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A temple (神殿 Shinden?) is a Magic Circle (not necessarily in the format of a building) that converts the foundational Power of the World into a usable medium, producing massive amounts of energy.[1] One can be constructed on a short notice to accommodate powerful spells and can also be a long-standing structure that represents the word's more conventional usage.[citation needed]


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Miniature worlds/gardens, mental temple

Toaru Majutsu no Index E03 04m 29s

Index and Komoe prepares to cast the healing magic ritual.

Temples, like most magic symbols, can be made from practically anything found in the modern world, including books, toy figurines, and beads, using the Idol Theory to connect these everyday objects to other entities, like a shelf, real people, and litter.[2]

Many temples are constructed as strongholds of magical protection, namely the headquarters of the three major religious sect, using magic around the perimeter and traps inside to ensure security and sometimes power large-scale spells.[3]

Although most temples are physical structures, there are individuals and factions who make use of mental temples, such as B∴A∴.[4]

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