Shared Draft 17: Crosses
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Unsorted Notes

  • John William Brodie-Innes, Abilities:
    • Brodie-Innes wears shoes with special metal soles, which produce sparks when he strikes the ground. He uses the sparks to form the shapes of various crosses,[1][2] including Calvary cross, the equal-armed cross, the pyramid cross and the Maltese cross among others - joints in a battle formation[3] and intersections in magical symbols.[4]
    • The primary effects of his crosses are the gathering, directing, and scattering of power and the more time he is given, the greater the formation that can be weaved together.[3] He is capable of using his crosses in connection with an enemy's magical symbols to turn their power against them.[4] In the case of Cutia Virginroad, he used a modified pyramid cross to turn her spell's power into a beast made of red cubes which attacked her.[4]


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