Shared Draft 38: Odds and Ends
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Lessar, Four Types, Spices and Winds

  • Four Types, spices and winds
    • Throw spice bag, either intercepted or come undone, spice inside spreads through air, float according to set laws and create complex circle, caster moves thumb horizontally and speaks chant
    • Fire of the right, water of the back, wind of the front, earth of the left
    • Front right: Active, Attack/Change
    • Back right: Active/Passive, Calamity/Turning point
    • Back left: Passive, Peace/Stagnation
    • Front left: Active/Passive, Defense/Immutability
    • [Element of the Direction] and [Element of the Direction], mix the colors of your directions with the wind.
    • The wind of the [Direction] that [Active/Passive] becomes that which indicates [Qualities].
    • ...back right that contrarily holds both the active and the passive becomes that which indicates calamity and a turning point
    • ...back left which also indicates the passive becomes that which indicates peace and stagnation
    • ...wind of the front right which also indicates the active becomes that which indicates attack and change
    • Command: "Exorcism"
    • The wind of the [Direction] shall quickly disperse. It shall distance itself from the [Qualities] of the wind of the [Direction] and instead call in [New Qualities].
    • ...back left shall quickly disperse. It shall distance itself from the peace and stagnation of the wind of the back left and instead call in calamity and a turning point
    • ...front right shall quickly disperse. It shall distance itself from the attack and change of the wind of the front right and instead indicate defense and immutability

Cold Sleep

  • Cold Sleep Murder Case Notes
    • Part 4 (Legal situation)
    • Part 5 (Legal situation)
    • Part 6 (Freezing/Problems)
      • Outdated Method - Saline catalyst
        • Cells permeated with saline-based preservative, prevent damage to cellular membranes in freezing/unfreezing outdated
        • Saline, salinity 0.9% water, volume of matter changes liquid to solid vice versa, bottles bursting in freezer
        • Body 70% water, too great a difference between expansion/contraction rate inside/outside, risk of cellular membrane rupturing during freezing/refreezing, saline matches body as closely as possible, saline as cold sleep catalyst outdated - only used in early stages of research, leading method - synthetic preservative derived from egg white structure, several fields of medical research take in unique directions e.g. artificial blood/collagen for treating burns
      • Wound
        • Large vertical wound on back, likely sharp incision by scalpel, cut then rapidly frozen, ice melts - hemorrhaging
    • Part 16 (Problems involved)
      • Finely-controlled speed is necessary during the unfreezing process. Rapid changes increase the risk of cells rupturing but if the unfreezing is too slow, the recovering flesh will be unable to bear cold and get frostbite. The process needs to be slow enough for the cells to survive but fast enough that the subject doesn't freeze to death, with the right level of heat provided in the right quantity.[1]
      • Another problem connected to the unfreezing process is that the entire body needs to be melted equally and uniformly. If the subject is frozen unevenly, it will produce an effect similar to how fighter pilots constrict their thighs to cut off the flow of blood to their legs so blood can reach their heads even while experiencing high G-forces. Similar to squeezing a bag of water form outside, it will affect the internal pressure and cause a rise in blood pressure which can put the subject's life at risk. In order to avoid this, an accurate map of the subject's body, a diagram produced from detailed CT and/or MRI cross-sectional scans, is required so heat can be applied to each part evenly.[1]
    • Part 18 (Unfreezing method)
      • Grid laser to apply precise heat/Requires scan - Mebuki takes scan as identical twins at high degree
      • Wound - surround in fluid like egg yoke so can live regardless of blood loss and can stitch up once softened
      • Power - Strongest Electromaster

A solution to the unfreezing problems was eventually found and carried out successfully by Misaka Mikoto and Asajimo Mebuki.[2] While it wasn't possible to perform a scan of Saemi's body through the ice, the twins were fortunately identical to a greater extent than normal identical twins, matching on a genetic and biometric level, such that Mebuki could take the scan in her place to produce the necessary diagram.[3][2] As the strongest Electromaster, Mikoto could satisfy the power requirements.[2] In order to overcome the immediate threat from blood loss, in a method inspired by the use of preservatives based on the egg white which protects a chick in an egg, the ice was submerged in a pool of saline (matched to the 0.9% concentration of the cold sleep preservative) before being melted, with the saline adjusted precisely to the osmotic pressure of human cells so there wouldn't be a huge difference in blood pressure and she would not go into shock no matter how much blood was lost. Once the ice had melted in the pool and the skin softened up, the wound could be sewn up to stop the bleeding.[2]

  • Wound - surround in fluid like egg yoke so can live regardless of blood loss and can stitch up once softened
  • Taking inspiration from the use of preservatives based on egg white, which protects a chick in an egg...

Unsorted List

  • Element: Classical/Magic, Chemical/Science, Creature
  • Yoga
  • Seidr/Seithr/Seiðr
  • Food
  • Plants in magic
  • Human body anatomy associations
  • Flying ointment
  • Do-re-mi (R-SS3), music in magic
  • Golem Ellis alternative applications - collapsing (V6), collecting chippings from carving (V12)
  • Pseudo-telekinesis toy - earpiece reads brainwave, ball moves accordingly, toy can be used for Indian Poker (R-V11)(example of brainwave reading tech (under category of mind-machine tech?))
  • Onmyoudo, Water Roads, Kyoto
  • Plato & Pythagoras
  • Typhonian - Magick, Qliphoth, Cthulhu Mythos (Forgotten God? - Kenneth Grant connection to Aleister Crowley), Aliens
  • OT7Ch1Pt1: Maika. September 8th, mention hectic second semester, busy preparing for all festivals, many activities: Daihaseisai, Ichihanaransai, hiking, training, school excursions, Art Appreciation Day (芸術鑑賞祭?), Social Learning Day (社会見学祭?), Cleaning Day (大掃除祭?), end-of-term exams, tuition, after-class remedials.
  • Geometry
  • Sacrificial pawns for reading Necronomicon pages in the R'lyeh ceremony (temple construction) - candidates ask that they save critically ill family members in exchange, unaware that cabal caused illness in the first place [4]
  • Manga Ch51 - Kanzaki Past, Ch80 - Pietro/Astrology (SD69)?
  • Mikoto and horror movies (NT13, R-Ch71, Other?)
  • 4K
  • GT2 Misc (prayer beads - Buddhism, Christian rosary, crystal healing)
  • Precious stones and metals
  • Basic smell[5]
    • Henning’s theory had 6: Spicy, Flowery, Resinous, Fruity, Foul, and Burnt.
    • Amoore’s theory had 7: Camphoraceous, Musky, Floral, Pepperminty, Ethereal (as a chemical), Pungent, and Putrid



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