeskov Castle begins, though much to their dismay they can't find any ride to hitch a ride on. As they casually talk about their current experience, comparing it to the Little Match Girl, and white light appears before them.[9] Sensing danger, Touma grabs Othinus' hand and drags her away as something falls from the sky, creating an explosion. Hiding in a cave, Touma is hit by the heat of the explosion, which forces Othinus to cover his mouth with her palm so he wouldn't breathe in the scorching air. After the heat had ceased, they saw that the area has been turned into glass, though specifically, just pure water flash frozen. Touma becomes worried however as what has happened is only beginning. Othinus, believing that Touma is thinking that the mushroom cloud that the explosion cloud produced is radioactive, explains to him that mushroom clouds can be formed by a sufficiently powerful explosion. Touma however explains his concerns to Othinus, which are then immediately realized, as something comes out of the crater and blows out all the cloud and smoke, the Accelerator. Touma then tells Othinus, despite her concern, to hide away as he faces him.[48]

After the battle, Touma complains about the pain of the injuries he incurred in the battle. Othinus uses snow to cool the injuries for the moment. There, Touma realizes that Othinus has lost her sense of pain and cold, to which even Othinus had just realized. Angered by the fact that they were running out of time, Touma offers to aid her walk, though she tries to protest she later relents as they continue on their journey, with Touma swearing that he will save her.[49]

Their worries in getting to their destination is somewhat alleviated. As after Accelerator's crash into Denmark, people want to see the so called "meteorite" came pouring into the area. There, Touma and Othinus are given aid from an RV that was converted to a food cart that was to take advantage of the outpouring of curious bystanders that have come to look at ground zero of the "meteorite" crash. The two of them later arrive at the city of Aalborg half an hour later. There they try to buy some coats to protect themselves from the cold but started arguing.[50] They later hear an announcement in broadcasted to the entire city in Japanese, calling for them to not fight back and surrender at Ansgar Church with the intention of retrieving Touma from the fight by making him surrender and then destroying Othinus afterwards.[51]

Hearing the announcement and ponders what to do, with Othinus believing that since the announcers didn't choose a sneak attack then they must be confident that they can defeat a Magic God like her. Wanting to know who they were up against before they can make a decision on what to do with their ten minute time limit, Touma takes a peek into the larger road and discovers that they are against the Roman Catholic Church. Touma tells Othinus that they shouldn't fight them because of their sheer numbers and advises that they should escape the city. Othinus says that they are just a mob of weakling and asks why they couldn't just beat a few of them and continue on their way, to which Touma says that there is nothing his right hand can do if there are repeated attacks in every direction at once. With this, they try to escape Aalborg but the nuns likely noticed them moving about. Seeing as the roads have not been blocked off, Othinus says that they can jump onto the back of a truck and quickly leave the city. However, the 10 minute time limit has was over, and without any warning, the nuns made use of the Fish of the Supper spell on them. Touma uses his right hand on the laser-like attack, but so great was the force that it twisted his right shoulder and knocked him down.[52]

With the time limit up, the nuns can now use the Fish of the Supper spell on Touma to knock him out. Meanwhile, Othinus drags Touma to an alley and later fixes his dislocated shoulder. She says that the spell passes right through the walls, which means it is clearly meant to target only them while they are in the city.[53] Needing to destroy the spell, and believing that the nuns act as they eyes and ears of the "cannon" of the Fish of the Supper spell, Touma and Othinus considered the layout of Aalborg and where a "cannon" would be put in order to attack a target from anywhere in the city. They later conclude that it might be in the Aalborg Tower. Touma tries to go out on his own and tells Othinus to hide, much to her consternation.[51] However, Touma explains to her that since the warning to them was in Japanese and was primarily addressed to him, and since that the spell is an effective countermeasure against his Imagine Breaker, it can only mean to him that they are targeting him. He expands on this by saying that their enemy shouldn't be giving them a chance to surrender now as the situation is far more urgent that what happened in Tokyo Bay. He concludes that they are trying to take him out of the fight early as they don't know if he truly is an enemy, and as such they are taking him away from Othinus and then attack her.[54] After hearing Touma's explanation, Othinus explains to Touma that if he intends to destroy the cannon, then he needs to get close. Although Touma is worried, Othinus divulges to him that there are underground passageways in Aalborg and tells him how to get to his intended destination.[51] It is unknown where Othinus during Touma's negotiation with Agnese Sanctis, but she is obviously somewhere safe. Othinus later relocates Touma's shoulder after Agnese Lotus Wand attack on it. They walk away from Aalborg, disappointed that they couldn't get winter clothing. As they were walking, the two of them came upon an old abandoned car on the side of the road. They then use to keep themselves warm. Touma then notices that Othinus has become tired, to which she readily admits. She says that they should get all the rest that they can get as they do not know when they'll get another chance when their enemies are right behind them. Touma asks her if she is okay, to which she confirms, saying that she isn't about to die, and says that not getting any rest would be worse. She later falls asleep, as Touma hears the coming of another enemy, leaving her in the car alone.[55] Othinus later sleeps through Touma's entire confrontation with the forces of Russia and the United Kingdom that have come to hunt them down. When she wakes up, she finds Touma in a wooded area after falling from the Hotel Ariel. She asks where he has been, to which Touma teases her that she is actually worried about him, leading to Touma to apologize after she becomes mad. Othinus then wonders what has happened as she sees Mobile Fortress debris scattered around, and believes that Touma destroyed it on his own. Touma says he had a hand in destroying it, but it wasn't all his doing. Just then, Kanzaki Kaori's clashes with Carissa, the Knight Leader, and William Orwell can be heard in their area, leading to Touma to suggest Othinus that they leave.[56]

Arriving at Støvring by foot, the later some thermos to warm them up and later hitch a ride on a long-distance truck carrying. However, their journey doesn't long as the engine stalls and requires a new battery. As the driver says that there is a gas station nearby that could help them, the two departs shortly, where they find it is a self-service gas station and they have to get the battery themselves.

NT Index v10 169

Marian confronts Othinus.

Othinus suggests just stealing them, though Touma protests. He is later in dismay after finding the large cost of the batteries as they charge it. After a little banter, Othinus asks what time it was, to which Touma asks if clocks mean anything anymore if she spun the world around with her Bone Boat. Othinus replies that after moving the world except for the two of them, she then rotated the entire heavenly body while they stood on it to put the earth back in its proper position, and as such the international standard time should still work. Hearing this, Touma just says that the scariest thing about magic gods is that they can handle things like that as if it is a minor annoyance. Believing that they charged the batteries enough they later try to leave the gas station with their supplies. Suddenly, it is sliced in half by an invisible blade, which forces Touma to tackle Othinus to the ground as the gas station is razed. Seeing the danger of the underground gas tank being damaged, with the battery in one hand and pulling Othinus with the other, the run for safety as Touma's predictions prove true and the gas station explodes. The explosion is powerful enough to knock both of them over a meter into the air with Touma landing hard. As Touma tries to assess the situation, he finds Othinus staring in a completely different direction. There they find Marian Slingeneyer and Mjölnir, asking her if she still remembers them, to which she confirms.[57]

