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**Extract CV Trivia from Episode pages? {{Qal|Index3|E|20}}
**Extract CV Trivia from Episode pages? {{Qal|Index3|E|20}}
*Two unnamed [[Ninoudefuzoku Middle School]] students
*Two unnamed [[Ninoudefuzoku Middle School]] students
*Two unnamed [[Airin Girl's High School]] students
*Two unnamed [[Airin Girls' High School]] students

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Shared Draft 32: Assorted Minor Characters
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  • This Shared Draft is to be used to gather information on assorted minor characters without articles (and whose available information/status is likely not at the article level yet).


  • Unnamed Biohacker
  • Orleans Incident Boy & Girl
  • Doppelganger Experiment Female Researcher
  • Necromancer Arc Anti-Skill Officers (Manga)
  • Bus Guide (Railgun Ep1)
  • Clone Dolly Scientists
  • Shokuhou Misaki's Clique - minor members (light hair, dark hair duo)
  • Unnamed Breeder (Railgun SS2)
  • Index III Minor Characters
    • Female Engineer (OT14, Index III 1, Index Manga Ch 124) / VA: Shimizu Ayaka
    • Drawly Coffee Clerk (OT14, Index III 2) VA: Abe Rika
    • Taxi Driver (OT 15, Index III 4, Index Manga Ch. 134) / VA: Sahara Makoto
    • Unnamed Girl (OT 19, Index III 15)
    • Unnamed Boy (OT 19, Index III 15) / VA: Tanaka Chiemi
    • Unnamed Male High School Student (OT 19, Index III 15) / VA: Kobayashi Daiki
    • Unnamed Female Helicopter Pilot (OT 19, Index III 16) / VA: Shimizu Ayaka
    • Extract CV Trivia from Episode pages? Toaru Majutsu no Index III Episode 20
  • Two unnamed Ninoudefuzoku Middle School students
  • Two unnamed Airin Girls' High School students
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