Thomas Platinaburg (トマス=プラチナバーグ Tomasu Purachinabāgu?, Yen Press: Thomas Platinaberg) was one of the 12 Directors of Academy City responsible for funding the Dark Side mercenary group ITEM. He once was injured gravely by Accelerator in Volume 13 and hired a mercenary named Stephanie Gorgeouspalace to assassinate him in Volume 19. However, when Stephanie found out that one of her friends was injured by an ITEM member and that Platinaburg was using Sunazara Chimitsu's life as a bargain tool, she decided to assassinate him instead. [1]


Thomas Platinaburg is a man of advanced age with pale blond hair slicked back and blue eyes. He is usually seen in business attire consisting of a dark blue suit and pants, a white dress shirt and a blue-green necktie.


Director Platinaburg is capable of employing polite and considerate speech in order to sway the people he hires to do his bidding. However, like most of the directors of Academy City, Thomas' actions mostly have a selfish ulterior motive, and has shown to be incapable of defending himself when his facade crumbles.


He was described as someone whose life has been perfect "smooth sailing" filled with success and opportunities everywhere, though his luck started to change when Accelerator invaded his home and attacked him to access the Banks. He has been known to be involved in Academy City's Dark Side and has a bulletproof vest at hand and a large security staff (consisting of about 200 members[1]) when he is at home.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

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Thomas Platinaburg - Shot

Platinaburg after being shot.

As a result of various of his workers knocked out by Vento's magic, Platinaburg answers the door to an Accelerator, who is seeking revenge on the higher levels of Academy City due to their hunt for Last Order. Accelerator blasted him point-blank with his shotgun-crane, which break his ribs and knocked him unconscious, saved from death due to his bullet-proof body armor underneath.[2]


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As a form of revenge for the attack against him by Accelerator, Director Platinaburg hires the mercenary Stephanie Gorgeouspalace to assassinate the rank 1 Level 5 esper in Academy City. Beforehand, Thomas has helped in retrieving the gravely injured Sunazara Chimitsu and transferring him to a medical facility to save his life. Thomas aimed to use Sunazara's safety as a bargaining chip to force Stephanie into accepting the request and prepared a transmitter planted inside the injured man's body so that he
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E15 14m 46s

Stephanie kills Thomas.

can disable its vital organs remotely if ever Stephanie refuses. However, the mercenary manages to see through his plan, stating that if he had not done that, she would have been thankful enough to be his subordinate, and transfers the transmitter into the director's body before activating it, causing his painful demise.[1] His large security staff came at the commotion and engaged Gorgeouspalance, but is revealed to have been effortlessly destroyed by her when she later confronts Saiai in excellent form.


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