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  • Kumokawa Seria - In fact her first encounter with him was a result of investigating rumors of a boy wandering a certain area and causing trouble, only to find him knocked out cold after trying to fend of the Skill Outs sent to abduct Mitsuari Ayu[1], which would be followed up with the two working together to interfere with further attempts targeting Ayu.


Biohacker (バイオハッカー Baiohakkā?)

  • Link for Biohacker - destination not clear yet, go to Biohacker Arc for now, potential destinations (Genetics sub-section for Academy City's Technology section after overhaul, character page if just one?, L.S.S. for multiple ones?, separate page?)
  • Unnamed Biohacker (Care to avoid detection, wish to deal with problem before harder)

Biohacker Creations:

Specimens created by L.S.S.'s Biohackers included:

Codename Type Details
Wyvern Specimen resembling a dragon, maintained by the unnamed Biohacker and used as a weapon for eliminating targets.[2][3]
Kraken [4]
Griffin One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]
Karkinos One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]
Fenrir One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]
Hydra One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]
Omukade One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]
Hraesvelgr One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]
Wendigo One of the specimens stored in the mountain hideout.[5]


Principles [6] [7] [3]


  • Strength
  • Size/weight/power, claws (Pt6)

Chronology, Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker Arc

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker Arc
  • Making look natural no longer possible, Wyvern work, cargo arrives - settle by self
  • Do something before package enters School Garden - much harder
  • Skeptical voice on other end
  • Drones useless with gusts/updrafts from building, guide with bow, cargo to him, precise adjustments on site



  • Logo(1-5/11)
  • Facilities


Unsorted Notes:

  • Has the service of the Gokusai siblings[8]
  • Street Corner Kitten Show - stroll, search for kitties, heard gathering - used cameras to get rid of thugs (Pt2)
  • L.S.S. Animal Protection Fund - weekly donation start at 200 yen (Pt3)
  • Large truck with L.S.S. corporate logo(Pt5)
  • Truck container used is L.S.S. (Pt11), genuine (Pt11/2-1)
  • Ch3: Pt9
    • Avoid arrest - one assassin escaped, L.S.S. management might use another method to target in cell
    • Touma asks what it is, seen as TV show sponsor, burger shop ad, company working in biological field, not sure about speciality - seems to be involved in everything from food to pet business, online claim unfocused
    • Hired assassins (get back for Wyvern incident, Biohacker not registered as employee but influence over company project as guest, link intentionally indirect, poisoned through oysters)
    • L.S.S. 'charitable activities' include managing distribution of stray cat population, capture/anesthetic/cut off genitalia, sponsor cat program - using info taken from program staff?
    • Accept contract work from health department, freely enter areas normal workers cannot go such as School Garden and Tokiwadai - ask Mitsuari if ever seen outside workers enter grounds to collect cat/dog wandering in - people in work jumpsuits
    • Two ways to earn trust - spend a lot of time in place or call self an expert. Assassins lured outside too smoothly - detailed info on people/thing distribution at different times from someone knowing a lot.
    • Wyvern product of dangerous experiment, not seem possible for individual to pull off - specialized equipment, personnel and funding to keep running
    • High-level cover-up techniques to erase traces, check materials/chemicals and track down source to figure out Biohacker identity
    • Mitsuari asks if L.S.S. isn't trustworthy company known by everyone (major clique girls talk a lot), major company with solid position at top of listing - really take risk of Biohacking? Kumokawa - really think trustworthy company exists?
    • People behind corporate misdeeds usually lose track of scope of actions.
    • Biohacker likely start small, e.g. modify genes to make thoroughbred in lab rather than selective breeding, move on to delicious edible earthworms for cheap burger meat, then to dragons without involved noticing anything wrong (Touma worry about burger meal having seen ad at burger shop)
  • Ch4: President Matsuo Ryuusuke, the Beginning Child

Gokusai Siblings

  • Note: Check previous protocol for roles in stories solely set in the past.

During the summer of Kamijou Touma's third year of middle school, after the failure of the Wyvern, the Gokusai sisters were contracted by L.S.S. to target Mitsuari Ayu after silencing the captured Biohacker. Beginning their attack on school grounds, they succeeded in luring her outside of School Garden and cornered her in a nearby parking garage,[9] but were thwarted by the arrival and intervention of Kamijou Touma and Kumokawa Seria.[9][10] Amazora and Rikuri were defeated by Touma and subsequently taken into custody by Anti-Skill, while Kaibi escaped in order to be able to save them later.[10]

Gokusai Rikuri

  • Note: Background/Chronology issue

Gokusai Amazora

  • Note: Background/Chronology issue

Gokusai Kaibi

Beginning Child



  • Photo - not quite kimono, student uniform different design from modern day, more like hakama, waist-length black hair with luster, graceful hand fold, if elegance still exists - would be within Tokiwadai, exhausted/sorrowful light in eyes[11]


