Thor (トール Tōru?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a true member of GREMLIN and one of its representative combat members. His first appearance has him recruit Kamijou Touma to save Fräulein Kreutune in order for her not to get involved with the fighting that GREMLIN and Ollerus' group would come to do. Afterwards he leaves GREMLIN by letting Ollerus copy his appearance so he can infiltrate GREMLIN. Later, he returns to GREMLIN after Othinus' betrayal of them for the purpose of challenging her directly.


He is named after Thor, the Norse god associated with thunder, lightning, and storms who wields the legendary hammer Mjölnir.


Thor is a thin white-skinned boy with a feminine look to him. He is dressed in primarily yellow and black. He wears a tight-fitting shirt and pants as well as a dark stole around his shoulders. He has blue eyes and waist length blond hair.[1]

Moreover, he wears fingerless gloves, with an unusual marking on its palms. He wears two belts that cross each other, and his belt buckles look like two goat heads, representing Thor of Norse mythology's two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr who pull his chariot. Designs by Haimura Kiyotaka model the belt and gloves after Thor's Megingjörð and Járngreipr respectively.


Thor is very casual, even when it comes to enemies, such as Kamijou Touma, discussing their plans over a burger snack that he paid for himself.[2] Moreover, despite being the specialist in war, Thor is not a pervert that gets turned on with bloodshed,[1] and prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict that includes innocent people such as the one with the invasion of Hawaii and the supression in Baggage City,[2] and would rather forego using preemptive attacks.[1] He thinks Touma is a wonderful enemy for the sole fact that he is willing to go all out to save people, even if there is more to the story or if someone has some other goal.[3]

But true to his namesake, Thor does indeed enjoy combat, when there are no distractions, no fear of collateral damage on bystanders, and there are worthy opponents like Kamijou Touma. He too enjoys helping people but enjoys gaining strength as well. In fact, he cannot determine himself if he gains power to save people, or save people just so he could gain power, an ambiguous state that he continually repeats when gaining power.[4] Regardless, Thor is someone who is determined to follow his own path. He is a hard worker, who, despite being a normal magician,[5] managed to climb up to the top of the ranks on his own without having a special power, and even able to contend against a Saint like Silvia,[6] or even mention that his battles with greater foes can destroy entire countries.[4]


Not much is known about him, but prior to becoming a member of GREMLIN, Thor was already a very powerful magician in his own right, having achieved Almighty Thor powers allowing him to become practically invincible. However, because of this, he was stuck in an impasse, as he was unable to develop and go higher as he was easily able to defeat any enemy with that kind of magic. Wanting to fight people who are above him, he later joined GREMLIN and worked for Magic God Othinus in the hopes of granting his desire. Indeed, in GREMLIN, he was able to use Mjölnir for the arc fusion blades to give his fights variety. There, he merely saw Magic God Othinus as a stepping stone for his desires because he could not achieve them himself, and like all other GREMLIN members never truly understood Othinus.[7] However, after entering, Thor became disappointed in what he had found, for despite the large scale of their actions, they did not pay much heed to the hierarchy of the organization.[1] This increased when Othinus turned her attention in using Fräulein Kreutune for becoming a holistic esper. According to Kamijou Touma's assumption, as Thor's Almighty powers allowed him to be similar to a holistic esper, he saw that he was similar to her but different, and Thor even saw that she was in a position that he could have ended up in. Hence the reason why Thor risked so much to save her later.[8]

He is apparently left out of the loop by Othinus in regards to her plans, which is probably a deliberate step if she knows how Thor would react to it.[3]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

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Thor, using the Free Compound Eyes, observes Kamijou Touma and Misaka Mikoto's argument just before Touma abandons her and the rest of his itinerary.[2]

Ichihanaran Festival ArcEdit

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Eve of the FestivalEdit

Thor first appears with a dejected a Marian Slingeneyer and a worried Mjölnir. Here, he instructs Marian not to make any pre-emptive attacks, though she only gives a half-hearted response.[1] It is not exactly known when and how the deal went out, but Ollerus approached Thor with a deal to allow him to infiltrate GREMLIN using his appearance and aid. Thor, having become disgusted by GREMLIN's methods in Hawaii and Baggage City accepted the deal.[9]

Thor later leaves Marian to meet with Kamijou Touma, disguised as Misaka Mikoto. He fools Touma completely, and hits him with his fists, acting like a Mikoto who got stood up and abandoned in Hawaii. Touma asks him if it was right to place a friend in a position where they are likely to bear the full brunt of an attack from the people that were involved in Hawaii. Thor however, reveals his identity towards him, and attacks using electric arcs that cut through the turbine behind Touma. Thor is impressed by Touma learning how to dodge instead of just defending using his right hand. Touma has realized that he is not Mikoto due to his action of hitting him with his fist instead of what Mikoto usually does, which is to attack him with electricity. After some swift movements, Touma manages to grab hold of Thor and demand to know who he is. As Thor's disguise breaks apart, Thor tells Touma who he is and that GREMLIN is already in the city.[10]

