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Teshio Megumi (手塩 恵未?) is a minor character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a member of BLOCK that is led Saku Tatsuhiko seemingly as his right hand woman. On October 9 Megumi is involved with Tatsuhiko's plan to lead the faction from the Dark Side of Academy City along with 5,000 mercenaries from the outside of the city as part of their plan to attack Aleister Crowley. Their plans are later foiled by the efforts of GROUP.


She is described as a tall (at least 180 cm) slender woman, but having a body covered in hard muscles. She is described as having looked like she was tense and more like she had been carved from stone.[1] She wears her hair short and wears a gray suit with matching trousers and boots. She either wears a very short camouflage T-shirt or sports bra.


Despite being a part of the Dark Side of Academy City, she seems to have a soft and more level-headed personality in contrast to Saku Tatsuhiko at least as she doesn't endorse the use of unnecessary lethal force. This is exemplified by her arguing with Tatsuhiko in using a bomb to destroy the cell of their would be-hostages with the possibility that it could kill them.[2] Etzali, disguised using the appearance of Yamate, couldn't figure out if Megumi was being respectful or rude to his as her manner speech was very polite.[1]


Information about Megumi's past is scarce. What is known is that she apparently gone after undercover into Anti-Skill's headquarters for reasons unknown,[1] though it is likely that she was part of BLOCK and was in a mission for them at that time. At some point during her work she came to sympathize with the children from the dark side of Academy City, and later apparently found children who had no parents and couldn't speak, an experience that Megumi refers to as "isn't an enjoyable past to see."[1] It is likely this experience is what led to her joining BLOCK to know the truth, suspecting Aleister Crowley being involved.[3] Somehow Tatsuhiko became privy to her past.

As he and the other members have an animosity against Aleister Crowley and his control, they saw that they can challenge his will after the events of the 0930 incident.[1] Tatsuhiko successfully manage to take control of the organization including its subordinate group from the BLOCK liaison[4] and somehow managed to hire 5,000 mercenaries from the outside of Academy City. Their plan was to storm the Reformatory using the mercenaries and take hostage of Musujime Awaki's comrades that have been kept there as a leverage to force her to cooperate with them regarding the secrets of the Windowless Building, Aleister Crowley's base, which would then, if successful, allow them to execute their masterstroke, transport a Synchronous Multilayer Bomb into the building itself and assassinating him.[2] It is likely Megumi would try to prod the truth from Aleister under the threat of death, not out of revenge but just to know the truth.[3]


Battle Royale Arc[]

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

With the Powered Suits busy over at Avignon,[5] BLOCK intended to do their move on October 9, Academy City's Independence Day.[1] However, they later discover that SCHOOL is doing their own moves on the same day as well, an assassination on Oyafune Monaka. This forces them to rethink their plans and found it fit to use SCHOOL's attempt for their own plans.[1] Apparently discovering that Management, a person who has assisted in SCHOOL for their assassination, has been caught by GROUP and are on track in discovering SCHOOL's plans, BLOCK sends word to SCHOOL of Management's current status.[1] In order destroy the evidence regarding SCHOOL's plans, BLOCK has a group lead by Yamate to attack Management's apartment in Family Side.[6] SCHOOL later kills Management, and though their assassination attempt on Monaka was thwarted by GROUP in spite of BLOCK's efforts to destroy evidence, it was but a means to an end as their true intentions have been realized.

Yamate and his group later return to BLOCK's base in School District 10 near the Reformatory. Unbeknownst to Tatsuhiko, there is a spanner in the works, as Etzali has killed Yamate during the operation and has taken his appearance.[1] Disguised as Yamate and suddenly being in BLOCK's base, Etzali is anxious. Seeing this, Megumi asks what's the matter, to which Etzali says it's nothing. Megumi then says that he should pull himself together as the plan's success depends on his power. Tatsuhiko then tells Megumi that SCHOOL has made their moved and laments on the fact despite giving them the information regarding Management. Megumi then says that it won't be easy outwitting Academy City but says that's also a reason why they can't give up. She then asks about the Man on the Phone, to which Tatsuhiko says that both he and the Hound Dogs are of no concern. After Etzali's ponders on how the subordinates are supporting an actual rebellion, Tatsuhiko then orders Tetsumou to use her Skill Polygraph to make sure there isn't a traitor among them, their usual safety check. Etzali becomes surprised, though manages to hide it. He quickly conconts his plan, playing around with hand cream before his turn and spiked it with a small quantity of liquid explosives. After analyzing Saku and Teshio Megumi, the latter's past disturbing her enough for Megumi to advise to stop reading her mind, it was Yamate's turn. Before Tetsumou could get to him, Etzali pretended to lose his grip on the hand cream container, forcing a minor grunt to pick it up for him.[1]

Etzali goes to it and has him get analyzed by Tetsumou first instead of him, rubbing the dangerous explosive on his hand. As Tetsumou touches his hand to read his mind, their hands suddenly burst into flames, and she loses a few fingers of her right hand. The shock and blood loss then renders her unconscious, which prompts the grunt to reach for the first aid kit, but Tatsuhiko executes the grunt despite his pleas, believing him to be the traitor inside their group all along. Noticing that Tetsumou could no longer function as a polygraph, Saku shows no interest in her condition, saying that there isn't any time to "find a replacement" and instructed some of his men to take care of her body. With that done, Tatsuhiko goes to his laptop[1] and begins the next phase of their plan.