She tells Othinus that the whole of GREMLIN fought around the world and she hasn't heard from them. She tells her that they are all giving their lives for her in the hopes that their wishes will be granted by the magic god. She tells her that they made a lot of sacrifices and held onto their dreams but Othinus just trampled on them by running away. Marian then declares that she will make Othinus pay for her betrayal. The gold bracelets that Marian wore expanded. She tells Othinus that they are Draupnir made from the components of the lance she had abandoned. And as she ran off she had some extra materials for the weapons of the gods. The Draupnir then transforms to Dáinsleif and she declared that she would definitely kill Othinus.[57] During the battle, Othinus is in the sidelines, being unable to help Touma as Marian summons beings that herald the end of the world. Seeing this, Othinus figures out that Marian has sealed off a limited portion of the world and then chooses particular phases of different religions or sects and cuts through them. Marian is cutting away the homes of the gods, which removes the protection and blessings of those gods and thus releases the calamities being restrained by the gods. Here, she sees that Marian is able to freely choose and wield the different "endings" told of in the world's religions. Othinus says that Dáinsleif is truly an appropriate weapon for opposing a magic god, though she had been in full strength, she could've easily crushed Marian in a single blow. Othinus clenches her teeth at her powerlessness in helping Touma, but then she notices Mjölnir in another part in the battlefield, and asks her what she is doing over there.[58] After Marian summons a manifestation of Vishnu Avatars leading to her own defeat, Othinus reckons that it appeared for less than seconds. She then notices that Mjölnir has gone and wonders where she had gone.[59] She later likely witnesses Touma giving his cellphone number to Mjölnir and telling her to call him when they need him as Mjölnir carries Marian's unconscious body away.[60]

The two later return to the truck with their supplies, with the driver getting them to Billund. As they leave the city, they come upon an area with many tanks and soldiers. This makes Touma nervous as he thinks they are the American military. Othinus states that it is likely the Danish military acting in America's in behalf. As Egeskov Castle is still a long away and now that the international coalition is tightening their grip in the country, Othinus suggests stealing a military vehicle, though Touma just vetoes her suggestion.[61] As they try to hide from the tanks, little did they know that they have fallen for the trap set up by the American military for their Operation Norse Wind, with the American tanks operation by Danish military being used as diversion while American commandos look for them.[62]

As the commandos, comprising of Ingrid Martin, Jaguar, and Lynx, continued their observation, Touma and Othinus crouches down to hide themselves from the tanks. Seeing this as an intent to continue resisting, she orders Lynx and Jaguar to ready themselves as she wants the job to be finished quickly. With the two other confirming their actions, after Jaguar asks if she actually has girly things like periods, Ingrid stands up from behind Touma and Othinus just two meters away.[63] Touma and Othinus is caught unawares by them, with Ingrid putting pressure on Touma's carotid arteries thus rendering him unconscious. This is a deliberate choice in choosing Touma first as she knows he is important to Othinus and that she is wary of her powers based on America's experience with GREMLIN in Hawaii. Othinus, seeing this, swears at Ingrid, prompting her to use Touma as a human shield against her. Distracted, the others then show themselves, one of which fires a shot at Othinus. With Othinus preoccupied with the thought of being surrounded, Ingrid takes out a knife and throws its butt toward the center of Othinus' head knocking her out. Their attack took only twenty seconds.[64] Othinus is completely unconscious during Touma's negotiations with Roberto Katze on letting them have a chance and setting them free.

After Operation Norse Wind ends, the commandos help Othinus up for Touma to retrieve her. She regains consciousness, though she isn't bleeding she is still weakened and groggy from being knocked out. As Touma and tells Othinus, while helping her up, that they will be leaving now, the tanks used by the Danish military are attacked by hundreds of Academy City's FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units.[65] The Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units then begin hacking the tanks to allow them to use its speakers, and calls for the surrender and disarmament of non-combatants as it scans for Touma and Othinus' bio-metrics. The units warn that if they do not display an intent to disarm then they shall be eliminated regardless of the reason. After hearing all that, Ingrid, Lynx, and Jaguar come out of hiding. Ingrid asks why Academy City is attacking the tanks as she believed that Touma and Othinus talked it out. Touma rhetorically asks her if the units look like they are on his side. Othinus then tells them to stop complaining and think rationally. She tells them that if the units' warning is accurate then they are after her and Touma, saying that as long as they disarm they won't be eliminated. Ingrid says that they are forbidden to be taken prisoner no matter the circumstances or situation, saying that if they are captured then they die. Othinus then says that they should work together, telling them that Touma can give them information on Academy City, and in turn they can tell them how to survive the situation.[66]

With them looking for Touma's advice, he tells them of the speed and capabilities of Academy City's supersonic planes as well as the capabilities of the FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units. Hearing this, the soldiers lament their misfortune. They ask why Academy City is attacking their troops as they believe that they also want to defeat Othinus just like them. Touma replies that it seemed like Academy City acted on their own during the battle in Tokyo Bay. As he ponders, not even he can tell what Academy City is doing. Othinus then says that she has noticed something. She asks why the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units are scanning the area specifically as if they had located them by satellite then they would've ignored the tanks and come to them already. Touma assumes that they were scanning all over the place because they didn't know where they are, to which Othinus replies that if they didn't know where they are, then they would've narrowed it down to the plain were they stood. Othinus says that they may have some general information telling them that she and Touma are in the area but says they likely do not have their exact coordinates. She says that the vague information for the units may have come from somewhere.[66]

Ingrid then shrugs, and shows that America's military transmission may have been intercepted, but says they hide their location from the operation leaders, the president, and even the diversion unit to increase their level of secrecy. Othinus then says that the soldiers then owes them now, much to Ingrid's chagrin as she tells her that the situation would not happen if not for them, the terrorists. Touma tries to calm them down, leading to the both of them grabbing his collar. Touma concludes that the units know to check the area but don't have their exact location yet. He says that they will be fine if they escape now. After summing up the situation, the fighting finally settles down.[66]

With the soldiers leading the way, the group begins their escape, with Touma lagging behind as he has to aid the still weakened Othinus. Jaguar then become worried at the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units firing, though Touma cannot understand him. Jaguar then says that Denmark is flat as a board making them unable to hide for cover as there is none. They then start arguing after Ingrid takes offense to the term flat as a board. Hearing them, Othinus chooses not to translate what they are saying to Touma. They later follow them into a conifer forest, at which point the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units mow it down. This forces Touma to use his body to protect Othinus, leading him to be hit by the debris left by the explosion. Touma shouts that they have been found. Ingrid says that they can't stop here and orders Jaguar not to fight back as there is no point. The soldiers then continue to flee, as Touma pulls Othinus back up and follows them, while staying low. The attack continues however in the forest. After a while however, Ingrid says that none of the shots are hitting them, and asks if they are warning shots. Touma tells them that they have too much power, detailing on how their bullets are being fired from kilometers away and with that much distance, the air resistance may melt the surface of the bullets and alter the trajectory. Ingrid asks if they are safe for now, to which Touma says that they will eventually analyze the situation as well. They then see that units begin approaching them all at once. Despite the fact that they were running, the units still came closer and closer to them. Finally, Touma says to the soldiers to surrender as there is no point in sticking with them any longer. Ingrid says that they would if they could, telling on how commandos should not be taken prisoner. Touma reasons that the units are not taking prisoners, and says that if they give up they will pass right by them. Here, Touma urges them to give up on their pride as so they can survive. Although hesitant, Ingrid and the others later raise their hands in surrendered, with the Modelcase_"RAILGUN" units passing them by as expected.[66]

NT Index v10 232

Othinus and Touma fleeing sure of how things will turn out.

