Terunoa (テルノア Terunoa?) is a self-proclaimed "former" magician of an unknown affiliation who came to Academy City. She appears exclusively in the Toaru Majutsu no Index radio drama.


Terunoa is a girl of roughly Index's age[1] who wears a robe, and has a St. Andrew's Cross hanging on her neck.

One distinguishing feature of Terunoa is the prosthesis on her neck, which replaces her vocal cords which were previously destroyed during an unknown event.


She appears calm most of the time, even when her identity was being questioned. She usually prolongs the last syllable of the sentences she speak. Terunoa also points out to people that she is a former magician, although aside from having her usual magic style rendered useless, she is yet to show any trusted evidence to support this.


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Terunoa sneaks in Academy City's defenses and plans to activate a spell that would create a massive earthquake that would destroy Academy City, with aims to destroy "the existence that denies Magic".[1] However, she encounters Kamijou Touma and Index by accident; meanwhile, Tsuchimikado Motoharu warns Touma of a magician who recently infiltrated Academy City.

Because of Index's knowledge in magical abilities, Terunoa was not able to elude the nun's questioning. Terunoa soon reveals her plans against Academy City and Touma decides to take on Terunoa.

Fortunately, Touma was able to stop Terunoa from activating the earthquake spell, and Terunoa was taken into custody.


Terunoa was a skilled magician before an incident rendered her unable to cast any spells by directly speaking incantations. Because of this, she develops a special system of casting spells that involves manipulating ambient sounds from her surroundings, allowing her to cast spells without requiring to recite incantations.

Her magic is predominantly Earth-based with the earthquake spell, based on the earthquake of John's Book of Revelation in conjunction with St. Andrew's Cross, and Sand Spear as her noted abilities.


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