Thor treats Touma to a snack, much to his surprise, where he discusses to him how he knows about Mikoto, and how he has the power to change his form into that of girls. More importantly, Thor discusses with him about the latter's discussion with Ollerus a while back. He tells Touma that he knows that he is afraid of being made to fight according to someone else's wishes such as with Leivinia Birdway during Hawaii or Kihara Kagun in Baggage City. Thor tells Touma that just because Ollerus opposes them doesn't mean he is wholly good, moreover, he tells Touma that someone who uses violence to resolve a problem should not be completely referred to as good and just, a statement that hits Touma completely. Thor tells Touma that Ollerus did not come alone to Academy City, and states that he had brought along Silvia, Fiamma of the Right, Brunhild Eiktobel, and Leivinia Birdway, all extremely powerful beings, and with the likelihood that they will clash with GREMLIN, making Academy City the primary battlefield. Thor explains that Ollerus' group could have avoided the current predicament by preventing GREMLIN from reaching Academy City or Japan in the first place, but speculated that they are using Academy City to carry out their objectives.[2] Touma however, begins to doubt Thor after his explanations due to the lack of information about Ollerus' and even Othinus' true intentions. Thor refutes Touma's assumptions of his own trustworthiness, and just tells him not to rely on too much information from just one side. Thor tells Touma that the both of them will fight eventually, and that he would like to fight him with no reservations, but he wants the situation surrounding him to be solved beforehand. Thor says that both Ollerus and Othinus are fighting over something similar, and says that he happens to know of a way to dumbfound them, which involves rescue.[2] Thor states that Othinus wants a person who has yet to be dyed by magic or science, and have a high durability that will allow the person to survive whatever modifications Othinus puts the person through. Although he doesn't know the specifics, Thor states that the person in question, Fräulein Kreutune, is in Academy City within the Windowless Building, and that she was kept and imprisoned there as a last ditch effort to contain her as she is an existence that goes against the wishes of the city's leader.[11] Thor basically tells Touma that they need to open the way into Academy City's most impregnable fortress, free Fräulein, and do it before any of the others can do so. Touma asks Thor if they can really pull it off, to which he replies that he has an idea and that Touma only needs to make up his mind on his stance of the matter. Thor says that he is not Touma's ally, and therefore does not need to worry about betrayal, since it is inevitable. To make it even, he tells Touma that he can abandon him if he doesn't need him anymore. However, Touma falls silent, but Thor continues to press for his answer.[12]

NT Index v05 100

Thor surprised by Touma suddenly negating his lightning arc blades and turning the tables on him.

After thinking for a while, Touma says that he cannot possibly trust Thor because he has nothing to substantiate what he said. Thor sighs, and mocks Touma's misgivings. Thor assaults Touma, shoving his head down on the table they were eating on as witnesses gather around their scuffle. Thor then throws Touma off, slamming into tables. Thor continues to mock Touma's doubts as he kicks him around, saying that a girl named Fräulein Kreutune is being imprisoned. That simple fact should normally be enough for Touma to save her. He tells Touma that he has survived for so long in a world full of experts because he always acted on his desire to save someone whether he succeeded or not, and that if he loses that his fist will only become a tool for his own selfish desires. As Thor tries to kick Touma again, he blocks it, and tells Thor to shut up. Touma tells him of his hesitation, and blames him and his group for starting this nonsense in the first place. Thor however, does not buy into Touma's excuses and continues to kick him. He tells Touma not everyone in GREMLIN supported what Othinus has done, and that he dislikes Othinus' methods, as such, it is the reason why he has betrayed GREMLIN for this mission. He tells Touma that he was better when he was still reaching his hand to help any girl he saw, despite being tricked by everyone around him.[3] As Touma stands up, he tells Thor that he doesn't know how many people were caught in the little wars they have fought in Hawaii and Baggage City, and states that there is nothing wrong with being cautious. Thor however, replies that hesitation doesn't make the best decisions, and attacks Touma with his electric arc blades, noting that if that is how he acts, to abandon someone because of his fears, then he is a true villain. However, Touma easily dispatches the electric arc blades. Touma tells Thor that he doesn't have any kind overarching plan as well, then slams his knee into Thor's gut. As Touma continues to beat Thor, he continues to beat into his head that he is sick of trying to save someone and causing more suffering as a result. But Thor turns the tables around, and starts beating Touma, and continues lecturing him. The fight continues to a brawl, with no side overpowering the other. In a lull, Thor asks Touma if he wants to help or not, to which he states that if Fräulein is really suffering, but tells him that he will crush Thor if he ends up using him for his own ends. Thor tells him to do as he pleases, and says that he is taking action tonight, and that he doesn't care what he does as long as he ends up saving Fräulein Kreutune. He leaves after giving the rendezvous point to Touma.[3]

After Touma escapes Anti-Skill custody after his little brawl with Thor, he meets up with him at the rendezvous point. He tells Thor that he will betray him when he sees fit, to which Thor understands. He shows Touma some tools, which leads to Touma questioning him on how they are supposed to break through the impregnable Windowless Building using them, to which Thor answers by giving him instructions.[13]Thor later reappears in the rendezvous point after Touma meets up with the real Misaka Mikoto, whom he mistakes for Thor.[14] As their mission begins, Thor leaves Touma alone to prepare for something, as he observes the Windowless Building with the binoculars. As Touma confirms that there's no one around the area of the building, Thor has already set up remotely bombed trucks around the building. He detonates it later, though much to his concern, as Touma tells him that the explosion should be enough to shatter the glass in buildings and might injure people. Thor then tells Touma that everything went according to plan, despite the building remaining unscathed. He later sends Touma a map on where they should meet up next.[14] Touma later meets up with Thor, and then walks towards one of the abandoned bases of the Freshmen that was made as a security blind spot for the vast surveillance system of Academy City. Although they can only use it for twenty minutes before someone investigates the blankspot. With nothing to monitor them, Thor explains the reason he used the bombs on the building; the reason being, is that he needed to figure out the discrepancies in the Windowless Buildings' Calculate Fortress' shockwave dampening abilities as there are some shockwaves that the armor cannot fully escape. It was information that was provided by Kihara Kagun whilst he still lived. After fifteen minutes of having a powerful computer that they accessed through Kagun's backdoors analyze the data Thor gathered, Thor and Touma leave the base with tools.[15] Thor later states that they have about ten to twenty minutes to act in order to break through the Calculate Fortress and free Fräulein. With the tools readied, Touma tells Thor that they should go now, impressing him.[16]

After some preparations, both Thor and Touma start to jackhammer upon the surface of the building, and much to Touma's surprise, it actually starts penetrating the Calculate Fortress. As Thor tries to replace the spike of his jackhammer after it got broken, the Four Wings have come. Thor panics as they no longer have an escape route, and that the threat of being attacked has increased. Touma says that they should retreat as they cannot save Fräulein if they are killed. Thor replies that they no longer have that option once GREMLIN and Ollerus' group make their move. As they have reached an impasse, the cracks on the wall of the Windowless Building start expanding, creating a huge perfect square shape around the wall. It collapses, and out of the shadow comes Fräulein Kreutune. Immediately after, both he and Touma are somehow struck down by her.[17]

NT Index v05 166-167

Thor and Touma successfully free Fräulein Kreutune.

