Shared Draft Overview
Shared Draft Subject Type
SD001 Individual Translation Analysis Information Collection
SD002 Multiple Translator Translations (English) Information Collection
SD003 Multiple Language Translations Information Collection
SD004 Toaru IF Information Gathering and Processing Information Collection
SD005 Back Cover Illustration Items Image Collection
SD006 List of Spiritual Items Information Collection
SD007 Previously Unnamed Characters Monitoring
Information Collection
SD008 Search Terms (All Instances) Tasklist
SD009 Brainstorming - Academy City Brainstorming
SD010 Brainstorming - Magic Brainstorming
SD011 Magic Circle Images Image Collection
SD012 Idol Theory - List of Symbols and Associations Information Collection
SD013 Previously Used Infobox & Navbox Images Image Collection
SD014 Close/Near-Duplicate Images Image Collection
SD015 Toaru Project Merchandise (Index III/Accelerator/Railgun T) Information Collection
SD016 Crossovers and Collaborations Information Collection
SD017 Crosses Information Collection
SD018 Character Personality, Trait and Relationships - Notes and Analysis Brainstorming
Information Collection
SD019 Rainbow Spectrum - Wiki Image Collection Image Collection
SD020 Light Novel Illustration Collection Image Collection
SD021 Alternative Cover Images Image Collection
SD022 Anime Character Design Collection Image Collection
SD023 Toaru Radio Information Collection Information Collection
SD024 Bot Operation Tasklist Tasklist
SD025 Shared Image Tasklist and Temporary Image Collection
(Alternative Link: Template:Image Tasklist)
Image Collection
SD026 Experimental Shared Tasklist Tasklist
SD027 Odd Jobs (Alternative Link: Template:Odd Jobs) Tasklist
SD028 Railgun T Shared Tasklist Tasklist, Pre-Release
SD029 Comments and Discussion for Checking and Cleaning User-related Monitoring
SD030 Residual Thoughts and Residual Information Information Collection
SD031 Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index - Pre-Release Work Tasklist, Pre-Release
SD032 Assorted Minor Characters Information Collection
SD033 Novel Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD034 Manga Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD035 Episode Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD036 Image Information Survey - Revised Procedure Draft
SD037 Nichijou Chapter Plan Tasklist
SD038 Odds and Ends Information Collection
SD039 Referencing Guide Draft
SD040 Layout Guide Drafts Draft
SD041 Accelerator Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD042 Railgun SS3 Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD043 NT22(R) Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD044 Biohacker Arc Notes Information Collection
SD045 Manga Volume Bonus Content Notes Information Collection
SD046 Articles needing citations Tasklist
SD047 Notarikon Information Collection
SD048 Othinus - Self-Referenced Myths Information Collection
SD049 Temporary Observation & Adjustments User-related Monitoring
SD050 Railgun T Image Collection Image Collection
SD051 Weapons, Technology, Items etc - Chapters/Episodes Information Collection
SD052 Dream Ranker Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD053 Jailbreaker Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD054 Nectar Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD055 Astral Buddy - Image Collection Image Collection
SD056 Railgun T, Featured Article Possibilities Brainstorming
SD057 Caption Review Temporary Storage N/A
SD058 Daihaseisai - Featured Article Preparations Information Collection, Overhaul
SD059 NT Plan Thread Extracts Information Collection, Log
SD060 Trivial Counts Information Collection
SD061 Toaru Audio Drama Information Collection Information Collection
SD062 Struggle Battle Information Collection Information Collection
SD063 Anthology Information Collection Information Collection
SD064 Academy City Technology Table Information Collection
SD065 Useful Code Information Collection
SD066 Christmas Information Collection, Overhaul
SD067 Liberal Arts City Information Collection
SD068 Russian Shopping Center Information Collection
SD069 Space-related Stuff Information Collection
SD070 All Files (01/02/2020) N/A
SD071 Shared Draft Completion/Status Check Monitoring
SD072 Uncategorized Images (04/02/2020) Image Collection
SD073 Empty Synopsis Sections, Chapters/Episodes (17/02/2020) Monitoring
SD074 Achievement Badges Brainstorming
SD075 Indian Poker Information Collection
SD076 Railgun T Image Caption Monitoring Monitoring
SD077 Liber 777 Information Collection
SD078 Official Website Episode Summaries Information Collection
SD079 School District Location Table Implementation Draft
SD080 All Files (14/03/2020) N/A
SD081 Non-Named References (20/03/2020) Monitoring
SD082 Transclusion Test N/A
SD083 Outdated Website Link Search Monitoring
SD084 Manga Chapter Front Page - Character Profile Collection Information Collection
SD085 Image Tasklist Tidy-Up Support N/A
SD086 Overhaul Candidates N/A
SD087 New Release Update Checklists and Procedures N/A
SD088 Episode Preview Quotes Information Collection
SD089 Twitter Link Check Logging
SD090 Unused Images (12/04/2020) Image Collection
SD091 Angels Information Collection
SD092 Sweep Aid Update (01/05/2020) Information Collection, Sweeps
SD093 Agnese SS Notes Information Collection
SD094 All Current Navbox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD095 All Current Character Infobox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD096 All Current Episode Infobox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD097 All Current Non-Character/Episode Infobox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD098 Shared Draft Return Links & WLH Monitoring
SD099 GT1 Plans - Tasklists Tasklist
Information Collection
SD100 Ogino Q&A/Twitter Notes Information Collection
SD101 Images for Renaming, Pre-June 2020 Sweep Aid List Update Image Collection
SD102 Heroes Information Collection
SD103 Non-Spaced Character Infoboxes Tasklist
SD104 Substances Information Collection
SD105 Summoning Information Collection
SD106 SS-CALT Review Information Collection
SD107 SS-CHR Review Information Collection
SD108 Ongoing Task Brainstorming (08/06/2020) Brainstorming
SD109 Span Tag Sweep Notes N/A
SD110 Operation Interim (21/06/2020) Brainstorming
Information Collection
SD111 Textless Covers Image Collection
SD112 Image and Reference Protocol Reminder Draft
SD113 Recent Images for Processing (24/06/2020) Image Collection
SD114 SS/Non-Canon/Other Section-related Tracking Information Collection
SD115 Ruby Tag Search Monitoring
SD116 GT2 Plans - Tasklists N/A
SD117 GT2 Pre-Release Work N/A
SD118 Operation Interim - Misaka Mikoto, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD119 Operation Interim - Misaka Mikoto, Abilities Draft
SD120 Operation Interim - Index, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD121 Operation Interim - Index, Abilities Draft
SD122 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD123 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD124 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD125 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD126 Witch N/A
SD127 Cyborg N/A
SD128 Unassigned N/A
SD129 Unassigned N/A
SD130 Unassigned N/A
SD131 Unassigned N/A
SD132 Unassigned N/A
SD133 Unassigned N/A
SD134 Unassigned N/A
SD135 Unassigned N/A
SD136 Unassigned N/A
SD137 Unassigned N/A
SD138 Unassigned N/A
SD139 Unassigned N/A
SD140 Unassigned N/A
SD141 Unassigned N/A
SD142 Unassigned N/A
SD143 Unassigned N/A
SD144 Unassigned N/A
SD145 Unassigned N/A
SD146 Unassigned N/A
SD147 Unassigned N/A
SD148 Unassigned N/A
SD149 Unassigned N/A
SD150 Unassigned N/A
SD000 Shared Draft Overview/Development Monitoring
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