Aiding an injured Othinus, Touma continues forth with the units right behind their backs. Othinus tells Touma to abandon her as well as she says that he is only being hunted down as well because he sided with her, telling him to go back to his normal life. Touma however refuses, saying that he was already deemed a target, and as such are in the same position. Othinus looks to Touma and discovers that he is smiling in spite of his own fear and battered body. Touma tells Othinus that they should find a way to escape no matter. Othinus asks what happens afterward, saying that if they do manage to escape another enemy will just pop up time and time again. She asks him what they should do when they truly escape. Touma answers that isn't his question to answer as it is her life and she should decide for herself. As shivers from the cold, he recounts to her their intended plan of turning her back to a human, surrendering, and then paying for all her crimes. Then he tells her of a future for her where she decides for herself what to do with her life, giving examples like starting a bakery or flower shop. With that the two continue forward as the units come in for the kill.[67] They are however, saved by the timely arrival of Misaka Mikoto who begins hacking the units for her own purposes, though many of them still confront Touma.[68] Othinus is likely safe as she witnesses Touma battling Mikoto, as well as his divulging his emotional baggage to her regarding his sacrificing the Perfect World to get the world back to normal.

They later commandeer one of the American tanks that survived Academy City's onslaught, with Touma having much difficulty in driving it, passing by Fredericia. After driving a while, Othinus notes to Touma that they should stop before the tank hits the ocean, though it’s too late and the tank falls into the ocean. After being strangled by Othinus for his incompetence, Touma justifies this that she shouldn't have trusted someone who can't even roller-skate. He then worries about how much money he now owes, adding up the tank, the gas station, and the mobile fortress that were destroyed because of them. With that, Othinus tries to cross Gamle Lillebæltsbro to get to the island of Funen. Much to Touma's dismay, he finds Leivinia Birdway and Index waiting for them there. Seeing them, Touma holds out his hand to protect Othinus from them. Leivinia says that she isn't going to bother with questions as the situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Index then says, catching a glimpse of what Touma went through using her knowledge, says that she doesn't think it isn't right to apply their world's reasoning to someone like him, but says she can't back down and that Othinus is a threat under their rules.

NT Index v10 271

Leivinia with Gungnir replica and Index.

Hearing this, Touma complains on how he just settled it already with Mikoto and wonders why he has to go over the same stuff again. Both Leivinia and Index are silenced with this, and the tension become so thick that even Othinus begins to fidget awkwardly behind him. Touma makes it even worse, saying that they can just call Mikoto and have explain it as they don't need to fight if they do so. With an annoyed laugh, Leivinia mentions Index's 103,000 grimoires have the power of raising one's level to that of a magic god if used correctly, and says that through them they have been able to make a good guess as to what happened between him and Othinus. Hearing this, Touma wonders if they know that that he has been an infinite hell in that short time, and says that if it so that there would be reason to fight them. Leivinia then shouts in annoyance. A flustered Leivinia says that she was planning to go easy on him and then taking over for him, but she can no longer forgive him now, saying that she really wants to make crushed frog out of him. Index adds with a blank expression, saying that he needs 2 to 3 months in a hospital bed to recover.[69] With that, Touma is forced to do battle against Leivinia and Index. Despite the apparent danger Othinus faced when Leivinia prepared to use her Gungnir replica on her, Touma is able to protect her throughout the confrontation.

Othinus is later seen poking Touma's head after he falls after successfully stopping Index and Leivinia. Touma asks Leivinia regarding how much they know about what happened to both Touma and Othinus. Leivinia responds by saying a complete magic god won’t bother with mere physical attacks but rather proceed on remaking the world. She then asks Touma on what did he saw in the changed world in which Touma said that nothing much but he learned something very basic which leads him on deciding to save Othinus and that he would never choose to kill a "mere girl" and smile about it. Leivina then responds that he is exactly the kind of person he is and that she is like an idiot worrying about the fate of the world and whether information was leaked to GREMLIN by him. Touma then stands up about to go on their way when Index tries to stop him, still not finished with her scolding, but Leivinia holds her down. She then asks Touma on how he is going to settle it to which Touma responds that he will neutralize Othinus’s power then hand her to America. She then asks Touma if there is a way to do that and Touma says that if there is none, he would have been broken long ago. And so, Leivinia decides to hold down Index since if she comes with him, Index would perfectly memorize the trump card in defeating a magic god and thus the threat around her would rise to the next level. Touma then asks Leivinia to look after Index to which she agrees.[70]

Using the bridge they reach the island of Funen and later hitched a ride with a bunch of tourist going to the railway museum, carrying them to Odense. As they pass through the city, the come upon a park known as King's Garden. There, Othinus notices that in broad daylight that there is a people clearing field set up. As soon as they notice Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel appear before them. Seeing them as the ones on Ollerus' side, Touma asks if Ollerus is there too. However, Silvia's eyebrows twitch at the mention of his name. She then says that Ollerus is there as well, but says there is good reason why he isn't there with them. She tells Othinus that she should know why, and should understand what she wants to do after seeing that horrific scene. Hearing this, Touma is stunned and silence and Othinus can only narrow her eyes. Brunhild then says that she is not part of Silvia's personal grudge as she takes up arms. She tells them that if Othinus threatens that boy, then she has no choice but to kill her.[71] There, Silvia begins her merciless attack on Touma. Othinus is completely powerless to help Touma as Silvia continues her onslaught on him. She tries to call out to Touma but he doesn't hear.[72] Both Othinus and Brunhild observe the fight from afar. Here, Brunhild doesn't know that Othinus has lost her power, though questions why Othinus isn't retaliating. With a bitter feeling, she decides that just to be safe she would use a harsh attack on Othinus. With her sword, she goes to Othinus and tells her to pray, to which Othinus asks to whom should a god supposed to pray to. Brunhild replies that the proper answer at times like this is to pray to the one she loves, to which Brunhild prepares to strike Othinus down with her sword.[73]

Before she can act, Silvia throws Touma's battered and bloodied body towards her. Silvia tells Brunhild not to kill Othinus that easily as she hasn't paid yet for what she has done. She tells her that Othinus should at least watch having at least one precious thing taken away from her as it would be more fun. Brunhild frows with her suggestion, and tells her that she has no obligation to go along with Silvia's cruel fun, to which Silvia says asks if she has to make another bloody mess like Touma, threatening Brunhild. Back with Touma, despite being beaten horribly he is still alive and trembled slightly. Seeing this, Othinus calls out to him and in despair says that he should've listen to her that nothing good would come out of him following her. She tries to drag herself towards Touma, but Brunhild just stomps her on her shoulders, stopping her progress. Brunhild asks Silvia what it will take to satisfy her, to which Silvia says that she will tear Touma's guts as Othinus watches, making sure he is still alive the whole time. Othinus pleads to them to stop as she is pinned down by Brunhild, asking them to kill her and spare Touma. Silvia however says that she doesn't care as long as she kills her and takes her revenge for Ollerus. Brunhild remains silent as she hears Silvia's mad response and notes to herself that she needs to kill Othinus without waiting for Silvia's instructions. Brunhild then prepares to attack with her sword as Silvia is focused on Touma, and is prepared to battle an enraged Silvia. Othinus however pleads again for mercy as she desperately tries to reach out to Touma, saying that Touma has nothing to do with her sins, and as such there is no reason to make him bear them. But her pleas does not reach the Saints' ears.[73]

NT Index v10 303

Ollerus appears to save his old enemy.