After coming to, Thor tells Touma that Fräulein has escaped, destroyed the Four Wings, and his views on how Fräulein's powers worked on them and on the Windowless Building. Even though Touma doesn't say anything, Thor begins to mock Touma on how he wouldn't save Fräulein now after what she has done, since she is not like the other people Touma has saved. But Touma agrees with him, and says that he needs to befriend Fräulein quickly. Then, their attention is taken by the gaping hole that Fräulein has made, and they are tempted to go inside. Thor tells Touma that they will be "devoured" if they step inside, and Touma replies that he knows. Thor agrees with Touma's assertion that they need to get to Fräulein—they're top priority. Their objective is to get to Fräulein as quickly as possible as GREMLIN and Ollerus are not that stupid to not have noticed the ruckus Fräulein has made.[18]

Thor and Touma listen on as the Anti-Skill scramble to mow down Fräulein. Thor notes after Touma asks him who GREMLIN sent with him, that GREMLIN has clearly not moved yet, and that Ollerus is probably doing the same. However, Touma says that if Thor's assumptions are correct, then they are in doubt that Fräulein has escaped, and that they can still fool them if they can send them some fake information making them think it's a trap and that they should stay away, and have them keep away from Fräulein. Thor is intrigued, and asks what they need to do. Touma says that they need to scatter some bait before they get accurate information on Fräulein Kreutune, make them think it must be a trap. Touma and Thor later dress up as firefighters in order to escape the area that is surrounded by Anti-Skill.[19] With that out of the way, Thor and Touma discuss on how they have no idea where everyone from GREMLIN and Ollerus' group are. Touma asks why Thor doesn't even know where his comrades are, and that Touma has no way to contact Ollerus. Touma says that the only way is to trap GREMLIN, and that should naturally raise Ollerus' attention, necessitating for him to send out a scout, and for them to set up a second trap. Thor sums up Touma's plan that they make GREMLIN think that Academy City and Ollerus are attacking them, and make Ollerus think that Academy City and GREMLIN are attacking his group. Thor tells Touma about the difficulty of his gambit, to which Touma says that it has already become difficult the moment they stepped into the city.[20] Thor accompanies Touma to high school to prepare for their trap. Due to the atmosphere of the festival preparations, Thor is intrigued by school life. Finally arriving at the computer laboratory, Touma and Thor set out to print some posters for some plans.[21]

Thor calls Marian Slingeneyer to tell her to meet up with him in a plaza in front of the District 7 station in order to have more firepower in capturing Fräulein. As Marian tries to search for Thor, she discovers a poster of a bulletin board declaring her to be a dangerous person involved in Baggage City, and that she should be reported to Anti-Skill. Marian reports this to Thor as Marian scrambles away. Thor tells Marian that they can crush Academy City and Ollerus' group, but not at the same time.[22] After Thor agrees to Marian's plan on moving to another location, it is revealed that it was all just a ruse made up by Touma, who used the bulletin boards that are used for the festival announcements for his plan, and using Thor's transformation abilities to change into Marian for the photo. Thor asks Touma if he really is going to do it with the second trap on the scout, to which Touma says that Thor should stay out of the way, as the others would get suspicious, and the fact that he is the only one capable of recovering from Fräulein Kreutune's attacks, making him the trump card. He then asks Thor to give him the water based pen as he writes something on his handbook and makes it appear smudged. Touma asks what if Marian is going to use her magic while running away, to which Thor replies that she probably won't as she doesn't want to cause a commotion. Touma asks what Marian might do, to which he says that Marian can likely create decorations based on Norse mythology to make the wearer's body invisible, like Tarnkappes, though the user themselves will not be able to know if has actually been rendered invisible or not. But Thor reassures him that he has added some spells the moment Marian entered the plaza in order to prevent her from making herself invisible as so Touma can follow her. And with that, he takes the handbook that he smudged on purpose, and tells Thor to go ahead without him if he can't meet up with him.[23]

During the FestivalEdit
NT Index v06 111

Thor kicks down Marian Slingeneyer.

Thor and Marian notice the shockwaves of the battle between the reformed Kakine Teitoku and Accelerator. Marian becomes genuinely curious of the events happening, wanting to investigate what is going on in the city. Marian orders Thor and Mjölnir to make a scene as so she can start gathering people as materials. Seeing as he is the only one who could stop her, Thor first asks Marian who she thinks is causing all the ruckus, to which she replies that she doesn't know and simply gives out some logical assertions. Thor tries to convince Marian to wait and then attack when they expose themselves, tries to convince her that it may not be involved with them, and at last, tries to convince her through telling her that she might reveal her location. But Marian does not yield to Thor's reasonings, telling him to stand down and find a new hideout as he has yet to be known by their enemies compared to her. Thor gives up in convincing her, and just kicks her, knocking her unconscious. After felling Marian, Mjölnir is angered and prepares to attack Thor. Thor however states that Mjölnir attacking would put Marian in danger, one of the key components in Othinus' plans, which would fall into ruin upon her death. This is a fact that Thor specifically mentions to Mjölnir that would be beneficial for Ollerus, who would then find no need to kill Fräulein Kreutune, and convinces her not to let Marian out. With that Mjölnir's wrath is stayed. Thor says that he will look into how much information Ollerus' group has and what kind of traps they have in store, and states that Mjölnir should prepare so that Marian can escape. As a final measure, Thor tells Mjölnir that if there is something dangerous, she can throw Ollerus' group off by roasting an entire city block. With that, Thor leaves Mjölnir.[24]

While gathering information, he is in a water tower and sees Fräulein Kreutune, Kamijou Touma, and identifies Cendrillon from the Free Compound Eyes footage. Now with their plans in disarray, Thor needs to do something in order to have Touma get to Fräulein Kreutune first before the others, or at least lessen the burden on him, as powerful enemies are beginning to gather in a single location. Then, he seems someone familiar from the Free Compound Eyes footage. He jumps from the water tower, and lands on the ground with the aid of his arc fusion blades. He calls out to that person, who is apparently Misaka Mikoto. Calling her by Miko-chan, he immediately gets her attention. Thor then shows Mikoto a footage of Touma being tended by Cendrillon, to which Mikoto demands Thor to tell her where he is.[25]

NT Index v06 214-215

Two simultaneous duels: Misaka Mikoto vs. Brunhild Eiktobel, and Thor vs. Silvia.