  • Long (to feet), dishevelled, pale hakama

Background, Past

  • The oldest modern esper, normal person trained based on Mifune Chizuko's data, Academy City's first esper, Modern Academy City supposedly constructed based on system used for them[11]
  • Esper from over half a century ago, general public never believed powers real - don't know if cruel reporters force perform experiments set up to fail, or misinformation spread by Aleister to hide existence, b/w newspaper clippings[11]
  • Apparently went missing, supposedly not bear life of attacks from skeptics, letter left behind says 'but I do have it'[11]
  • First esper created in Academy City, time of black/white photography.[11]
  • Aleister created but couldn't control, official records say went missing, tech of time not enough to keep in cage, newspaper attacks only happen because not use power when/how powerful wanted, if wake and fully control - reach level of technology eluding Board Chairman, average lifetime income 200/300m yen - human value, bring in more than enough to outweight cost of killing[11]

Background, Present

  • Preserved, physical body frozen and ended up with company, still unconscious[11]
  • Information locked down[11]
  • Thick plastic bag similar to IV pack, size of sleeping/body bag, sealed shut with zipper-like thing, inside filled with frost-like, white/hard to see through, few cable/tubes connected to top - purpose unclear, protrusions pushing plastic out from inside show filled with solid, female silhouette. Data form the current week.[11]
  • Esper control minds might shake mind from within and resurface consciousness[11]
  • L.S.S. goal to resurrect/monopolize ultimate specimen, first esper.[11]
  • Dragons, griffons etc - no more than candidates for waking the Beginning Child, fear and threats to life ineffective. External stimuli like music/smells tested as ways to stimulate unconscious patient, bizarre creations not enough - decide on directly stimulating mind from within - Mental Stinger[11]
  • Dragon - communication error, capture by any means because top priority - somehow twisted into 'kill her in cruelest way', only key within reach, only one fit needs and realistically obtainable, other one far too unapproachable, awaken - AC theirs for taking, rise higher than Board Chairman, no more scientific agencies necessary, company will create/use espers for own profit, how valuable Beginning Child is[11]


  • The Beginning Child was eventually awakened using the captured Mitsuari's ability in Matsuo's secret base, a log cabin filled with specimens near Ground Geo in School District 21. Immediately after being roused, she destroyed the log cabin, fatally wounding Matsuo in the process, before wandering in a semi-aware state, changing the environment around her using the life forms she encountered in the woods. Kamijou Touma eventually managed to subdue her with help from the Gokusai siblings.
  • Her fate afterwards isn't known, though Kumokawa intended to calm her down before finding someone (such as Kaizumi) to protect her (unprocessed)


  • Stated more than once that she would have been a Level 5 if the Level system had existed in her time.[13]
  • Environment alteration, remake surrounding environment to ideal environment for a nearby creature, localized terraforming
  • The Beginning Child's ability allows her to remake her surrounding into the ideal environment for a designated nearby living creature in her immediate surroundings(Pt14)
  • Basic nature, specifics, examples, other

Current (to be reworked):

  • Intro
  • The Beginning Child's esper ability allows her to remake her surroundings into the ideal environment for a nearby living creature she designates, a sort of localized terraforming.[14][15][16]
  • The Beginning Child's esper ability allows her to remake her surroundings into the ideal environment for the survival of a nearby living creature she designates (typically the one closest to her), a sort of localized terraforming.[14][15][16] She activates this ability with a roar,[14][17][15][16] with a safe zone from the produced environmental hazards in her immediate vicinity.[17] The ability only affects the environment, with the surface of the ground and existing life forms not directly affected by the ability but capable of being affected the environment it creates.[14]
  • Power Evaluation


  • Always roar when using power (Pt9/11/13/14)
  • Pt14: Bat - sulfur cave/volcano, frog - water, rabbit - tall mountain, mosquito/roach - river of sludge, icy - bacteria?
  • Magma pt9, water/freeze, sandstorm, lightning strikes, geysers, flowers - butterfly, fog (toxic volcanic gas/air pressure), mistakes, toxic sludge, not targeted at living, ground/tree bodies same, sand wind
  • Pt11 - safe zone
  • Pt13 - localized terraforming, if conditions right could survive Moon/Mars/Black Hole/Big Bang
  • Designate a specific living creature, supply the ideal environment for creature’s survival
  • Remake immediate surroundings - point remains (Pt9)
  • Ground/trees/life forms remain same
  • Planetary environment/largescale climate, only few espers on level (Pt10), #1 vectors/#3 high-voltage electricity, pure control of weather conditions stronger
  • Immediate vicinity safe zone (Pt11)