However, as the two Saints attack, Ollerus bursts forth between them. He is weakened because of the fairy spell and as such makes him weaker as an average magician. However, through sheer force of his will, he encloses his arms around Brunhild's great sword at it swung down, and tugged it to move it towards Silvia's strike. The both of them are astonished by this, but it is too late for the deed is done as the two Saints collide with one another and collapses onto the ground. Yet, so great was the power of the Saint that he moved to make them collide with one another that his efforts were paid at the cost of his arms. Seeing this, Othinus asks if he was there to kill her as well. Ollerus reminds Othinus that he has no attachment to the bonds of being a magic god, and nothing else matters as long as he defeats her. However, Ollerus smiles that someone else had accomplished defeating her, Touma, and says that he had hoped he would have acted as a bait to lure her out, though says that he didn't expect him to take this far. Othinus then asks if he has a reason to kill her, to which Ollerus confirms. However, Ollerus warns that if Kamijou Touma dies here then Othinus will develop into a more frightening monster than anything she had shown thus far, and applies it to Touma as well. Saying that if Othinus dies here, a great change might come over Touma's nature. Ollerus says that Othinus now has a relationship that weakens her, to which his preserving it is not a bad option. Othinus is irritated at his kindness, to which Ollerus says that is just who he is though says that he has lost quite a bit of it. Othinus asks if it that kindness is worth choosing over his own allies, to which Ollerus says that the one Othinus is with, Touma, has done the same. He speaks of Silvia, saying that she is the type that won't be swayed by words, though says that she'll return to her usual self if she has time to cool her head. Ollerus then says that he will work to persuade the Saints until they understand, noting that Othinus need not worry about anything. Othinus then manages to stand back up, and aids him in getting him up to his feet. Othinus then says that she will not thank her, to which Ollerus says that what he has done is still an attack against her in his mind. As they leave, Ollerus then asks Othinus one final question: "Did you find out what you were looking for?"[73]

Here, Othinus merely replies that he wasn't the one who understood her, and that Touma is a lot stronger than him. Thus, Othinus and Touma continue on their way.[73]

Being unable to hitchhike in their current state the duo makes their way to Egeskov Castle on foot while there is a blizzard, leaning on each other's weakened bodies for support. Before they arrive, Touma asks Othinus if she has decided what she will head down after all that has happened is over. He references his previous suggestions of a bakery and flower shop, and asks if she has found it. Othinus laughs and says that she isn't cut out for cute things. Touma then says that he doesn't know how long she has to wait so it says she can be anything she wants and that it doesn't matter if it doesn't suit her or isn't like her. Touma then says that she should find whatever it is she wants to do the most, and says if she does so then it'll be all the more worthwhile to root for her. Othinus wonders and tries reconfirm it from Touma if she can be anything she wants, to which he asks why he is asking him. Othinus replies it is because she wants to ask him, and asks again if she can truly be anything she wants, to which Touma says that she can. Hearing that, a small smile formed on Othinus' face, to which Touma asks what her dream is. Othinus then says she has no reason to tell him what it is, confusing Touma. He turns his face toward her but she has already returned her expression to normal.[10]

So then they continue walking until they finally see Egeskov Castle. Touma asks if there are any traps in the castle, to which Othinus says it isn't the castle they are after but the lake, the place where she threw her eye before it was built. They then arrived at the edge of the lake. As they come upon it, Thor calls out them, and tells them that the people he is sitting on are all GREMLIN members, recommending to Touma to ask Othinus about them as she loves explaining things while looking down on people despite her arrogance. Thor tells Touma that GREMLIN planned to gang up on them but he went out ahead and crushed them all, lamenting on the little experience they gave. Otthinus then asks for confirmation if he isn't letting them through, to which Thor confirms. He says that he has chosen to be their enemy as it is more fun than being an ally. He praises Touma's current determination in contrast to his past self when he first met Touma back in Academy City. He also says that with a monster like Othinus as a bonus he can get even more experience, more than he has ever seen before. Othinus, warns Touma that without Mjölnir Thor has lost his powers a Lightning God. Touma finds it queer that Othinus would warn him about that, as if it sounded like it didn't weaken Thor at all. Othinus says that if he was acting as the Lightning God then even Touma has a chance of defeating him, but it is not the case if Thor brings out his power as an Almighty God, which pales the Lightning God in comparison. Thor then laughs, thanking Othinus for her explanation, pointing out that he was right to say Othinus likes explaining things. Thor then asks what they will do, though he says he is fine if they attack him both or he fights Touma alone. Othinus then asks why Thor has decided she can't use his full power and will not be fighting, to which Thor says that if she is in full power then she wouldn't be relying in Touma in the first place. She tries to reply but Touma cuts her off and says that he will be fighting him, pleasing Thor, who says that he will not hold back and will use the power of Almighty Thor.[10]

Othinus is left alone at the edge of the lake as Touma's battle with Thor gets him farther and farther away from the castle. She later retrieves her eye from the lake. With the eye in her hand, she begins to wonder. She questions herself if it is truly okay if she should truly be saved. She recalls what Touma has done for her to get to this point and how much he has been hurt and bled for her. As she recalls she asks herself again if she should really be saved, considering how much trouble she has caused for so many people, how she had yet to make up for it and asked for forgiveness, and how her success is built on Touma's sacrifice while doing nothing herself. Othinus knows that if she asked Touma himself then he would definitely say that she should be saved. She however questions herself is she should rely on his words, rely and lean on Touma who will unconditionally save her, but at the same time weigh him down just so that she can be saved. Despite wanting to be saved herself, she becomes concerned of the fate of Kamijou Touma if she was to be saved as he would also have to bear her sins as well, blamed for the evils of the Magic God Othinus. Pained the fate of that awaits Touma, the only person that could understand her, she lets go of her eye and concludes that she shall not be saved.[74]

As Othinus prepares her world crossbow spell from afar, Touma becomes confused of Othinus' intentions. Thor notes Touma's obliviousness on Othinus' feelings, as she has Touma now she has someone to rely on, however, the more she relies on him, the more she hurts the one she cares for. Touma is silenced by this but Thor continues. He tells Touma that Othinus doesn't want to be saved. He says that she has already seen what it means to save, which him bearing her sins for her. Thor says that if Othinus dies in fighting Touma, then she assumes that it will cancel out he has done for her. In essence, Othinus was punishing herself for the sake of Touma, intending to stop Touma knowing he will try to stop her efforts. Angry that Othinus is running away from paying for her sins, Touma screams that Othinus shouldn't run. He cries once again, summarizing who she was, her actions that led to this point, and once again telling her not to run away, not to run from her sins and turn her back from her happiness. Thor then asks what Touma is going to do, to which Touma says that if Othinus thinks it is better to die, and if that ridiculous idea is giving her the mistaken impression that she is saving him by running from her painful path, then he is going to break that illusion of hers.[75]

Now the world turns to look at Touma and Othinus, gathering their strength to overcome their fear and hatred of her. Touma runs toward Othinus after telling Thor to get down. As he is running he sees Othinus' face. Seeing this, Othinus holds out her hand to target him with her crossbow spell. Then Othinus shoots the arrows toward him, each one is overcome by Touma with each of his step, and each shot fired exacerbates the cracks of the fairy spell on Othinus' body. As he comes closer and closer to her, their eyes meet and Othinus smiles as if accepting her doomed fate. Then Othinus crumbles before Touma, and he shouts to her that after all she has done and she has felt she can't possibly think it is right to sacrifice herself. He then faced an unavoidable arrow from the crossbow. There, Touma realizes that he had yet to use his Imagine Breaker on the arrow. And there, as he smashes his fist on the arrow so great is its power that his right hand cannot completely overcome it.