As the various battles are about to begin for the sake of Fräulein Kreutune, Misaka Mikoto is back to back with Thor, complaining why she has to help him. Thor explains on how people have gathered together to beat the already injured Kamijou Touma, and then abduct a woman named Fräulein Kreutune, use her for their own purposes, and then kill her. He then asks what Mikoto is going to do, to which she sighs and mentions that it is the same pattern as always. Mikoto mentions on how Touma has not changed after disappearing in Hawaii and arriving in Baggage City. Thor tells Mikoto that despite what happened in the city there, Touma still managed to save lives. Thor says that he is just as much to blame for the events happening, and tells Mikoto that Touma is trying to finish things with Fräulein Kreutune, the primary cause of all the events that are currently happening in this. He asks if she will support him or get in his way. Mikoto clicks her tongue and says to Thor that he owes her, but Thor tells her that is supposed to be directed to Touma. But Mikoto says that doing so is embarrassing, as such she's saying it where he can't hear her. With that little banter over, Mikoto faces her enemy, while Thor faces his own. Silvia does not mind Thor procrastinating to make of fun of Mikoto, and tells him that she wished that she had been on his side this time. Thor tells her that it is not too late, but Silvia says that it is unfortunate that she can't. She takes out her rope, and says that even though she is jealous, she should not act based on her own personal desires. Hearing this, Thor says that his enemy is pathetic. Silvia says that hearing that is painful, and adds that the sad thing about maids is that they can't fight for honor like a king or knight. Thor prepares to strengthen himself with Mjölnir, and then shoots out 10 meter arc fusion blades from his fingertips. Thor says to her that he wants to finish it quickly, as he doubts a fight with someone as pathetic as her will be any fun at all.[6]

As Silvia fights Thor with her ropes, she notices on how, despite Thor being the God of Thunder, her opponent seems to be holding back. She points it out to him, and Thor confirms it, disappointed on how the battle is going and how he has to hold back. Silvia laughs at his statement, saying that she is probably the top ranked magician when it comes to that. Silvia twirls her ropes into a variety of quickly-changing looks. And with the loopings of those ropes, Silvia grasped the air with it. Silvia's techniques sent out multiple swirls of shockwaves, powerful enough to destroy a building. Thor tries to stop this attempt by heating up the air with his arc fusion blades and expand it explosively. But it is futile as Silvia is a specialist in barriers, a trick she learned in order to suppress her own power. Thor notices that is a modern western magic sigil based on a Christian Angel, which Silvia confirms. She states that she creates a wall of Telesma along the rope which makes up a hand that "grab the air," and informs Thor to go nuts as she is skilled enough not to get anyone involved. This is not an easy task for Thor, as she is using several angel's sigils in her ceremony. Suddenly, the entire block of overpass they were on was spun around by Silvia's power, and kept on spinning. She charges towards Thor, who in a desperate attempt to even the odds, once again call on the power of Mjölnir. Lightning strikes him, and power surges in his limbs. Using the arc fusion blades, he used them as electric boosters by by explosively expanding the air to forcibly accelerate the movements of his own body, and his body spins. Silvia closes the distance and attacked with her fists, but Thor manages to avoid all of them, knowing full well of the danger of even blocking a Saint's attacks. He escapes by propelling himself backwards with his boosters, but fell from the great height that Silvia had put them on. However, Silvia kept on charging towards him, running upon the blocks of road that had been destroyed in midair. Then her spinning allowed for a giant mass of concrete and asphalt to move horizontally and vertically, and dropped it down upon Thor. The roads were back in place, and Silvia believed that she had slammed Thor between the road and the support below.[26]

Thinking that Thor has been defeated, she walks away to aid Brunhild, but suddenly the road wobbles, and Silvia discovers that Thor was lifting up the road. He reminds her that he is based of Thor, and tossed the piece of road straight into the air 15 meters up. Silvia realizes the reason why he tossed her 15 meters into the air, his arc fusion blade. Silvia tries for her ropes again, but it is too late, and the claws reach the road and cuts it up apart.[26]

During his battle with Silvia, despite the danger of being distracted. Thor uses his arc fusion blades to cut between Leivinia and Touma, the former having gained the upper hand in the battle. This attack destroys a section where she and Touma were fighting, his and Mikoto's efforts gave Touma enough time to recover from one of Leivinia's previous attacks, allowing him to fight her again.[27]

After Touma beats Leivinia, all fighting by the Saints and their opponents stops. Silvia says that she just received the justification to abandon the job that she didn't want to do in the first place. Thor suggests that the Saints could manage, but Silvia says that Leivinia was needed against Fräulein since only she knew the spell, and she didn't trust them enough to share how to do it. With Leivinia down, there is no point in even trying to contend against Fräulein. Silvia complains on how she wished to be on Thor's side, as she would have an all-out fight without worries. Thor responds by saying that it is not too late, but Silvia just calls him an idiot, saying that she is not like him, since she has comfortable bonds with an unreliable bastard. And Thor responds saying that he slightly envious of what she has, as he had given everything of his all to make it as far as he has.[28]

And thus, they walked away from each other. She tells Thor to be careful of Fräulein, but Thor says he knows, and tells her that they are people who gathered due to their dislike of calling her a wild beast and throwing her in a cage. He concludes that they are fools, but they shall risk their lives regardless, and will rescue Fräulein.[28]

Kamijou Touma vs. ThorEdit
NT Index v06 383

A shocked Touma looks on as Thor prepares to shoot himself to even the odds.

