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The Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility as seen from the outside.

The Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility (第三資源再生処理施設 Daisan Shigen Saisei Shori Shisetsu?, Yen Press: Resource Reclamation and Treatment Plant 3) or Resource Recycling Center Number 3 is a large recycling facility located in School District 5 and is within close proximity to School District 7. A facility used for processing of recyclable materials from the four school districts that surround District 5, the site is the scene of a mass murder committed by Accelerator on his pursuers, the Hound Dog.[1]


An inside look into the facility.

The facility is a huge establishment used for processing recyclable materials, spreading out in all directions for two kilometers and having 24 entrances and exits. The facility is composed of several metallic pipes and cylindrical fuel tanks that are over 100 meters in diameter, as well as several smokestacks.[1]

Along with the steel and concrete structure of the building and other necessary components such as steam pipes, metal pressing machines as well as complex automated machinery that operate on large motors, the facility can become very humid[2] and can scatter powerful electromagnetic waves in it's grounds.[1]

Nearly the entire facility is automated, with most of the human employees working within the control center of the building. At least 14 humans are employed in the building due to this.[1]


Academy City Invasion Arc

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After discovering from Orson the Hound Dog,[3] that they can track him with his scent using the Olfactory Sensor, Accelerator opts to use a detergent in Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility to clean-up his scent before moving to find Last Order.[1]

Here, he subdues the employees of the building and goes about his business to find the detergent. The Hound Dogs alter overrun the facility cutting off the security cameras.[4] Fully expecting their arrival and knowing full-well of the electromagnetic waves in the facility that could ruin his calculations,[1] Accelerator uses the darkness of the facility to his advantage, using psychological warfare to psych the Hound Dogs. By killing Hound Dogs in horrific means to induce and using their communication lines to sow confusion, Accelerator's tactics forces the Hound Dogs into a battle they are completely inexperienced in.[2]

Here, Accelerator later horribly kills Nancy and later Vera; after eliminating all the Hound Dogs inside the facility, Accelerator finally finds the detergent and uses it to cover his scent from them. Moving outside, he discovers one last Hound Dog that has survived Accelerator's onslaught, and is seeking for help from Anti-Skill who escaped Vento of the Front's Divine Punishment. The Hound Dog unfortunately taunts Accelerator,[5] and angers him to the point where he uses his esper mode to utterly turn him into a mere blood stain on the ground.[6]

Anti-Skill Saigou Ryouta and Sugiyama Edao, witnesses the aftermath of the murder of the Hound Dog,[6] which forced them to label Accelerator as a suspect for an attempted murder.[7]