Thus BLOCK begins hacking the Virus Isolation Center and spread the viruses through the External Connection Terminals and at the same time hack Hikoboshi II's satellite control center as so they can use the satellite in order to split the forces that would be sent out to deal with it.[7] BLOCK's main goal with the hacking however was to take down the surveillance system that Hikoboshi II satellite had and deliberately spread false information of using its large caliber ground-attack laser to attack School District 13.[8]

Later, Megumi asks if Tatsuhiko has done it, to which he says that he did so. He says that he used the Virus Isolation Center as a dummy while School District 23, where the antenna for Hikoboshi II was located, was understaffed. He then tells that what they have done is the first step in the world Aleister is in. As Etzali ponders what to do, Megumi reports on how something has happened in School District 23. Here she states that a number of Anti-Skills have been defeated though none of them were killed or had fatal injuries. She continues that from there at high speed the offender went to the antenna. Tatsuhiko asks which organization is behind it, presuming that it may be MEMBER. Megumi then says that it is GROUP's doing and it may have been it's most recent member, the Level 5 known as Accelerator. Etzali sees a photo of Accelerator on Megumi's monitor, and thinks it was taken in School District 23 by a member of BLOCK's subordinate organization. At first Etzali becomes nervous with BLOCK discovering Accelerator, but then realizes that BLOCK may not be able to snipe or attack from the distance where the photo was taken. Megumi then asks what they should do, to which Tatsuhiko says that it is obvious and that is pray for success. At first Etzali doesn't understand his reply, but then realizes something, they were trying to take down Academy City's surveillance capabilities. Tatsuhiko says that a frontal assault on School District 23 would have been difficult for them, but their current situation wouldn't have occurred if the antenna wasn't destroyed first, as such they needed the likes of those who are powerful but stupid to do the job for them. Megumi says that they may have overthought as Accelerator has already reached the antenna. Tatsuhiko says that the higher-ups must've opened up a path for him as Accelerator should've been already attacked by HsAFH-11 helicopters already, though it doesn't matter since Accelerator can defeat all them. Megumi then asks if they should really use the mercenaries waiting outside the outer wall of School District 11. Tatsuhiko then chastizes her for having second thoughts of having unrelated people getting wrapped up in their plans. With that, Tatsuhiko ends the hacking done by his laptop and turned it off. He then tells them that they should go now as 5,000 mercenaries are waiting for them outside.[8]

BLOCK arrives in School District 11 near the outer wall of the city. With the city's surveillance down, BLOCK is waiting for an opportune time to make their move with allowing their mercenaries in. Etzali is aware of this, though he does not know if the other members of GROUP or even the higher-ups know of this. Etzali wonders what BLOCK's goal is with the mercenaries is, not knowing what they're going to attack with such a massive amount of forces. Megumi who stood nearby asks Yamate believing him to be nervous about their big plan, the person Etzali is disguised as, if he is worried, to which Etzali responds in the negative. Tatsuhiko then complains about the Security robots still moving around in his impatience. Megumi asks if that is a problem, though he says that they are unarmed, and that the mercenaries can get over the wall if they time it right. Etzali then asks why they aren't armed, to which Tatsuhiko explains to him the reason. Basically, what the security robots do is not shoot at targets but use a special communication line to sound an alarm in School District 23. This would then mobilize unmanned attack helicopters HsAFH-11, the Six Wings, to attack the intruders. Tatsuhiko then looks at his watch and determines that in 10 minutes the rotation of security robots will begin to recharge, allowing for a 20 to 30 minute gap in the security. As communications with Hikoboshi II which usually filled in the gaps in the security in this rotation, this gives the mercenaries BLOCK hired some time to enter into Academy City. Tatsuhiko then orders to prepare vehicles for the 5,000 mercenaries that are coming.[9]