As everything is over, Thor invites Touma to School District 11, the place where GREMLIN came in. Thor relates to Touma on how GREMLIN has no need for Fräulein, and on how Ollerus' will no longer target her. He also tells that Academy City would probably no longer go after Fräulein as well. With that, Thor has cleared out all distractions and obstructions for his true goal, to have a fight with Touma. Thor summons his arc fusion blades, confusing Touma. Thor mentions on how Touma's situation was pathetic, always being lead on by others, and that this has nothing to do with GREMLIN, but to fight him for his own reasons. Touma tells Thor that he has no reason to fight him, but Thor counters by stating that not all fighting is for anger and hate, and Touma should know this the most. He relates to Touma on how he was impressed at him for being able to save countless lives with only his right hand, as well as the fact that he was at first disappointed when they first met. Touma why he is doing this as if he was working for his benefit, despite him showing true concern for Fräulein before. Thor replies that he is someone who wants power, having reached the limit of training on his own, he now searches for opponent that can give him a good fight without fearing of collateral damage. He also states that he does not know if he wants power so he can save people or save people so he can gain power, and that he has been repeating this cycle to gain more power, since he does not have a special power like Touma.[4]

Touma tries to call out to Thor, but the pain from his wounds have yet to subside. This prompts Thor to shoot himself at the same part as Touma had to even the odds. Despite the injury, Thor keeps on smiling, and tells Touma that this may now be the reason for him to fight, as Thor will need medical attention as quickly as possible.[4] After Thor once again connects to Mjölnir, Touma fights reluctantly against Thor. Not only does Touma have to dodge ten arc fusion blades several meters in length because he cannot negate it, he must also take care not to get caught in the debris caused by its attacks. Touma has realized that the blades cannot be negated like Stiyl's Innocentius, and are solid when punched by Touma. The excitable Thor comes down from above and causes an avalanche of containers, to which he destroys, not wanting for them to take his prize. Thor attempted another attack, but despite the superior range, Touma evaded his attack. As Touma wonders what he should do, Thor asks Touma if Fiamma of the Right and Carissa and the Curtana Original were only this strong. Touma falls silent, but then hears the sound of the cracking of Thor's joints. Touma's punching of his arc fusion blades, not only hurt him but Thor as well. He explains to Touma that he is not a Saint nor someone like Othinus, but a regular magician that is trying to achieve the same level as them. Thor explains to Touma on the reason he is going this far despite the pain is that he can reach that level by stacking the experience that he has gained. Now, he has no doubt that he's reached that level. He reminds Touma that he might've thought of using the handgun to even the odds, but at the same time, stopped thinking about it because the price is too steep for Touma to pay. However, Thor tells Touma that since he has no more clues to what GREMLIN will do next other than him, will Touma let him escape due his personal circumstances and morals. With that, Touma is enraged, and his battle with Thor begins anew.[5]

Thor thought that Touma would choose the handgun, but he was wrong. After Thor assailed him with his arc fusion blades, Touma merely repelled his attack. In surprise, Thor attacks using his left, but once again, Touma repels the blades, changing its trajectory. Thor questions the reason why Touma gave up on the handgun, as Touma will only get tired if he continued on the defensive. However, Touma mentions how the arc fusion blades follow the movement of his fingers. This means when the blades move in the certain way when he repels it, his fingers move the same way. Touma explains to Thor on how he has no reason to use the gun, stating that there must be another way without someone getting killed. Once again, Thor becomes impressed by Touma's determination. They prepared to attack each other, but Touma's hands were being worn down, as were Thor's hands. And yet, the battle continued. Each time Thor attempted an attack, Touma repelled it; their wrists were now at their limits.[29]

And thus, the battle was over. Laughing heartily, the battle was at an end. Touma asks what he will do now, to which Thor replies that he will continue on his course. However, Thor has yet to finish the battle, for he was not a mere lightning god.[29] And so, Touma was felled. A barely conscious Touma overhears Thor talking about the legend of Thor, and that lightning was not only his power. His name represented a god of many aspects, and tells Touma that although he has defeated Thor the lightning god, he could not reach the level of the Almighty Thor. Thor tells Touma that as the winner, he will take responsibility for winning, and suggests to Touma to get some rest and relaxation from protecting the world too much on his own. Touma tries to call out his name, but he falls to unconsciousness.[30]

With his betrayal of GREMLIN to Ollerus, Thor sits alone outside of Academy City, lamenting Touma's breaking both of his hands. Having no reason to kill Touma, he leaves him alone, though he presumes that he can grow again to be his next stepping stone. With everything over, Thor wonders what's going to happen now, apparently stuck between a hard and rock place, as both Othinus and Ollerus might kill him. However, his optimism did not waver, and he ponders on which one he should use as a stepping stone.[9]

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Shifting and Fluctuating WorldEdit

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, people from the magic side like nuns are allowed to enter Academy City, and seemingly have no complex against science. Notable here is that Mjölnir still retains being a cylinder block. Thor, Marian, and Mjölnir are first seen by Touma right after believing that looking at all the people that he is familiar with in the "perfect world" would get rid of his regrets as he tries to decide on how he should have himself killed. Marian is apparently in a rush for the festival that is happening, to which Thor says that the festival had just started, as such there will be tons of people. He then suggests that being late would be perfect. Marian does not reply but says that she has spotted Bersi and that he is secretly with the ringlet curl maid (Kumokawa Maria), apparently mad. Thor is awed by this, then says that it is Bersi's decision, but says that she should pay attention to Mjölnir as she is shaking in jealousy.[31]

VS The WorldEdit

Apparently hearing what has happened to Othinus and Touma, Thor goes to Denmark seeing that he might get a good fight out of them. As he was a member of GREMLIN, he is able to predict where Othinus might be headed, Egeskov Castle. He appears before the gathered masses of GREMLIN members wanting revenge on Othinus there. Waving there, he is asked if he has come to kill Othinus as well, to which he confirms though says that it is not because of hatred but because of the possibility of getting good experience points from defeating her. He then says that they should come to an agreement first if they are to present their complaints to her. He then tells them that they should decide on a representative as their complaints will not reach Othinus if all of them is going to do it. This piques their interest, as GREMLIN has always stood below Othinus now that the fact that she has betrayed them they are at a loss on who should lead the organization. Hel then asks how they are to decide, to which Thor says that they should figure it out by finding out who is the strongest in a free-for-all.[32] There, the members of GREMLIN fight until the last man is left standing—Thor. He later takes the time to arrange the bodies of his former comrades into a large pile as a makeshift throne while waiting for Othinus and Touma.

