• It is a week until release of NT19. With a new light novel volume comes a fair amount of new information to be added to the wiki. As usual, article edits regarding newly released novel content are prohibited until the novel is fully translated. However, there are a number of things which could do with discussion in the meantime. Before we are permitted to add stuff from NT19, it'd be a good idea to discuss and plan some of the additions that are going to be carried out and get a rough idea of what is going to be done, how it's going to be done and who is interested in doing it (so we don't inadvertently thwart one another's efforts (after all, it can be annoying when you put a fair amount into something only for it to have turned out to have been for naught), and can cooperate to achieve the optimum result).

    This thread is being started nine days before the actual release, so the amount of information we're going to be dealing with isn't fully known. It will be updated as time progresses and thing become clearer. At the moment, the visible stuff will be what we know based on the preview, with the other stuff concealed or withheld.

    List of existing subjects in NT19 requiring revision and expansion:


    • Spreads: Hamazura Shiage in Processor Suit against another Processor Suit user (A. O. Francisca), Kamijou Touma & Aleister Crowley (girl), Mina Mathers (Reading Thoth 78) & Accelerator, Processor Suit
    • Contents: Coronzon
    • Ch1Pt3: Hamazura Shiage in Processor Suit
    • Ch1Pt7: Takitsubo Rikou (santa), Kinuhata Saiai, Mugino Shizuri
    • Ch2Pt5: Takitsubo Rikou
    • Ch2Pt10: Mina Mathers (Reading Thoth 78)
    • Ch4Pt2: A. O. Francisca (Coronzon-possessed Fran)
    • BTL4: Very large explosion on Japan (New World)
    • Ep: Kamijou Touma, Accelerator, Hamazura Shiage, Aleister Crowley (girl) (all four in separate directions), Index (Touma's direction)

    atwiki, R-S

    List of new subjects in NT19 to be added to existing articles or given new ones:

    Arc Name Suggestions: (bear in mind, at present the full nature of the arc is not fully known)(poll concluded, 19:40, 14/02/2018)

    • Processor Suit Arc (temporary placeholder): 2 (+LH)
    • Bank Arc: 0
    • A. O. Francisca Arc: 0
    • Demon Coronzon Arc: 1
    • Lilith Arc: 0 (+LH)

    If you have any suggestions for the lists, or any ideas/plans regarding NT19's additions, please suggest/mention them below. Suggestions for the poll regarding NT19's arc name would also be appreciated when the nature of the arc becomes clear (please note that this time it is going to be a manual poll so keep an eye open for when the time comes).

    If you are interested in doing some of the NT19 work or have made plans to (or think you will do some spontaneously), please let us know below so notes can be made on the list and others made aware, in order to avoid any inconvenience.

    Note: One other minor request and I'm sorry if I'm being a bit intrusive here; if it's OK, could any contributors making NT19 edits please try to avoid rushing ahead, check your work when you submit it and avoid being too flowery/purple with your summaries. Apologies if this comes across a bit irritating, but it means less work and fewer problems for others later and it would be greatly appreciated.

    Additionally, please be aware that there are areas in the novel where things are not necessarily how they may seem and where people may be prone to assumption. Please exercise care when dealing with these areas.

    Previous: NT18 Plans
    Next: NT20 Plans

    Note (23/10/2017): Translation complete. OK to proceed.

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    • Given the nature of the story so far, I was thinking about going with 'Processor Suit Arc' as a temporary arc name placeholder. Any thoughts?

      Edit: It is now OK to begin NT19 edits. Any particular subjects caught anyone's eye?

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    • No one else?

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    • Arc Name Suggestion: Demon Coronzon Arc. The arc was more about Coronzon itself than just the battle between Processor Suits, the appearance of A.O. and the manifestation of the Bank.

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    • One minor thing to bear in mind - that might fit the next arc as well.

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    • Any more suggestions?

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    • I think that's pretty much it.

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    • In that case, let us begin the manual poll for the arc name.

      Given the circumstances for the arc and the likely circumstances for the upcoming one, I'm voting for Processor Suit Arc.

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    • I'm going for Demon Coronzon Arc.

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    • The Bank was the cause of the fight, but given that it was a twist it shouldn't be the name of the arc IMO. Coronzon stuff in this volume was left a little bit in the background, so I'd choose Processor Suit or Lilith Arc.

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    • Any preference out of the two, LazyHunter?

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    • Not really.

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    • Understood, Hunter. If it is OK with you and there are no other votes from anyone else in the next 48 hours, I will use your vote as the tiebreaker and proceed with the arc article.

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    • I'll put some thought into the choice of arc name and get back in a day.

      Need to decide what the true focal point of the arc was: The Processor Suit, Lilith or Coronzon.

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    • Righto, OH&S.

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    • I think I might need another day for this. I was exhausted after work today and didn't get a chance to think too much about this.

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    • Understood, OH&S. Take as much time as you need to think about the focal points and surrounding/upcoming circumstances. I won't proceed with the article until your vote is cast.

      The circumstances surrounding this arc and the name candidates remind me a little of NT8-10 and NT14's arcs, with both the core subjects and the likely future both needing to be considered.

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    • I going to ramble for a bit here but please bear with me.
      In summarizing NT19, I'm going to divide it into two parts: the problem and the solution.

      The problem:

      • Coronzon wants to take over Academy City
      • Coronzon immediately gets blasted off into outer space.
      • Coronzon controls Fran as A.O. Francisca in order to get its hands on Academy City's Bank.
      • Bank is in the form of the Processor Suit.
      • But Fran used 2 Processor Suits (1 with the intention to be used as a decoy/dummy).
      • Having 2 Processor Suits backfires as Bank can't be accessed.
      • Fran attacks Hamazura in order to reduce the number of suits down to one in order to gain access to the Bank.
      • Fran (somehow) prevents Kamijou from meeting up with his friends.
      • Accelerator hunts Fran for above problem.

      The solution:

      • Aiwass distracts Coronzon in outer space.
      • Aiwass gives wisdom to Mina MAthers to pass onto Aleister.
      • Aiwass revives Lilith.
      • Aleister, Lilith and Mina gather together
      • The 3 components turn Aleister into the hero that solves the problem.

      In other words, NT19 can be summed down to this:

      • Antagonist: A.O. Francisca (controlled by Coronzon)
      • Problem: Processor Suit being used to hijack Bank
      • Solution: Lilith reunites with Aleister, turning him into a hero.

      Or to dumb it down even further:

      • Antagonist: Coronzon
      • Problem: Processor Suit
      • Solution: Lilith

      Looking back at how past arcs have been named, the majority have been focused on Key Events or Key Terms used in the arc.

      Whenever a particular character has been used to name an arc (Kazakiri Hyouka, Acqua of the Back, Magic God Othinus, Salome, Aleister Crowley, Necromancer) that arc always involved spending some quality time getting to know them. The DRAGON arc was different in that the main goal of the arc was to find info on him and he ended up appearing in the final chapter. In NT19, Coronzon is blasted off into space in the prologue and only appears in the Between the Lines in the main chapters. Despite being in conrtol of Fran (and Index), I do not view it as playing a key part in the arc; only indirectly.

      Lilith was certainly ever present in the novel. But as Accel said in Chapter 3: “Did you really think that Lilith baby was at the center of all this?” Lilith ended up being (part of) the solution but we've never really named arcs after solutions.

      In keeping with past arcs, as the Processor Suits were the cause of conflict in the arc, my final vote ultimately goes to it.

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    • Commencing arc article creation and link implementation.

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    • A FANDOM user
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