NT Index v10 366-367

Touma embracing Othinus as she fades.

However, Touma doesn't care as long as his right arm isn't torn off, he can use it to negate the stake of the fairy spell on her chest. In spite of the pain, Touma manages to divert the arrow upwards and he is able slip below. This surprises Othinus as he shouts that he has won. He makes her to her and embraces her body with both of his arms. With that embrace, his right palm touches the stake of light of the fairy spell that pierced her. Gathering all his strength, Touma pulls the stake out from her back and smashes it with his right hand as he whispers to her that he won't let her run away. He tells her that he had promised to save her if it meant fighting the entire world. Othinus remembers and with a smile her body continued cracking apart. As she breaks apart in his arms, Othinus tells her that she was already saved from the moment that he said those words to her. Thus ends the struggle of the Magic God Othinus with a thank you to her savior.[76]

Touma is overcome by his injuries and collapses afterward, believing he has failed to save Othinus. However, despite the fairy spell's effects Touma's efforts was not in vain. Othinus survives but is now 15 centimeters tall. Ingrid Martin tosses a radio communicator toward her, where on the other line is Roberto Katze and Elizard. Roberto says that at her current state there would be no way to keep Othinus from breaking out of an American prison, and as such there is no point in throwing her into even a maximum security prison. The Queen then cuts in and says that even if Othinus' current form and total amount of power contained have changed, she is still closer to being a magic god than human, though she has been weakened too far to ever use magic again. She then wonders about Othinus' lifespan in her current form, saying that since throwing her into a cell won't likely make a single difference to her, imprisonment will not accomplish anything. She then says that they need to create a new punishment that will be especially effective against her and only her. Othinus is then told that she must forever watch the world of happiness that she went as far as suicide to look away from, the greatest punishment humanity can give to her now that they have achieved victory over a magic god.[1] Thus, Othinus is subjected to an ironic fate that she had once subjected Touma to those many worlds ago.

Othinus later somehow ends up in Heaven Canceller's Hospital in Touma's room as he recovers, hiding behind his pillow. After Touma talks to Index regarding his failure to save Othinus, she comes out of hiding. The both of them later discover that Othinus is still alive, though only 15 centimeters tall. She berates Touma for acting that she is dead. Touma is confused, but tells him that he was part of the reason why. She tells him that since she had yet to put her eye back in she was essentially still a magic god and not human. As such, she was not completely destroyed as she was unable to fire the final crossbow show on Touma when he destroyed the fairy spell with the Imagine Breaker. And since she was a magic god and not a human, it crumbling is not enough to kill her. Touma is dumbfounded and so was Index as her grimoires only had the knowledge needed to make a magic god out of a human and not what happens afterwards. Othinus tells Touma that at this point, Magic God Othinus has been 99% destroyed and the remaining pieces have gathered on their own, though her form has changed and that she can no longer use her former power. Little did Touma know that Othinus questioned herself if her body would "automatically" re-form had it not been for the intervention of her will.[1]

Touma then asks if he can touch her with his right hand, to which he tries to do so, much to Othinus' embarrassment. Index is enraged as well as she snaps her teeth. Touma explains that with people like Kazakiri Hyouka, he wants to avoid having her vanish whenever he touches her with his right hand. Othinus tells him that there should be no problem in him touching her as she is a neutral magic god, but she can't say for sure as they haven't tested it, but says that her basic properties shouldn't have changed after she became smaller.[1] It was only after that Touma truly realized that Othinus has revived and has returned to him, and was unsure what expression he should make. Touma then asks why she wasn't taken by America and imprisoned. Othinus tries to explain but before she can do so, Sphynx jumps off Index and onto the bed toward Othinus, surprising her. Othinus asks for help, but Touma says he is unable to do so in his condition. As she is held in Sphynx's mouth, Othinus recalls what had transpired after she became small and after Touma finally collapsing back in Denmark, the punishment the world gave to her.[1]

Mental Out Arc

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Index and Othinus become angry at Touma for removing his cast, with the former threatening to bite him and the latter threatening to jab him in the eyes and ears.[77]

St. Germain Arc

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The reason Touma ends up in the Dianoid is because of Othinus. Tormented by Sphynx, she demands that Touma buy him a dollhouse that could be bought in the Dianoid.[78]

Touma, Othinus, Index, and Sphynx later all go to the Dianoid. Thinking that she won't get her dollhouse in time, and with Touma and Index's careless words, Othinus leaves Touma's side to get to the dollhouse shop on her own.[79] Touma later loses both Othinus and Index afterward.[80]

She and Index later find Touma after his first encounter with St. Germain. As Touma did not know St. Germain's name as well as believing his lies, Othinus is oblivious to the fact that Touma encountered a fake and not a true magic god. Nevertheless, Othinus confirms to Touma that in theory other magic gods should exist, though says it is unlikely as they should have already interfered. In the end Touma still believes St. Germain's lies that he is a magic god. Though afraid of once again facing a magic god, Touma determines to stop them. He asks Othinus how to kill a magic god, to which she says Ollerus' Fairy Spell could be modified to kill one. He later asks both Index and Othinus to help him. Touma tasks Index to analyze St. Germain as much as possible, while Othinus was to go with Touma in order to determine if he truly was a magic god.[81]

Touma later sees Hamazura Shiage on television encountering St. Germain. Abandoning his plans, Touma uses the large water pipes of the Dianoid to get to him as quickly as possible, believing him to be in grave danger.[82] Othinus hitches a ride on Touma without his knowledge. After his defeat at the hands of Shiage and his Power Lifter, preventing him from stopping Shiage in facing St. Germain, Othinus reveals herself to Touma. She consoles Touma after his loss, telling him that he should not be ashamed of his powerlessness as there are other kinds of strengths and that he has shown his value without it before.[83] Touma later divulges to Othinus that the man who claims to be a magic god is St. Germain, to which she explains the legends of St. Germain, their powers, and the fact they are not a magic god.[84] They are then attacked by many St. Germains using their Chambord spears, forcing Touma to flee. Touma later leaves Othinus in the elevator hall while he drew the St. Germain's attention. Othinus begins analyzing the St. Germains and notices that the copies are impure, as in the St. Germains are using espers as part of them and forcibly having them use magic. Despite the things that she herself has done, Othinus shows distaste for the St. Germains' actions with the people they are using and notes that she was changed due to Touma's influence. Othinus later determines that she needs to find Index, as well as the location of Touma and St. Germain in order to continue her analysis of the latter.[85]

