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Known Examples of Notarikon:



  • Repeatedly-shown magic circle/pentagram, circumference?


Index Librorum Prohibitorum

  • Index Librorum Prohibitorum
  • Spell Intercept
    • OT6: VS Golem Ellis, Article Extract
      • "M B F P A D C O G"[1]
        • Kanji: "「両足を平行に配置し重心を崩せ」" ("Ryōashi o Heikō ni Haichi Shi Jūshin o Kuzuse"?)[1]
        • Literal: "Place both legs parallel and destroy the center of gravity."[1]
        • Conjecture: "Move Both Feet Parallel And Destroy Center of Gravity"[1]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "Let both legs be positioned in parallel and lose balance"[1]
        • Yen Press version: "MBFPADCOG! (Move both feet parallel and destroy center of gravity!)"
      • "T T T L"[1]
      • "C F A"[1]
      • "P I O B T L L"[1]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "Turn the left foot to the left"[1]
        • Yen Press version: "PFBTLL! (Pull foot behind the left leg!)"
      • "C R B B F T T N A T W I T O D"[1]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "Alter to the right, cross both legs, turn neck and hip in opposite directions"[1]
        • Yen Press version: "CR. (Change right.) CBF. (Cross both feet.) TTNATWITOD! (Turn the neck and the waist in the other direction!)"
    • OT7: VS Angelene
      • "C T R T T O P A O"[2]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "The remaining three, gather at one spot, and stick together"[2]
        • Yen Press version: "CTRTTOP, ABO! (Collect the remaining three to one point, and become one!)"
    • OT11: Redirecting the aim of La Regina del Mare Adriatico's cannons towards herself
    • OT18: VS Mokkerkalfe
      • "C A O! M A R A T T R!!"[4]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "Alter the trajectory! Move the right arm right!!"[4]
        • Yen Press version: "CP! (Change path!) RATTR!! (Right arm to the right!!)"
    • OT18: VS Carissa/Curtana
      • "B A O C D"[5]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "Distort the trajectory. Alter it to head down"[5]
        • Yen Press version: "BTD, CD!! (Bend the trajectory, change downward!!)"
      • "C T O O C U! S A A R T S T!!"[6]
        • Baka-Tsuki version: "Move Curtana’s trajectory up! Stop the slice and redistribute the excess Telesma!!"[6]
        • Yen Press version: "STCTU! (Shift the Curtana’s trajectory upward!) SAAARTET!! (Stop all attacks and redistribute the excess telesma!!)"
    • NT8: VS Freyja
      • "S F O C I C R Y S!! (Fill in the missing gear of the song for the blessed child!!)" [7]
    • NT14: VS Elza
      • BT: "T R I A T O T T D Y B!! (That fox rain will avoid us and thus will soak your bodies!!)"[8]
    • Endymion: Countering Marie Spearhead's water spell
      • "G B A T S B"[9]
        • Manga version: "Return to your rightful form"[9]

Stiyl Magnus

  • Stiyl Magnus#Abilities, Article Extracts
    • Mental Diagnosis - “I A T W C P H I S K W O T D O T H. (This hand connects to a wavering heart and acts as the key to open that door.)”[10]
    • Two Flaming Swords, Second Chant - "G A S T T H. T F I A S T R I C!" ("Bring the flames to my hand. Its form is the sword and its role is execution!")[11]
      • Conjecture by herald_of_meridian: (Gather a spark to this hand. The form is a sword, the role is condemnation!)
    • People-Clearing Field: "T P I M I M S P F T" ("I hereby make this place my refuge")[12]
      • Yen Press version: "IHCTPIMTP. (I henceforth change this place into my tranquil place.)"
      • Conjecture by herald_of_meridian: (This place I make into my special place for tranquility.)
    • Innocentius: "(M T W O T F F T O) (I I G O I I O F) (I I B O L A I I A O E) (I I M H A I I B O D) (I I N F I I M S) (I C R M M B G P)"[13]
      • "(One of the five great elements from which the world is constructed.) (The great flame of the beginning.) (It is a light of blessing that raises life and a light of judgment that punishes evil.) (It is overflowing with calm blessings and with freezing misfortune that destroys cold darkness.) (Its name is fire and its role is the sword.) (Be manifested and become the power that eats into my body!)"[13]
      • (世界を構築する五大元素の一つ、偉大なる始まりの炎よ) (それは生命を育む恵みの光にして、邪悪を罰する裁きの光なり。) (それは穏やかな幸福を満たすと同時、冷たき闇を滅する凍える不幸なり。) (その名は炎、その役は剣。) (顕現せよ、我が身を喰らいて力と為せ――――――ツ!)[13]
      • Yen Press version: "MTWOTFFTO, IIGOIIOF (one of the five elemental components of the world, the great fire of beginning)…IIBOL, AIIAOE (it is born of life, and it is the arbiter of evil)…IIMH, AIIBOD (it is mild happiness, and it is the bane of death)…IINF, IIMS (it is named fire, and it is my sword)…ICR, MMBGP…!! (I call thee into reality; masticate my body for great power…!!)"
        • YP vol.21 version: "OOTFECOTW, TGFOB. (One of the five elemental components of the world, the great fire of beginning.)…IITBLNL, AIITLOJTPTW. (It is the blessed light nurturing life, and it is the light of judgment to punish the wicked.)…IFWGH, AIINMWECD. (It fills with gentle happiness, and it is numbing misfortune which extinguishes cold darkness.)…IINF—IIMS. (It is named fire—it is my sword.)…MTAMMBFGP!! (Manifest thyself and masticate my body for great power!!)"

Acqua of the Back

  • Toaru Majutsu no Index III Episode 09
  • Divine Mother's Mercy
    • THMIMSSP (The holy mother is merciful and softens severe punishment)
    • TCTCDBPTTROG (This capacity for tenderness constituting a direct benevolent plea to the righteousness of God)
    • BWIMAATH (Be wrapped in mercy and ascend to Heaven)


To deactivate Mokkerkalfe, Article Extract:
" () In accordance with the order of one who has inherited the proper blood, open quickly!O A G P A T A C O T P O T R B!"[4]

  • Yen Press version: "IAWTOOSWITRB, SOTG!! (In accordance with the order of she who inherits the royal blood, swiftly open the gate!!)"

Female Knight

"Respond to my vibration, General Use Series 25. …S T T A T L O J!! (Shatter this threat as the light of judgment!!)"[14]

  • Sword's outline transforms above the grip and changes to a giant spear of bluish-white light.[14]

Toaru IF


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