Now the blood-soaked Touma and Othinus is come finally to their destination, the Egeskov Castle. As they come upon it, Thor calls out them, and tells them that the people he is sitting on are all GREMLIN members, recommending to Touma to ask Othinus about them as she loves explaining things while looking down on people despite her arrogance. Thor tells Touma that GREMLIN planned to gang up on them but he went out ahead and crushed them all, lamenting on the little experience they gave. Otthinus then asks for confirmation if he isn't letting them through, to which Thor confirms. He says that he has chosen to be their enemy as it is more fun than being an ally. He praises Touma's current determination in contrast to his past self when he first met Touma back in Academy City. He also says that with a monster like Othinus as a bonus he can get even more experience, more than he has ever seen before. Othinus, warns Touma that without Mjölnir Thor has lost his powers a Lightning God. Touma finds it queer that Othinus would warn him about that, as if it sounded like it didn't weaken Thor at all. Othinus says that if he was acting as the Lightning God then even Touma has a chance of defeating him, but it is not the case if Thor brings out his power as an Almighty God, which pales the Lightning God in comparison. Thor then laughs, thanking Othinus for her explanation, pointing out that he was right to say Othinus likes explaining things. Thor then asks what they will do, though he says he is fine if they attack him both or he fights Touma alone. Othinus then asks why Thor has decided she can't use his full power and will not be fighting, to which Thor says that if she is in full power then she wouldn't be relying in Touma in the first place. She tries to reply but Touma cuts her off and says that he will be fighting him, pleasing Thor, who says that he will not hold back and will use the power of Almighty Thor.[33]

NT Index v10 318

The battle with the Almighty Thor begins.

Thus begins their battle, and Thor has already met his fist on Touma's face. Touma is felled and knocked again and again as Thor uses his Almighty powers to his advantage. Touma has no idea how Thor is able to attack him without coming toward him, believing him to use a form of teleportation, though Thor has told him to look beyond that. To the already injured Touma, Thor's attacks are more severe, and slowly his injuries accumulate. Touma's thoughts as him believe though he can touch him, Thor returns with an attack at the same time, as if some power lets him counter with 100% accuracy. Thor reveals to Touma after he grabbed his legged and was met with Thor kicking him that he isn't moving. Hearing this, Touma throws snow and rocks at Thor as he says that there's no need to bother heading out just to kill his enemy. They did not hit Thor as it seemed like several Thor's stood before him such that all of them missed, afterimages of Thor. Suddenly, Thor comes up behind Touma reminding him to widen his view, and then attacks him. Touma tries to elbow him but it misses as Thor is already right in from of him, who, by the time Touma noticed, has already kneed him in the gut. But Thor's attack continues as Touma reels from the pain. Touma recollects his experiences with GREMLIN, and points out that it isn't Thor that's moving, but the world. Touma says that Thor just stands still as the world moves below his feet to his desired target. Thor is unimpressed by his deduction as it took Touma too long and had too many hints even way back in Academy City when he showed it to him. He laments that he could've made it look more like a mysterious attack like stopping time.[8]

Touma asks if he had become a holistic esper to which Thor says he hadn't to which Touma answers his own question by saying that it would eliminate the need for GREMLIN to target Fräulein Kreutune. Touma says that if he had become a holistic esper then they would've used it in their plan. Thor states that he is similar but different, as he says that he can produce approximation of the phenomenon but he isn't actually one, just a magician. Here, Touma thinks he caught a glimpse of why he risked so much to rescue Fräulein Kreutune, as because they were both similar but different and she was in a position that he could have ended in. To Thor, she was not a stranger to him as such he made an enemy of every side involved just to rescue her. Touma however says that what Thor is doing is a large scale, as he is moving the entire world but the actual life-size phenomenon is no different from teleportation. Thor tells him to stop his praises as he is nothing compared to her power, asking how many times the world has been destroyed on their way there. Thor even asks how Touma even defeated her with the lance, and says that merely winning in a fistfight wouldn't have allowed Touma to get him back to the world. Thus this is the difference between Thor and Othinus, the former rule a single world while Othinus created infinite worlds. Thor clarifies to Touma that he doesn't use coordinates when using the spell, and it doesn't just move him to an enemy's blind spot. Much to Touma's horror, as he realizes it himself that Thor's power moves into the point that will let him win. Thor congratulates Touma, at which point he attacks again.[8]

And thus the battle continues, and the longer it went the farther it took them away from the castle. Little did Thor know that this was all part of Touma's plan, knowing he could not beat him. And in the distance they can hear the train a-coming. All Touma needs to do is to endure and not lose. With this, Thor lets out a sigh as Touma continues to struggle with all of his ineffective against him. Seeing the futility of his actions, Thor asks him if he is done already, though Touma doesn't yield. Thor says to him that his power is all he has. He tells Touma that with Mjölnir’s support he can add in fusion blades, but says he is back to having Almighty powers now. Touma asks him what he wanted from Othinus if he had so much power already, asking him why even joined GREMLIN. He reminds him that no matter how high he goes there will always be someone higher, making him not much different from the rest of GREMLIN, joining into order to grant his desire. With a smile, Thor says that their goal of destroying the science side's victory in World War III was one of their many desires, and says that GREMLIN was an organization to allow Othinus to perfect her power as a Magic God and have her grant them their desires with it. That is why GREMLIN is angry with her as she ran off without paying them for their work. Thor then says that he will kill Othinus, saying that he has nothing against having a fistfight with Touma.[7]

Thinking of GREMLIN being warranted in punishing Othinus, Touma doesn't accept Thor's words, impressing him as the fire that is burning in Touma's eyes has yet to leave, though says it doesn't make up for what Othinus has done. Touma tells Thor that he was in a position to stop what she did as he knew Othinus before GREMLIN did all their actions and before he made an enemy of the world. Touma tells Thor that he stopped Othinus, but not defeated her. He says that he wasn't the only one that could've stopped her, and tells him that he could've done so as well if he had tried to get to know her but instead gave up from the start in understanding her. Touma tells Thor that he decided that it was easier to give up on understanding Othinus because it was easier and he didn't want to risk falling victim to her rage. Touma then mocks him for putting the blame on her and making it as an excuse for giving up on making his own dreams come true, believing that Othinus can grant their dreams for them instead of achieving it themselves. Touma tells him that they should have been the one standing by her side, not him. He mocks them for thinking that they are better despite their failing even with their large numbers. Touma does not deny that Othinus is a villain, but tells Thor to hold responsibility for not stopping her, and tells him not to run away from his sins, as he has done it himself, because he did not give up on her. Despite this, Thor doesn't listen, saying that it is not the issue and once again attacks Touma.[7]