Etzali decided to attack now as he had no way to contact GROUP. He later finds a nearby parking garage and takes out his Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli to destroy it. Tatsuhiko and Megumi witnesses this inexplicable action by their comrade, and as they have no knowledge in magic they merely stared at him. However, shock dawns upon them as they see him running towards the parking garage as it collapses. As Tatsuhiko yells at him, Etzali is fired at by BLOCK and the others. However, he was protected by the collapsing parking garage and then used his obsidian knife to make a hole on the ground to the sewers, allowing him to escape Tatsuhiko's wrath.[10] Shortly after, an emergency signal is sent to School District 23's Air Superiority Preservation Control Center, and due to the surveillance satellite being out special defense conditions, allowing him to immediately mobilize the Six Wings attack helicopters to School District 11.[11]

The HsAFH-11 unmanned attack helicopters with their Flame Crash bullets easily slaughter thousands of BLOCK's mercenaries. Both Tatsuhiko and Megumi are in cover as the attack takes place. The latter then yells to Tatsuhiko that they need to give on the mercenaries as traveling in large numbers while being watched would make them sitting ducks. Tatsuhiko says that if the abandon the 5,000 mercenaries, then all their efforts in getting them would be for naught. However, Megumi says that the mercenaries may have already believed that BLOCK betrayed them. Furthermore, she says that the ones left outside will not come anymore. Megumi suggests that they need to retrieve those that are inside and retreat. Still angered by Yamate's (Etzali) betrayal, Tatsuhiko curses him and promises to kill him.[12]

Tatsuhiko acquiesces to Megumi's suggestion. He retrives about 100 mercenaries and takes them to Reformatory for the next phase of their plan.[12] Tatsuhiko and his mercenaries later manage to take control of the Reformatory in their attack, allowing them to go in deeper in its bowels to find Musujime Awaki's comrades. They come upon MEMBER operative Xochitl, though since she was only waiting for Etzali she only attacked those who tried to attack her.

When Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musujime Awaki were able to enter deeper into the Reformatory, Saku Tatsuhiko with Teshio Megumi were already before a solitary confinement cell trying to break the metal doors open with explosives. Seeing them, Tatsuhiko says that they must be from GROUP. Awaki didn't act immediately due to the effects of the anti-esper devices including the AIM Jammer in the facility. Motoharu tries to fire a gun on Tatsuhiko, but before he could do so, he sticks a wire into the door and tells them that he is using a plastic explosive and an electric fuse. Megumi then shouts at him, but Saku says that they must use the hostage behind that metal door. After removing his hand from the bomb he then takes out a detonation device. He says that the amount of explosives he has set has been adjusted, and the blast will all go into the door. He laments on how though it is easy to destroy the door, since the two from GROUP arrived the safety of the hostage cannot be guaranteed as he couldn't finish setting it up. Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out in that hallway where they gathered due to an enraged Awaki using having teleported a few objects into the wall. Tatsuhiko smiles, recognizing that they are before the Move Point, the very reason why they attacked the Reformatory in the first place. Tatsuhiko is glad that he has the hostage and the person to negotiate with before them. Awaki then asks if what would happen if she refuses their demands. However, Tatsuhiko is confident that she won't refuse, knowing about the AIM Jammer and the anti-esper devices in the facility. This silences Awaki. Tatsuhiko then asks if they have learned anything fromt the 0930 Incident. He says that because of that incident they have learned that Aleister Crowley doesn't always have control and that there are ways to escape his grasp. Awaki replies however that they are also trampling others in the process, and compares it to the massacres of the Age of Exploration. But Tatsuhiko says that what is he wishing for, a paradise or heaven that he doesn't have, is something all humans do. Motoharu is hesitant on firing Tatsuhiko in the fear that the detonation device might accidentally trigger an explosion, while Awaki is too enraged to do anything. Seeing the impasse, Megumi tells Tatsuhiko that using the hostage won't help. Tatsuhiko is confused by her words, saying that the hostage's value just went up. Megumi explains on how the hostages were supposed to draw Move Point, Awaki, into a negotiation because BLOCK didn't know where she was, but now since she is right in front of them, the hostage and the bomb is not needed any longer. She then tells Tatsuhiko that since from the beginning she was against what they were doing, and that she only agreed to take hostages as it was absolutely necessary. Tatsuhiko then states that they cannot do that as they have 38 hostages now, a big opportunity that they cannot waste. He asks her if she started feeling empathy for the kids inside the cell due to her history in Anti-Skill. Megumi tries to reply but Tatsuhiko continues his tirade against her, saying that he will kill Aleister and that if she gets in the way he will kill her too. Before he can finish his sentence however, Megumi punches him. Her punch was enough to knock him unconscious and make him foam in the mouth.[13]

