Shared Draft 71: Shared Draft Completion/Status Check
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The following Shared Drafts have been used to assemble all of the images for a specific subject which are already on the Toaru Wiki, so that we have a clear idea of what we already have at the moment.

They are currently at an advanced state and checks are being made to determine that they are complete. Verification is being sought from multiple users to make completely sure that there have not been any oversights.

Collection Type 1: Recent Manga Arc Images

Shared Draft Notes
SD52: Dream Ranker Arc
SD53: Jailbreaker Arc
SD54: Nectar Arc
SD55: Astral Buddy

Collection Type 2: Existing On-Wiki Image Collections

Shared Draft Notes
SD05: Back Cover Illustration Items Inept: Cannot find oversights
SD11: Magic Circle Images
SD19: Rainbow Spectrum - Wiki Image Collection
SD20: Light Novel Illustration Collection
SD21: Alternative Cover Images
SD22: Anime Character Design Collection

Inept: Incomplete


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