Misaka Worst (Anime)

Misaka Worst

The Third Season (第三次製造計画 (サードシーズン) Daisanji Seizou Keikaku (Sādo Shīzun)?, lit. "Third Order Manufacturing Plan") was a successor project to the Radio Noise Project. It led to the creation of Misaka Worst, a clone of Misaka Mikoto created after the shutdown of the Level 6 Shift Project and who was different than the original Sisters.


The Third Season project was planned by Academy City to be a replacement for the existing Misaka Network as it had grown out of their control. It had planned for the elimination of the original Sisters and network for it could be replaced with a network composed of a new series of clones. Misaka Worst, the initial clone produced by the project, was sent to eliminate Last Order, the control node of the original network, and Accelerator during World War III.[1][2] However, this plan failed and Misaka Worst later joined up with Accelerator. Accelerator later forced those in charge of it to freeze in the project.[3]


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