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Tessou Tsuzuri (鉄装 綴里 Tessō Tsuzuri?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She is a member of Academy City's security organization, Anti-Skill.


Tessou with her hair down.

She has wavy dark green hair which she often wears in a pony-tail; she also has lime green eyes, where she wears glasses over them.

Her usual attire consists of a blue vest with dark blue shirt and pants with black combat armor with the Anti-Skill emblem placed on the front whenever she is in combat and has a tan dress as her civilian cloths and wears the blue vest whenever she is out on patrol. Tessou appears to be rather young as if she were in her 20s.


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Though well-intentioned and kind, she is timid and is terribly lacking in confidence.[3] She is also clumsy and though slightly incompetent in working as a member of Anti-Skill, she is still trusted in taking dangerous operations.[4][5] She is once seen to fire her weapon while her eyes were closed.[3]

After being deeply traumatized by the massacre in Operation Handcuffs, she becomes radicalized and adopted extreme beliefs.[6]


She is a teacher of an unnamed school in School District 7,[7] and is also a volunteer of Anti-Skill,[3] where in the anime adaptation she is often partnered with Yomikawa Aiho.[1][5][8] She is also an avid player of the Gekisho series of fighting games, and specializes in the character Jamie, to the point that she is called Empress Jamie (大宮ジェイミー Ōmiya Jeimī?) for her skills on using the character.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

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Her role in the story is expanded in the anime. In the manga, she first appears during Kiyama Harumi's kidnapping of Uiharu Kazari, where she and her unit are decimated in her attack. She is later rescued by Misaka Mikoto from the AIM Burst, and informs Mikoto that the building that the AIM Burst is heading to is a nuclear facility. She later assists in helping Uiharu spread the Level Upper treatment program across Academy City.[3]

She first appears earlier in the anime adaptation, where she is one of the members of Anti-Skill (along with Yomikawa Aiho) arresting Okahara Ryouta and his accomplices.[9] She later appears in episode 5 of the anime, where she replaces Yanagisako Aomi of Judgment as the one who treats Konori Mii of her wounds.[10] She reappears in episode 7 of the anime, guarding the outside of the Seventh Mist mall after Kaitabi Hatsuya's attack on it.[11] She is later called upon to arrest Kiyama Harumi, along with other units, just like in the manga, except Yomikawa Aiho is present during the scuffle.[4]

Poltergeist Arc

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Tessou meeting Index.

She gets an entire episode all to herself, where she try to balance her work as a teacher and as a member of Anti-Skill. It is shown during this episode that she is acquainted with Tsukuyomi Komoe, and often spend time with her and Yomikawa Aiho, bathing and eating together. Also in the same episode, she meets with Mikoto and Uiharu once again, where they thanked each other for their assistance during Harumi's attack. She also meets Index and Himegami Aisa separately, during her duty as an Anti-Skill, where she is thoroughly exasperated by the both of them. She also meets Haruue Erii, where she tries to connect to her and also tries to help her find her missing locket, before a poltergeist earthquake occurs - scaring her; Erii later finds her locket and simply leaves her without saying a word. This episode also features Tessou's skill in and fondness on the Gekisho fighting game, and where it is revealed that she is a master of the Jamie character from that game, where she is dubbed as Empress Jamie. She is later defeated in the game by Kounoe Haruki, who after days of being unapproachable, finally opens up to her. She later escorts him to the vicinity of his house, conversing with him about the game, she is later surprised that he has moved away and has transferred to Zassou Academy, a high school that prepares students to work in the videogame company, Weed, the creator of the Gekisho series of games, which delights her.[1]

She and Yomikawa are later employed to be the security in the Tokiwadai Midsummer Festival. Much to the dismay of Yomikawa, Tessou ate too much of the food from the festival, and is seen to be in great pain during much of the episode.[12]

She later reappears with Yomikawa Aiho in an Anti-Skill office, complaining about how MAR has solved the recent Poltergeist Incidents. They are later seen again in the same office, where Yomikawa argues with Shirai Kuroko about Anit-Skill's inability in doing anything that would aid Judgment in stopping Therestina Kihara Lifeline, Yomikawa later relents with Kuroko's argument and where Tessou is seen smiling after seeing Yomikawa's decision.[13] Tessou along with Yomikawa are seen alongside other Anti-Skill units, trying to stop MAR from advancing to where Therestina wants them to, aiding Mikoto greatly during the episode.[5]

She is last seen alongside Yomikawa outside of an Anti-Skill building, looking up towards the sky, where they see Kiyama Harumi's birthday message from her students.[5]

Sisters Arc

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Tessou appears with Yomikawa in a certain hospital in order to guard a thug there. She is later involved in a shoot-out alongside Yomikawa against the thug and his gang who were to bust him out. The situation is later messily resolved by the intervention of Misaka Mikoto and her friends.[8]

Silent Party Arc

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Tessou briefly appears on September 2, while staring at Yomikawa looking at the sky.[14]

Dream Ranker Arc

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Tessou and Yomikawa investigate the uploader.

The proliferation of Indian Poker led to information previously restricted to School Garden leaking outside, with the nature of the card's production complicating the schools' efforts to prevent information leaks. After toys used to make the card dispenser were recalled by their manufacturers, likely under pressure from School Garden, an alternative design using different toys was uploaded. She and Yomikawa of Anti-Skill attempted to find the uploader without success.[15]

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Post-Handcuffs Arc

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GT5 Part References[2]

As with the rest of Anti-Skill, Tessou had been involved in the events of Operation Handcuffs on December 25th, and was deeply traumatized by the massacre of her colleagues at the South District 7 station by Hanatsuyu Kaai and Hanatsuyu Youen.[2] In the aftermath, she was among individuals in the group who were radicalized and adopted extreme beliefs, which she would subsequently act upon as an Anti-Skill Negotiator.[2]

On December 29th, she was involved in engineering the crash of the prison train Overhunting carrying survivors of Operation Handcuffs (namely Benizome Jellyfish, Rakuoka Houfu and Hanatsuyu Youen),[2] and attempts to ensnare and manipulate the escaped prisoners,[2] having already leashed Rakuoka Nodoka,[2] and having her sights on further targets afterwards.[2] With interference from Kamijou Touma, Shirai Kuroko and Yomikawa Aiho on top of her enemy's actions, Tessou's attempts were ultimately thwarted and she was defeated by her former colleague.[2]


She is a member of Anti-Skill, though seemingly looking incompetent, she is still trained in handling firearms and handling civilians.[3]

Following Operation Handcuffs and her subsequent change of attitude, Tessou acquired a number of tools which she utilized during the Overhunting incident on December 29th. These included a gun on her hip, a large whip, a stun baton, pepper spray, an LED strobe light, a spherical wireless speaker, and coercion devices known as Fishing Tongues.[6]

The Fishing Tongue (舌禍採取フィッシングタン Zekka Saishu (Fisshingutan)?) is a long thin device, about the size of a AAA battery, which attaches with a suction cup or adhesive to the underside of a person's tongue. On receiving a remote signal, the device's motor can roll the tongue up until it is torn out of the mouth. Alternative, if the victim tears to force the device off, the lithium ion battery can be detonated to blow off their lower jaw.[16]

She also acquired a method of magnetic osmotic pressure cell membrane control (磁力式浸透圧細胞膜操作 jiryoku-shiki shintōatsu saibōmaku sōsa?) in order to boost her physical capabilities. Using this method, possibly along with control of ion channels and sodium pumps, she was apparently altering signals sent to her muscles to overload their output.[17]

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