Because of the AIM Jammer, Motoharu couldn't rely on Awaki and her power. Not knowing how Megumi would attack, Motoharu was careful on not approaching her carelessly. Motoharu took his gun and shot an even scattering of bullets to stop Megumi from escaping. As a response to this, Megumi kicks up the bag of explosives Tatsuhiko was using to stop Motoharu's shooting. Seeing him stop to avoid hitting the explosives, Megumi runs toward him as he tries to shoot at her. She bends down, missing his shot. Before Motoharu could adjust his aim, she tackled him down square in the gut. The force was powerful enough to hurl Motoharu a few meters back. Motoharu asks if what she is doing is an Anti-Skill technique, but Megumi says that if it was used by Anti-Skill the children would get killed. As they spoke Motoharu fired his gun, but she easily dodge his shots. As the clip of Motoharu's gun emptied, Megumi went towards him and took the gun from him. Once again Megumi tackled him to the wall, knocking him out this time.[3]

At this moment, Awaki takes up her flashlight and tries to strike it down on Megumi, but she just merely blocked it with her hand. Megumi then says that a professional has no need for strange powers or one-liners. She responded to Awaki's attack with a backhand blow with her other hand, flinging her upon a door. Megumi once again speaks and says that a professional needs only to use their knowledge of basic strategy to rationally defeat the enemy. Megumi then kicked Awaki. So great was the force that it knocked Awaki and the door down into the cell. Awaki immediately felt sick afterwards. One of Awaki's companions that were locked up may have been in the cell as she hears the calling of her name. With that, a bit of strength returns to Awaki's body. With her comrade's urging, she took her flashlight and once again tries to stand up against Megumi. Awaki asks if she really wants her to tell them how to get their bomb into the Windowless Building. Awaki points out to Megumi that they can't defeat Aleister Crowley through that method, because if it did any teleportation-type esper could take him out. She asks if her if she truly thinks that Aleister has not created a counter-measure for that likelihood. Megumi agrees but says that his life support system can be destroyed if Aleister could not. Awaki still however denies this possibility, basically stating that all the information regarding the Windowless Building maybe an outright fabrication, a manipulation of information by Aleister. Awaki tries to buy some time and recover by continuing in speaking. She says that so great is Aleister's plan that a cliche method that BLOCK came up could not possibly overcome him. Hearing this Megumi is adamant in her actions, prompting Awaki to ask why she wants to kill Aleister. Megumi then refers to a great tragedy she experienced in Academy City and wants to know if Aleister is involved. Awaki then says that her reasoning is cliched, to which Megumi agrees. Awaki continues by comparing her previous situation in being "obsessed with the truth," and says she didn't obtain any inner peace by chasing after it. She tells Megumi that she will never be satisfied even if Aleister told her that he was invovled with the tragedy. Megumi agrees again with Awaki's observations but she will not waver, and here Megumi asks what Awaki intends to do. With her powers guarded by the AIM Jammer, Awaki is but a mere high school girl. This time however Awaki did not hesitate. With a smile on her face, she pulled away her Low-frequency vibration therapy equipment that aided her in teleporting herself, signifying her determination. She then throws away her flashlight, and knowing what Awaki intended to do Megumi asks her if she is truly going to use it. Decisively, Awaki confirms it to her and that she is going all out. Awaki teleports a metal stake into her hand, injuring her palm a bit due to the AIM Jammer's effects. Once again, Awaki used Move Point, but this time on herself. Awaki felt sick but ignored it as she tried to stab Megumi's gut with the stake, but Megumi simply stepped back to dodge it. Immediately after, Awaki tries to strike once more, but then realizes that her calculations were off and that her right leg got stuck in the ground. Awaki knew of the feeling well, remembering the time when she was younger when her leg got stuck inside a wall. However, despite the pain, fear, and shock, Awaki overcame it all. She tore her leg from the ground, tearing the skin, but Awaki did not avert her gaze. Awaki moved towards Megumi, the last BLOCK member standing, and struck her down. Teshio collapses, but whispers to Awaki that she went easy on her, revealing that Awaki used the flat end of the stake to hit Teshio instead of stabbing her. Awaki replies that it was the kind of leadership she wanted.[3]

Considering the situation in which she was taken out, it is quite likely that she was apprehended afterwards.


Main article: DRAGON Arc

The meeting with the new team.

In the anime, she was shown to be part of the new team that was established after the events of the Battle Royale Arc.[14]


An ex-member of Anti-Skill, she is likely trained in the ways of combat used by the force against criminals including espers. Despite this, she knows of techniques that are too dangerous to be used on children, claiming that if Anti-Skill used it then the children will be killed. She is skilled enough in hand-to-hand combat to even overwhelm Tsuchimikado Motoharu, someone who is also very skilled in not only hand-to-hand combat but in shooting as well.[3]

Character Art Designs[]

Design Evolution[]

Appearing in only a single volume, Megumi's design remains static for the whole series. She was apparently fairly easy to draw by Haimura as she does not look like the standard style that the series is wonted to. According to Haimura, she looks somewhat like Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex



  • (To Awaki, from Volume 15): "A professional does not need strange powers or one-liners."
  • (Ibid): "…You went easy on me."



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