Shared Draft 25: Shared Image Tasklist and Temporary Image Collection
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Possibilities for Consideration

  • Magic Circle: If perform analysis in future, isolate and upload temporary images for elements to support analysis?
  • Sephiroth: Serpent of Wisdom (Whole tree stitch (Ep10)/custom (Blank Tree)?)
  • Gemstone Mining: Map with points indicating locations of involved facilities?

Shared Image Tasklist

  • Coffin: All 3 Level 5 Coffins (head-on, Episode 7, right after Evil Spirits of the Numbers shadow picture)
  • Kimi's Group: All 5 together at the orphanage (Ch118), Aohoshi Suzuran's departure
  • Taowu incident at Seiin High School: Constructed body (manga version (at points different from anime)) (Chapter 27-Chapter 34, Multiple)
  • Ball/earpiece brainwave toy (Chapter 71) - Earpiece/Ball (on ground, being used)
  • Shokuhou Misaki's Clique (Multiple - Railgun/Astral, for the purposes of identifying and obtaining images for unnamed members (assembling on SD32)(including all subjects on temporary image File:Clique Temp.png)
  • Indian Poker: Dream images, recording process, alternative recorder design, basic card design, Ch71 fantasy image
    • Railgun (Dreams) (Note: Include dreamers if possible): Ch71 (Gekota & friends, maid/queen), Ch78 (Kuruwa - ninja training), Ch79 (Yoshikawa - with graph, Tsuchimikado Maika - Motoharu, street artist/Fusou Ayame, Kuruwa - secret techniques, Himegami - classroom antics, Kuriba Ryouko)
    • Astral (Dreams): Ch8, Others?
  • Toaru IF: Textless character (gacha) images

End-May 2020 Search

New Images:

New versions of existing images:

Railgun T

Daihaseisai Arc


  • Arc Promo Images (Festival/Exterior)
  • Bonus Promotional Images

Dream Ranker Arc

Template:Shared Draft 52: Image Collection

Undetermined (Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T Episode 16/Chapter 71 onwards):


  • Bonus Promotional Images
  • Female Researcher (Doppelganger experiment, Scavenger client)

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Temporary Recent Image Storage (Pre-Use)


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