Othinus somehow finds her way to the spot where ITEM and Stephanie Gorgeouspalace are fighting the St. Germains, where she is picked up Takitsubo Rikou, who believes her to be a high-tech doll. After Rikou becomes distracted, Othinus bites on her hand, allowing her to escape her grasp. She later escapes into an air duct, hoping to find Index in order for them counter the St. Germains as she had successfully finished analyzing them. There, however, she is caught by Sphynx and is reunited with Index. Despite her chagrin, Othinus tells Index that they need to go to the lowest level where St. Germain is and where Touma will be. Crawling inside the air ducts they then find themselves at their destination. They observe the St. Germains and Kanou Shinka with the "Queen Anne's Shield", where both Index and Othinus ascertain that it is definitely a fake made up by St. Germain, though as it is magic it is still dangerous for Shinka, who is an esper. Here, Othinus believes that St. Germain wants to break Touma's heart by having his opponent, Shinka, die in front of him.[86]

After Shinka decides to fight St. Germain, she and Index later come out of the air duct as one of the many people who has come to stop St. Germain. As the others fight with the St. Germains, Index and Othinus analyze one of their knocked out bodies.[87] As Index slowly unravels the true nature behind how St. Germain works through her song, Othinus is there to stop her from being deceived by another one of St. Germain's lies.[88] With that, Index begins her work in deleting the structure that the St. Germain framework is made of, leading to them finally being defeated after Shinka does the finishing blow.[89]

World Rejecter Arc

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Othinus was present at the Kamijou Residence when Nephthys arrived as Touma returned following his encounter with the High Priest, and after a failed attempt to avoid being attacked by Sphynx by scattering pet food to fill the cat's stomach, which ended up getting her attacked sooner, brought up the problem of ingredients for dinner just before Touma discovered Index had scoffed most of the contents of the fridge.[90] She then listened to Nephthys' explanation about Kamisato Kakeru and the World Rejecter, as well as what had happened to the other Magic Gods.[91] After mocking Nephthys for the way Gremlin had effectively committed suicide due to their doubts leading to World Rejecter's creation and confronting her over going to Touma and getting him involved, she warned Touma about how he would be facing an opponent with just an abnormal power as his this time and could end up dead if he wasn't careful.[91]

NT Index v14 047

Kamisato Kakeru appears before Touma and Othinus.

When Touma went out to buy ingredients for dinner, Othinus secretly followed him, sensing his thoughts taking a turn for the worse. After reassuring him and having a talk with him on the nature of good and evil, saying what was important was his ability to connect and reason rather than violently cut others off like World Rejecter, the two collaborated in selecting ingredients from the supermarket.[92] On their way back, they encountered Kamisato Kakeru,[92] however the confrontation between the two was soon interrupted by two other beings, one red and one black, clashing against one another. After observing the two trying to cannibalize one another and thinking that it was likely an accident on their part too, Othinus pointed out to Touma the risk of getting caught up in the middle given the way they'd be fighting.[93] After they managed to escape, Othinus mentioned that the red attacker had the scent of the Dark Continent but wasn't sure about the black one. Despite Othinus's protests, Touma, wondering what had happened to Kakeru, retracted his steps to the scene of the attack where they found to their dismay that cats were making off with the dinner ingredients from the dropped shopping bags before finding that the downed red attacker was in fact Leivinia Birdway.[94]

After the two returned to the dormitory with Leivinia Birdway, Othinus told Index and Nephthys the gist of what had happened, citing Touma's "usual sickness" regarding girls. While Index was carrying out an analysis, the two Magic Gods gave Touma a lecture on European magicians and the Dark Continent[95] before Leivinia woke up and explained the situation regarding her and her sister, who had been infested with the parasite Sample Shoggoth.[96][97][98] As the night wore on, with the threat of an attack and the Birdways' situation hanging overhead, they all became increasingly dissatisfied due to the lack of food, which was only made worse when Nephthys accidentally switched the TV onto a fried chicken advert.[98] When Touma made a similar mistake not long afterwards, after having been attacked by the girls when he considered that he might have a fish sausage in his pocket,[98] turning the TV on as a sponsor ad was running, Othinus stabbed him with a skewer spear before commenting on Nephthys crying at the awful drama that was on. Their dissatisfaction led to Touma going to Tsuchimikado Motoharu's place for food and running into an ambush set by the Kamisato Faction.[99]

As the Kamisato Faction began their attack on the dormitory following failed negotiations, Othinus went with Touma briefly, splitting away from him as he went after Kakeru in order to disrupt the faction's formation.[100] Following Sample Shoggoth's premature elimination and Nephthys sacrificing herself to save Patricia, Othinus was left with Index while Touma fought with Kakeru.[101]

Salome Arc

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On December 4th, Othinus slipped into the bathroom to get Touma to make breakfast as Index and Sphynx were going nuts. During breakfast, she accidentally fell into the honey dish. She secretly stowed away in Touma's bag and accompanied him as he walked to his school, only to find it now unusable following the High Priest's rampage the day before.[102] To Touma's dismay, Othinus didn't hide herself or keep quiet while he was with his classmates, causing some misunderstandings with them.[103] She did however hide herself when Touma encountered Kakeru, who had also transferred to the school Touma and his classmates went to.[104][105][106]

On December 5th, Othinus was pleased at the temporary peace she had been given due to Sphynx being occupied with the dolls that Touma had ended up with following the crane game incident the day before. This time however, she was made to stay at home.[107]

Element Arc

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During the abnormal December heatwave and the emergence of the Elements, Index, Othinus and Sphynx were allowed shelter at A Certain Middle-High School. On December 7th, when Touma visited them on the school's rooftop, Othinus was looking after a laid out Sphynx, despite the fact the cat was always chasing after her, and cursing it as she did so. When Touma asked why she looked more normal in a bikini, Othinus replied that he was trying to judge a god by human standards, her usual attitude unchanged by the heat.[108]

Kamisato Rescue Arc

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On December 9th, Othinus and Index were sent a message by Touma, who sought their help regarding the issue of Kamisato Kakeru, who had been exiled to the 'new world' and was being used by Yuiitsu to force the Kamisato Faction to hunt Touma down.[109] They went to meet him at noon at District 7's station plaza, however the presence of the Kamisato Faction forced Touma to abandon the plan and avoid meeting up with them.[110]

As the '48 Hours to Restore Order' came to an end, Touma returned to the school and was bitten by both of them for standing them up.[111]

Aleister Crowley Arc

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On December 11th, Othinus, Touma and Index accompanied the Tsuchikimados and Karasuma Fran during their attempt to escape the city and the subsequent ascent through the Windowless Building.[112][113][114][115][116]

Processor Suit Arc

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Othinus was separated from Touma for the rest of the day after the Windowless Building launched into the sky and only reunited with him after the battle at Heaven Canceller's Hospital on the morning of December 12th.[117][118]

Coronzon Arc

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Following the evacuation of Academy City, Othinus joined Touma as he accompanied Aleister on a journey to the United Kingdom in order to deal with Coronzon's influence there and grasp the demon's achilles heel.[119]

Kamijou Arc

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NT Index v22R BW3

Othinus with Touma at the pub meeting

Having being separated at the end of the battle with Coronzon, Othinus reunited with Touma after a combination of the damage he had sustained and his own regrets caused his emanating power to take his form and make off with Imagine Breaker. Flying on a bird's back, she accompanied Touma, assuming the form of a dragon using the remaining power left behind, as he tried to break into Windsor Castle, where his doppelganger was posing as him in front of his allies at the party celebrating their victory over Coronzon.[120][121][122]