  • Spread weapon around company, reason for Anti-Skill to bring down, not care as long as revive/monopolize, L.S.S. brought down - start new company, girl is ultimate master key - might bring company above rest of AC combined, directly take control or use as threat to negotiate favourable terms with Board Chairman, value incalculable[12]
  • Board Chairman pursuing Beginning Child, if eluded, can't be listed anywhere could find[12]
  • Chat with assassins who investigate client for insurance?[12]


Environments which have been produced with the Beginning Child's ability include:

Environment Lifeform(s) Effects
Volcanic Bat

Produces scorching heat and volcanic conditions in the affected, with boiling hot and partially molten surfaces, lava and ignited foliage. The air is filled with embers and ash, hot enough to scorch a person's throat and lungs.[14]

A bat was designated to produce the environment of a volcano or sulfur cave.[14][16]

Flood Frog Produces a flash flood in the affected area, with a powerful current and waters flowing at hip height.[14]

A frog was designated to produce the water.[14][16]

Antarctic Microscopic bacteria Produce Antarctic-level cold in the affected area, capable of freezing hip-height waters into thick ice in hardly any time at all, accompanied by bitter, biting winds.[14]

Microscopic bacteria was designated to produce the frigid environment, far removed from that livable for humans.[16]

Sandstorm Spider
Produces a sandstorm in the affected area, with a sandy crosswind with temperatures of around 50 degrees and sufficient to block out the sunlight,[14] cutting off vision and making people likely to lose their bearings.[14][18][17]

This environment was created through the designation of a large spider and then a scorpion.[14]

Lightning N/A Produced with an unknown creature, the environment has multiple lightning strikes coming down in the affected area.[14]
Geysers N/A Produced with an unknown creature, the affected area is covered in geysers which send 100-degree water erupting from the ground, along with steam.[14]
Flowers Butterfly
Small beetle
Colorful and harmless flowers bloom in the affected area.[14][16]

This environment was accidentally created from the unintentional designation of a butterfly and then a small beetle.[14][16]

High altitude Rabbit Replicates the atmosphere at high altitude with a fog and change in air pressure in the affected area, causing altitude sickness.[14]

A rabbit was designated to produce the environment of a tall mountain.[14][16]

Toxic sludge Mosquito/Roach Coats the affected area (both ground and trees) in a black and pink toxic goo with a harsh odour. Noted to be more like manmade pollution than a natural disaster like most of the Beginning Child's other produced environments.[14]

A mosquito or roach was designated to produce the river of toxic sludge.[14][16]

N/A Gut bacteria An interrupted usage of the Beginning Child's ability, likely intended to be used with expelled gut bacteria/microbes transferred to her skin/saliva via lick after all nearby creatures were removed from her vicinity, and speculated to possibly produce a lake of digestive acid.[16]
N/A N/A An unknown environment derived from an unknown creature, which destroyed Matsuo Ryuusuke's cabin and fatally wounded him when it was produced.[19][20][14]

Unprocessed Notes

Chapter 1:

  • Pt1: Welcome to underworld
  • Pt2: Coming to after scrap
  • Pt3: Group discussion/going home
  • Pt4: Biohacker side
  • Pt5: Wyvern appears
  • Pt6: Group escaping Wyvern
  • Pt7: Discussion between group while sheltering
  • Pt8: Missing? Check raw for division, add division or roll numbers back as necessary
  • Pt9: Biohacker side, call, what is happening
  • Pt10: Touma VS Wyvern
  • Pt11: Biohacker and the girls
  • Pt12: Punch

Chapter 2

  • Pt1: Kaizumi/Kumokawa discussion - L.S.S. truck not random disguise - real/berserk, attack on Brain, corporate profit but recommend wash hands/crush, using that - Kihara Kagun's domain, what do they want with the parallel line, defer to judgment once and give 6 hours
  • Pt2: Mitsuari at Tokiwadai, test
  • Pt3: Touma/Kumokawa
  • Pt4: Gokusai sibling discussion, post-assassination
  • Pt5: Mitsuari attacked
  • Pt6: Gokusai talk
  • Pt7: Mitsuari VS Measure Heart
  • Pt8: Gokusai talk
  • Pt9: Mitsuari trapped
  • Pt10: Gokusai talk
  • Pt11: Mitsuari trapped
  • Pt12: Touma side start, motorcycle ride
  • Pt13: Gokusai talk
  • Pt14: All gathered


  • Point for consideration - record protocol for status of Characters/Abilities/Locations (New) for first/earliest chronological in-universe appearance in flashback chapters released after being seen in chapters in present day
  • Haimura Kiyotaka will post designs of Biohacker SS on March 6. Source.
  • Biohacker Ch5/6 illustration - Kamijou Touma, Beginning Child


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