The fight continues on, and slowly Thor begins to waver due to the futility of his actions. Because of his Almighty powers making invincible, his fights become empty. In his thoughts, he thought that fighting Touma would let him escape that empty feeling, believing that Touma was the median between a full powered Othinus and the other members of GREMLIN. Then all of the sudden, he hears a train a-coming. When he finally catches on, he finds out that he is standing on railroad tracks. Touma asks him if he can handle something that isn't related to their fight if his magic moves the world to put him in a position to win his fight with him. Thor is too shocked to reach and he is mowed down by a 12-car freight train.[34]

The train tries to stop after hitting Thor as Touma sinks to ground due to his battered body after Thor is unable to fight on account of being run over by a train. Suddenly, Touma hears Thor call out to him. He is in the bottom of the train, though bloodied and battered as well, though in one piece, having used his powers to switch his target, from Touma to the train, at the last second allowing him to not get hit directly by the train. Thor says that he isn't continuing the fight as he gained some decent experience, praising their verbal fight as well, saying that he hasn't felt that great in a while. Thor then asks what he and Othinus are doing in Denmark in the first place, guessing that she was hiding somewhere there. Touma tells him of how Othinus became a god and their goal of having her surrender that power. Thor says that it is just like Touma, but tells him to hurry back to Othinus' side. Touma asks if there is someone else, which surprises Thor, saying that he isn't his final enemy, saying that anyone could figure it one if they gave it some thought.[35]

As Othinus prepares her world crossbow spell from afar, Touma becomes confused of Othinus' intentions. Thor notes Touma's obliviousness on Othinus' feelings, as she has Touma now she has someone to rely on, however, the more she relies on him, the more she hurts the one she cares for. Touma is silenced by this but Thor continues. He tells Touma that Othinus doesn't want to be saved. He says that she has already seen what it means to save, which him bearing her sins for her. Thor says that if Othinus dies in fighting Touma, then she assumes that it will cancel out he has done for her. In essence, Othinus was punishing herself for the sake of Touma, intending to stop Touma knowing he will try to stop her efforts. Angry that Othinus is running away from paying for her sins, Touma screams that Othinus shouldn't run. He cries once again, summarizing who she was, her actions that led to this point, and once again telling her not to run away, not to run from her sins and turn her back from her happiness. Thor then asks what Touma is going to do, to which Touma says that if Othinus thinks it is better to die, and if that ridiculous idea is giving her the mistaken impression that she is saving him by running from her painful path, then he is going to break that illusion of hers.[36] Touma then runs off to face Othinus once more.


Despite being only a normal magician, Thor is still a very powerful fighter. He been described being able to fight a war all on his own. Even without using his full power he could fight on the same level with a Saint like Silvia. He claimed if Othinus wasn't a Magic God he would've been the strongest member in GREMLIN, a statement he proved when easily defeated everyone in GREMLIN (except Marian and Mjölnir) in a free for all fight without getting a single scratch before Touma and Othinus arrive. This feat is made even more impressed by the fact that he didn't have Mjölnir to raise his power.

Thor-based magicEdit

He uses magic based around the legends of Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. As the combat representative of GREMLIN, he is more than capable of handling intense battles, such that even Touma is impressed by his skill.[10] However, he also refers to himself as the Almighty Thor (全能のトール Zen'nō no Tōru?), referring to the god as a representative of agriculture and the refinement of metals in early Norse mythology.[30]

  • Megingjörð: A spiritual item that mimics the belt of Thor. It gives him tremendous strength, allowing him to survive an entire bridge being crushed on him, lift it, and throw it several meters into the air.[26]
  • Female appearance borrowing: The spell is based on the myth when the thunder god had his weapon stolen, he disguised himself as the goddess of beauty, Freyja, in order to lure out the thief. It is like Etzali's spell, but it is not explained what must be performed in order to gain the form of another. It has the limitation that it can only take the appearance of a girl,[2] such as Misaka Mikoto or Marian Slingeneyer.
  • Tanngrisnir's and Tanngnjóstr's fur: A magic spell constructed using the symbols of the goats that pulled Thor’s chariot. It allow Thor to scatter a large amount of goat fur on the water and to stand on it as if it was a raft.[37] It is used by Ollerus in the disguise of the God of Thunder.

Lightning God ThorEdit

  • Arc Fusion Blades: A magic spell that forms electric arcs. Thor can either form them on the tips of his fingers or at the bottom of his feet, wielding it like a part of his body. They are usually used for slicing and cutting, but can be used like boosters by explosively expanding them, which he allows him to either increase his speed or dampen falls. As they were made to cut, if something cannot be cut by the arc fusion blades, Thor will also feel the force of it, depending on the impact that object has on his blades. Like when Touma punched the blades, it felt like Touma punched his fingers as well. It cannot be negated by the Imagine Breaker completely, and with Touma, can feel like a solid object.[5] It can be assumed that the length of the blade may be dependent on Thor connecting to Mjölnir. The length of the blades can reach from 20 meters,[26] during his fight with Silvia, to 2 kilometers in length, during his fight with Touma.[5]
    The arcs can apparently be replicated by Misaka Mikoto if she wanted to.[10]
  • Mjölnir: Thor can connect to Mjölnir to drastically raise his power. At that moment, his eyes, hair, and fingertips, will begin emitting a pale bluish-white light, apparently affecting the length of his arc fusion blades.[6] He can apparently call it more than once, as exemplified during his battle with Silvia, allowing Mjölnir to give him enough energy to evade her attack.[26]