After being forced to retreat due to the doppelganger's manipulations causing Shokuhou Misaki's power to go out of control,[122] they encountered First Princess Riméa in Windsor and subsequently met up with Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage's groups in a pub to discuss the situation concerning the other Touma and to plan their next course of action.[123] She accompanied Touma in the struggle with the manipulated defenders of Windsor Castle and his confrontation with his doppelganger.[124]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Christmas Eve Arc

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GT1 (Ch4-3/4)

GT Index v01 296

Othinus, standing on Touma's shoulder

Othinus spent most of Christmas Eve in Touma's jacket, despite the events and battles he got involved in, only emerging when Touma called on her when faced with Director Neoka Norito's unexpected use of magic.[125][126]

After the battle, Othinus was shocked by the appearance of Anna Sprengel and warned Touma of the threat.[127]

Other appearances

Puzzdex othinus

Othinus as a collectible card in Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Puzzdex.

Interestingly, despite being too far into the story to be animated, Othinus has generated a sizable following among the newly introduced characters in the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series. This was recognized by several creators of Index-related media, and eventually resulted in Othinus' appearances in official media.

Othinus first appeared in animated format in the Kamachi Kazuma "Toaru Majutsu no Index" 10th Anniversary Animated Promotional Video alongside Thor and Marian Slingeneyer, and she became available as an event-exclusive collectible card in the mobile app game Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Puzzdex.[128] In addition to her role in the Toaru Majutsu no Heavy na Zashiki-warashi ga Kantan na Satsujinki no Konkatsu Jijou crossover manga (see below), Othinus also appears in a special sketch in the Toaru Nichijou no Index-san 4-koma series in her 15 cm-tall version.[129]

Side stories

Toaru Majutsu no Heavy na Zashiki-warashi ga Kantan na Satsujinki no Konkatsu Jijou

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Heavy na Zashiki-warashi ga Kantan na Satsujinki no Konkatsu Jijou

Othinus first appears right before Odin of the fantastic Norse world of The Circumstances of Waltraute's Marriage decided to use the Gungnir to kill Hel and through collateral damage kill Touma and the other heroes and heroines. She replaces Odin's existence in the Norse world, and momentarily usurps Hliðskjálf to try and stall his attack. Frigg, Odin's wife, is surprised by her appearance and is aware of her identity.[130] Othinus' actions aid the heroes as Odin later returns in Othinus' place just in time for his son Baldr to ascend from the underworld and deflect Gungnir's attack.[131][132]

She later returns just after everyone except Touma returns to their original world because of his Imagine Breaker. Just before Touma falls into despair into being stuck in the void, Othinus talks to Touma and tells him that as she uses Norse symbolism and as such can use herself to drag him out of the void.[133] Othinus is later with Index after they return to their world. They enter the bathroom where Touma is and Index wonders what they are going to do about her burned Walking Church, which was burned by the others boys back in Waltraute's world.[134]

Video Games

Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (game)

Othinus appears as a non-playable character in the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On video game.[135]


Othinus is a Magic God, which makes her a perfect and pure magician that encompasses every possibility. Because of this, since it is every possibility, she has an equal chance at succeeding and failing, making her magic a 50/50 shot. The reason she seeks to craft and wield Gungnir is to control the probabilities of her success and failure, effectively ridding herself of 50/50 restriction,[23] though it is later revealed that she can bypass this by completely failing as a magic god herself. To unify her infinite possibilities, she either needs to become 100% successful at becoming a magic god, hence the reason for the complicated ritual for Gungnir, or 100% failure which she has a hard time of acquiring.[30] After becoming struck by Fiamma of the Right's Turn into a fairy spell, she falls into 100% failure, allowing her to unify the possibilities and becoming a perfect magic god.[30] Despite this, if she is successful in using her powers, she has shown to be extremely powerful. She is able to use pure strength crush Touma's right hand as well as the invisible thing that came forth to attack her with strange ease,[23] rip out Ollerus' (disguised as Thor) arm,[24] dig into the neck of Kakine Teitoku and cow him,[26] and force the Dark Matter-made Holistic esper girl to keep on performing its task.[29] She, as well as Ollerus, is also able to create hundreds of millions of strange explosions. When Othinus and Ollerus fought the explosions were not strong for their own but in such a great number they seemed like twisting the space and time.[30] Both of them have not used a special move, a form of preparation or a magical tool before they started this attack.

Othinus can even deceive others' senses. She used this to make Ollerus believe he stabbed her with his Turn into a fairy spell whereas she was unscathed.[30]

Othinus has a certain form of immortality as she is believed to have lived for thousands of years[136] and possess instantaneous regeneration powers to point where she claims having her body crumble is not enough to kill her.[1] This goes to the extent where she could let one of the arrows fired by her crossbow go right thought her body and completely heal a moment afterwards without any sign of pain or damage at all.[46]

Furthermore, as she is based on the god Odin, she has territory over the dead,[137] which allows her to turn Bersi and other humans into an Einherjar, though the process is unknown.[23] It is likely that she too is the one who created the Artificial Valkyries that attacked Brunhild Eiktobel.

With the Lance of Gungnir

Gungnir (主神の槍 (グングニル) Shushin no Yari (Gunguniru)?, lit."Lance of the All-Father"): The spiritual item desired by the Magic God Othinus in order for her to remake the world. It is the lance of the head Norse god whose handle is made from wood of an ash tree, its sharp tip made of gold and personally carved runes that gives it tremendous power. Apart from the fact that it grants the Magic God 100% success, it is also used as a throwing weapon. It would always hit its target once thrown, could not be shot down or destroyed mid-flight, it would always return to its owner's hands once the target is pierced and it is said that it could destroy the symbols of human power.[45]

Wielding Gungnir gives her the power to destroy the world[30], but in reality it is revealed that she isn't exactly destroying the world or anything. She creates new Phases and place them over the world so that it would appear as if it had actually changed[138]. Along with the world, she can also alter the point of view and memories of its inhabitants[139][140]. Also, with the lance, she has a free control over the life and death of humans through a perfected version of her Einherjar spell but it can't apparently affect beings who are both "dead and alive" like the Will of the Whole Misaka Network.[6]

