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Shared Draft 66: Christmas
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Rough Work

Unsorted Notes


Volumes with Christmas in text: R-SS3, NT2/3/12/13/14/16/17/18/19/22/22R, OT1/2/9/10/15/16, GT1

Volumes with Santa in text (excluding above): NT6/7/9, SS2, OT5/21

Volumes with Christmas tree in text: NT18/19/22R

Volume references:

  • R-SS3: Santa Claus - example of charity figure - everyone knows who they are but they never identify themselves, take far enough - becomes a legend, used in discussion of Blue Blood's intentions (charity after the collapse they instigate). Lighting in SD15
  • NT6: Fraulein Kreutune theories - one said like dark Santa and therefore fictional being created to frighten children
  • NT7: Fremea and other children discussing Santa and Knecht Ruprecht
  • NT9: 'KT' not intention of being bad Santa
  • SS2: Komaba staring at Santa outfit on online store, Fremea had asked if Santa really existed
  • OT5: Index's glowing eyes compared to child waiting for Santa
  • OT21: Girl at age where believe in Santa
  • OT1: Komoe look like someone who found out truth about Santa, God who Touma normally only thought of at Christmas
  • OT2: Individuals on back not do anything to front, even if just removing Christmas wrapper
  • OT9: Large-scale events like worship or Christmas celebration, have to give degree of freedom to not delay proceedings, tight/fool-proof security to protect people would limit their actions and considerably affect the proceedings
  • OT10: Misuzu - big cheese size of Christmas cake. Airport shine like Christmas. Example of strictly specific day, like X-Mas/Easter. Board normally not allow out at night and stop traffic when schools completely close, promoting night tours during Daihaseisai, not like large-scale events seen on X-Mas/Valentines but still an event favoured by students
  • OT15: Produce, brains chopped up like Christmas cake
  • OT16: Santa remark in Epilogue, Prologue - Pope's vehicle passing by Lambeth Palace/overhear, already have many Christmas cards at start of September, receiving on X-Mas too late, sent now because aware of situation - hard work looking through 250,000 or so cards arriving from all over England every year, December schedule set for archbishop, going to 43 orphanages/welfare facilities while dressed as Santa, official business, acquired miniskirt Santa costume.
  • NT2: Birdway asks Accel if type that always get piece of Christmas cake with the Santa doll on it, Fremea/Birdway - Santa existing/mistake, Nicholas Foundation
  • NT3: Roberto - if someone makes him repeat saying he's the President again, take X-Mas break early to heal heart
  • NT12: Christmas 22, Santa 8
  • NT13: Fighting Shokuhou over right to area around Touma's school, wish to learn truth, Christmas approaching, not sure over. City still on edge after Othinus incident, scab left, being swept into Christmas spirit, St. Germain tear scab off
  • NT14: Advert for fried chicken at Maruichi, Christmas season, sales of chicken on rise, may think X-Mas means turkey but other birds gaining ground
  • NT16: Could be over tonight - once again AC in realm of Santa and white X-Mas
  • NT17: Useful Spider not let spend Christmas surrounded by rubble
  • NT18: Spent past few days like Santa surfing in Australia, LED X-Mas light string used to climb wall, comparison to star on Christmas tree. Appliances broken, electronic/online stores would be hit by big pre-Christmas wave for a week
  • NT19: Christmas 43, Santa 34
  • NT22: Example of Hamazura's symbol association, Christmas with miniskirts
  • NT22R: KT sent flying into artificial Christmas tree, computer listing over 500,000 unread emails (Christmas greetings), royal email address public, receive large number of emails and social media messages during Christmas season, ones today from those who don't know about magic, one might actually make it to Christmas this year. Vatican runs a dedicated freight train to deliver Christmas cards sent from all over world.

Article Draft


Christmas is an annual celebration which occurs on December 25th.

  • Worldwide, meant to commemorate the birth of the Son of God in Christianity, but celebrations beyond Christianity, Santa Claus, presents etc




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