Shared Draft 39: Referencing Guide
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Reference Placement

  • Placed after full stop/comma after relevant section.

Reference Naming

Light Novel Examples:

  • <ref name=IndexV19Pr/>
  • <ref name=ShinyakuV18Ch2Pt1/>
  • <ref name=SouyakuV1BTL2/>

Manga Examples:

  • <ref name=RailgunCh123/>

Anime Examples:

  • <ref name=IndexIIIEp1/>
  • <ref name=AcceleratorEp1/>
  • <ref name=RailgunTEp12/>

Reference Contents


  • Some users deviated from this format and having a chapter link covering the volume and chapter.


Inept's Notes:

  • Not in favour of shortening contents to minimal display, prefer current balance between minimal and visible for name
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