Almighty ThorEdit

Aside from the powers of the lightning god, Thor can also use the powers of an almighty god. This magic moves the entire world around him to place him in a position where he can easily defeat his enemy and win.[8] Indeed, even if his target is on the other side of the world, the ability allows him to move the target towards him.[7] It operates automatically, adjusting position and distance in such a way that none of the enemy's attacks can reach him and that he is in the ideal position to attack, such that a win or a draw are the only outcomes.[7] Indeed, the powers make it so that Thor rules the world and moves it by his will, the narration boasting that he can avoid being defeated by even Accelerator, and that only way to truly kill him was to destroy or remake the world.[7][35] As such, it is limited to the current world, meaning that Thor can't overcome powers which go beyond the current world, such as a fully empowered Othinus.[8][7]

However it doesn't respond to things which Thor isn't facing as a 'target', though if Thor recognizes it in time he can shift his 'target' and avoid harm.[34] Moreover, there is danger that if he uses the power too much, the information on the rotation and revolution of the earth can become irreversibly skewed, making use of the power a huge risk even for Thor.[34]

Despite the similarities like moving the world just so he can be put into a position where he can win, a large phenomenon done to cause a small effect, it isn't like the system of holism but magic.[8]

Other magicEdit

  • Invisibility spell suppression: Thor has the ability to add some sort of modifications to a certain area in order to nullify an invisibility spell without the user noticing.[23]
  • Regeneration: When Ollerus was disguised as Thor, Othinus punishes him for his failures by severing his entire arm, and tells Marian to fix it. However, Ollerus says he can do it himself, to which Marian accepts. It can be assumed that Thor at least has the power to reconnect severed limbs.[9]

Other abilitiesEdit

Even without magic, Thor is an impressive combatant, managing to go toe to toe with Touma in a brawl,[3] as well as felling Marian down with a single kick.[24]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design EvolutionEdit

According to Haimura, Thor was originally to have a yellow and black coloring, he accepted this, up until he realized that Kumokawa Maria already had the same coloring scheme.[38]

Haimura ignored the instruction and decided to make his own version of Thor's coloring scheme, which resulted in dark purple and purple scheme with stripes. This Thor was unrefined, specifically, his hair was unkempt, Haimura decided to refine it, and later tried to follow the instructions given to him. He later finishes his design of Thor after removing most of the striped theme on him.[38]

Initially, he had a greater concern for him looking much more like Accelerator than Maria's color scheme. His concerns are later allayed by the 6th NT light novel illustrations of him in his final design.[38]



  • (To Touma from NT Volume 5) "Even if we are enemies and we must fight eventually, I think we should have everything settled beforehand so we can fight with no reservations. To be honest, the situation surrounding you is pretty pathetic. Everyone is desperate to lead you around like a trained monkey so they can use your right hand’s power for their own benefit. A fight with you under those circumstances wouldn’t be any fun. What is your view of the situation?"
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 5) "My enemy certainly has become pathetic."
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 5) "If that is your reason for abandoning someone, then you are a true villain."
  • (To Mikoto from NT Volume 6) "They have formed a group to beat the shit out of Kamijou Touma, who has already been shot in the side, and then abduct a woman named Fraulein Kreutune before his eyes. And they’ll be whispering to Fraulein Kreutune that she’ll be happiest if they use her for their purposes and then kill her. So what do you think, Miko-chan? Do you approve of that? Do you oppose it? Or will you take the clever route and just look away? Which side do you want to stand on?"
  • (To Silvia from NT Volume 6) "My enemy certainly is pathetic."
  • (From NT Volume 6) "Mjölnir... Perform final connection check. Once it is done, begin supply."
  • (To Silvia from NT Volume 6) "I am a bit jealous of that... I’ve given everything my all to make it as far as I have, but I’ve never been able to find that. And that’s why I am standing here."
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) "You’re thinking about this wrong, Kamijou-chan. Anger and hate are not the only reasons to fight. It is not only the bad guys who clench their fists and go in for the punch. You should know that better than anyone, so you can’t stop me from doing this. But most importantly, I’m all fired up. My engine has been running full-throttle ever since I first heard about you."
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) "When two ridiculously huge powers collide, damage will spread to the surrounding area. My fights can be described using horrible words like ‘war’. But Kamijou-chan, what about that power of yours? You’re just a high school student and yet you’ve saved quite a few people! You even ended World War 3!! You’ve survived this far fighting Gremlin!! And the wonderful power that did all that is the ability to negate!? Oh, I can’t wait. My next stage of growth is finally, finally coming into view!! I can have a battle amidst such stinging tension that I have no idea who will win…and as a conflict between a ridiculously huge power and a negating power, it won’t even cause that much damage!! Has there ever been a more convenient or profitable battle than this, Kamijou-chan!?"
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) "If something is too far away to ever reach, you just give up. But that was not the case for me. By stacking everything up, I made it close enough to grasp the stars in the night sky. It is a bit dangerous, but it’s as easy as climbing up on the table and standing up on my tiptoes. Then I can reach the cupboard. There’s no need to call in my parents to get it for me. And so…"
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) “Do I want power so I can save someone or do I want to save someone so I can gain power? That has gotten so jumbled up inside me that not even I know the answer, but that is the essence of what I am. I keep repeating the cycle to gain more and more power, and I reach my hand out to save whoever needs saving during the process. …I have no simple power from some special source, but I continue to reach my hand out and that ultimately builds up more power within me. In that way, I am quite a bit different from you.”
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) “Do you understand now, Kamijou Touma? This is who I am. A personal fight of mine can reach the level of a war. I have made it this far. And that is a wonderful thing. But this is not my goal. Because now I can see the area beyond what I thought was the goal and thought I could never reach.”
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) “Interesting. You really are interesting. Even if you stand in a position from which you can reach the stars in the night sky, you would show us some different answer. You would follow a different path than the one that led me to GREMLIN.”
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 6) “You defeated Thor as a lightning god…but that was as far as you got. You could not reach the level of the Almighty Thor.”
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 10) "Let me enjoy this, baby."
  • (To Touma from NT Volume 10) “Remember what I said before? No matter how high you go, there’s always someone higher. The pursuit of power never ends. I’m not all that different from the rest of Gremlin. I joined them in order to grant my desire. There was nothing more to it than that.”


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