Those who Know the Rune of the God’s Sword (神の剣の文字を知る者 Kami no Ken no Moji wo Shiru Mono?) was a Norse Magic Cabal, one of five who united to attack Brunhild Eiktobel's cabal and were subsequently destroyed by her in revenge.[1]


The cabal apparently specializes in large scale spiritual items.[1]

Their base is a giant wooden ship, located on a flat asphalt area at a harbor on an artificial waterway cut into the land. It is over 30 meters long and the bottom curves up in a half-circle - the gap between it and the ground is filled by dozens of wooden pillars. The outer walls of the boat are fortified with various barriers and defensive spells. Their assets are concentrated in this one base, as opposed to modern magic cabals who split their assets between multiple bases to minimize losses should one be lost.[1]


Five years ago, Those who Know the Rune of the God’s Sword, together with Those Who Prevent the Extermination of the World Tree, the Iron Stake that Carves Knowledge, Champions from the Sea and the Hammer that Tempers Gold within the Earth, attacked Brunhild Eiktobel's cabal out of fear that her nature as a Saint and Valkyrie would cause pure Norse-style magic to go into decline.[1]

After destroying Brunhild's cabal, the cabals continually pursued her. They attacked other smaller Norse cabals so they would feel threatened and not attempt to support her, and killed children with no connection to magic just for speaking to her as she lay collapsed by the roadside. They also dug up the graves she'd made for the children that were killed by their attack and fed the bodies to wolves.[1]

The cabals eventually captured Brunhild during a period when her Valkyrie and Saint sides were equal and she was reduced to the level of a normal person. Though they loathed her, they didn't kill her as they wanted to obtain certain spells which she had gathered which ordinary people couldn't use. Instead they tortured her, not just for information but also feeling joy from it. They also had a boy, Ceillier Flatley, become Brunhild's emotional support to make the torture more effective, however as the boy became closer to her, he grew guilty and confessed his role to Brunhild. Sometime later, a cabal member came to Brunhild and grinning, informed her that Ceillier had killed himself, presenting a letter with his last apology. Enraged, Brunhild broke her restraints and escaped.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: KanzakiEdit

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Those who Know the Rune of the God’s Sword was noted to have been active recently by the Tour Guide, around the time of the bombings carried out by the magician Leasic.[3]

During the attacks on various Norse cabals by Brunhild Eiktobel, knowing that they were being targeted in order of danger, Kanzaki Kaori went to the base of Those who Know the Rune of God's Sword ahead of the attacker. Being briefly mistaken for Brunhild on arrival, Kanzaki quickly dealt with the cabal and evicted them from their base.[1]

The cabal members were taken away by a Necessarius recovery team (and also taken in for the various things they were guilty of), while Kanzaki made preparations for the attacker's arrival at the base. However Brunhild attacked the cabal members and the recovery team, believing the latter to be reinforcements. Throwing a number of them as human cannonballs at the base, she briefly clashed with Kanzaki but decided to withdraw, their clash destroying the pillars below the boat and causing it to roll over.[1]

Survivors from the cabal and the retrieval team were later taken to a Necessarius hideout for treatment. Cabal members were left with their arms and legs broken as well as one eye and part of an organ crushed. They also had healing-inhibiting runes carved inside their lungs.[1]



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