Other abilities

  • Turn into a fairy (妖精化 Yōsei-ka?): After seeing Ollerus perform the Turn into a fairy spell, she is easily able to mimic Ollerus' invention and use it effectively against him, bringing a "god" like him into the realm of fairies and being killable. She uses it successfully on Ollerus, destroying the interior of his body.[30] Using the principle of the spell making her into a 100% failure, she is able to still use powerful magic if she does actions that are opposite of her initial impression.[45] Indeed, despite the destruction of Gungnir, she was able to use her tremendous power in order to use the Imagine Breaker as a reference point and return the world back to Touma's original world.[47]
The cost of using the spell to make use of the 100% failure however, is that it would wreak havoc on her body, giving her tremendous pain and suffering as well as make her slowly lose her power as a Magic God. Even the Imagine Breaker would not be able to amend its effects.[47]
  • Othinus' Crossbow: A phantom weapon that can simultaneously hold ten arrows in a fan shape. In the legends, it was said to have a frightening destructive power that could exterminate an entire army. When using it, disturbing symbols starts to manifest from Othinus' back as it gathers tremendous power and the black world acts as the crossbow itself. Ten arrows will then rain down on the opponent, though shown to be in different directions, distorting space-time in the process. The spell was only seen after Othinus used the 100% failure aspect of her being a Magic God through the fairy spell.[45] It is unknown if Othinus could use it if she had Gungnir.
The spell is likely based on the crossbow of the mysterious old man found in the Gesta Danorum who aided Thuning in his quest against Hadding. Here, the old man uses a crossbow which could accommodate 10 arrows in its string at once against Hadding's men. As Odin often took the form of an old man, it is likely the author equated this old man with that of Odin as a basis for Othinus' spell.
  • Bone Boat (骨船 Hone-sen?): A spiritual item in the form of a bone, resembling an animal's leg, with strange writing carved onto its side, normally kept in Othinus's hat. Like the crossbow, it is an item associated with Othinus rather than Odin. It can freely change size and cross the world's oceans in an instant, however rather than moving its users across the world, it moves the world itself around them[11] and later moves moves the entire heavenly body to put the world back in its proper position after they disembark, allowing for things such as timekeeping to remain normal.[57]
    • Its concept is likely taken by the author from a passage in the Gesta Danorum, detailing the cunning magic of Odin, where it is said that he used a certain bone which he had marked with awful spells that allowed him to cross the seas instead of a vessel. Through this bone, Odin passed over the waters that barred his way as quickly as rowing.

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Haimura states that for his first version of Othinus, he had added all sorts of elements based on the keywords "magic god" and "witch". However, he believed that the first try lacked refinement thus continued on with a re-design in the second version. Haimura wanted to give a bit of similarity to Index and Sasha who are in a similar category. But he also handled the lines in the same way as certain other GREMLIN members like Cendrillon and Thor (that is, a composition of flowing lines.)[141]

For Othinus' final design, he touched up the second version. He could not have her butt exposed, so he decided to hide it a bit.[141]

Haimura explains the reasoning for her having so much exposed skin being the idea of "truly strong people do not need excessive equipment." Commenting that Aleister, Aiwass, and Ollerus are similar in that way and the opposite would be Biagio. By exposing her body and casting aside anything to protect her, she is showing that her enemies' attacks and hostility mean nothing to her. Haimura also comments that for those who have read the side-story Kanzaki:SS, might notice something about Gungnir.[141]




  • (To Kumokawa Maria, from NT4) "Unlike a certain failure, I am a pure magic god. If that is not enough for you to understand, my words are wasted on you. You should just give up on understanding."
  • (To Ollerus, from NT6) "Distance holds no meaning. What matters is being unseen."
  • (To Kakine, from NT8) "Listen, you piece of scrap. I only expect one thing from you. Just one. Be of use to me. …If you can’t, I’ll carefully remake everything about you until you can and do. It will be like holding a girl’s head down and beating her face into something completely unrecognizable with your fist."
  • (To Fiamma of the Right and Ollerus, ibid): "After coming this far, do you really think you have any chance of fighting back? The two of you were only able to crawl through the dirt because you could not leave the territory of fragile children of man. Kneel before me as you witness history. This is 100% success!!"
  • (from NT8): "These small fights are such a pain. I think I’ll just end the world."
  • (To Touma, from NT9): "No matter how many people surrounded you, none of them were actually looking at you. After seeing your name, your outer shell, and a list of your actions, they decided for themselves what kind of person you must be. That is why their impression of you was so easily manipulated by changing their point of view."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "It didn’t work. I tried it and it didn’t work!! Even with a palette knife to peel away the paint and even when I peeled it away in extremely thin layers, I wasn’t satisfied with the result. There is no longer a convenient path leading back to the way things were. The age can only advance. If what I want is not before my eyes, then my only option is to create the next world!!"
  • (To Ollerus, from NT10): "You weren't the one who understood me. He was a lot stronger than you."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "I was already saved the moment you said that to me."
  • (To Index, from NT 11): "Hey, don’t give him any attention. He’s the type that will grow addicted to the kindness people show him when he has a cold. We need to correct his behavior before it becomes a habit. Simply put, ignore him."
  • (To Touma, from NT 11): "I hope you aren’t looking down on me because I’m only fifteen centimeters tall now."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Are you trying to keep everything to yourself like usual?"
  • (To Touma, from NT 12): "Your true value is different from that of a Magic God who has to determine superiority by the presence or absence of power. Isn’t that right? So feeling ashamed that you lack strength is pure foolishness. Your value shows itself once you accept what you lack and think about what to do without that strength."
  • (To Touma, from NT 14): "Your opponent’s power is just as abnormal. You can no longer fight like a joker taking on a group of aces and kings. This is a joker against a joker. In a way, it’s even harder to predict than a clash between two aces. You’ve never experienced something like this before, so you can’t predict what’s going to happen based on your accumulated experience. If you don’t focus your mind, you could easily end up dead in a way that ignores all the rules you’ve seen before."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "I just don’t feel at home when I’m not on your shoulder."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Give up on that idea. Would you be able to save more people if you trained in martial arts? Would you be able to resolve things more smartly if you had a gun or a knife? That would have the exact opposite effect. The more means of killing you have and the farther you move from the path that saves your opponent using their own power, the weaker you will become. That alone is certain. You might not like having someone else act like they understand you, but as someone who was saved by you, I do understand."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Don't look so surprised at everything I do. Aren't you supposed to understand me?"
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Evil is created when someone gives up on someone else. It appears when everyone gives up on someone as a lost cause and removes their path to salvation. Once they are cut off from everyone else, they become evil. Just look through history and you'll understand. What is the difference between a murderer who kills a single person and a great hero who kills one million? It has nothing to do with the person himself. It comes down to whether everyone else accepts him. It's an issue of majority rule."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Martial arts, a gun, a knife, or any other obvious offensive power would only increase your ability to 'cut people off'. You would be no different from the cruel agents of revenge who delight in robbing people of a chance to reform and then tossing the majority rule loser into the abyss, all while calling it a punishment. Kamijou Touma, that is not your strength. Your greatest weapon is the powerful arm that reached into the abyss and saved even someone as hopelessly evil and rotten to the core as Magic God Othinus. That ability to connect is your ultimate trump card, so make no mistake and do not reach for a cheap answer. You couldn’t defeat the High Priest? This Kamisato guy wiped out all of those Magic Gods? You should be asking 'so what'. You should be looking down on Academy City for letting the High Priest die and on Kamisato for killing the Magic Gods without saving a single one. What is wanted from you is not violence on the same level as World Rejecter. It isn’t the power to kill. It is the power of human reason that can envelop that violence."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "It's like I was telling you: you don't have to carry it all by yourself. There isn’t just one pillar supporting the world. It isn't about what kind of realistic power anyone has and you shouldn’t give up just because you don't have anything. Even if they don’t have much – if anything at all – everyone is doing their best to live their lives even now."
  • (To Touma, from NT 18): "I won’t tell you not to go running ahead. That would be like telling a bird not to fly or a fish not to swim. But if you do start running, don’t give into despair. Abandoning thought is just being lazy. When you’re running recklessly forward is exactly when you need to remain calm. You need to make use of all your power to return alive."


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