• Hello. We never spoke before but allow me to thank you on your hard work on the wikia. It is great. I have been doing some clean up and need some info .

    Fiamma's holy right was stated to have limited stocks by Vento. But does it mean that he can't use it many times in a row and recovers once he rests or does it mean it has a limited number of use before it permanently disappears and Fiamma is rendered normal? 

    I also asked the same question to The great eye to know his opinion. I hope I get an answer because it is killing me.

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    • I'd say that it might be true that the Holy Right had limited uses. Since his fall from grace, Holy Right hasn't been used as liberally as he did during World War III. There are some reasons why: God's Right Seat is no more (and thus the Idol Theory is heavily weakened), and he was most powerful only when the rest of the world saw him as the antagonist. This is why all of Fiamma's capabilities during New Testament relied on nothing related to his powers as leader of God's Right Seat.

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    • “Currently, you cannot wield the perfected version of your power as Michael.”

      “True. That’s what I want Sasha Kreutzev and Imagine Breaker for.”

      “That right arm has to have limits on its use,” said Vento interrupting his casual speech.


      Fiamma stopped speaking, but Vento’s voice continued.

      “Because you played around with those small fries, it has already begun to disintegrate into the air. There is a theory behind the superhuman powers magicians use and members of God’s Right Seat cannot just use spells other than the special ones that have been adjusted for our use. Once your stock runs out, you are nothing more than a regular human.”

      (Volume 20, Chapter 2, Part 8)

      The quote is indeed ambiguous, maybe get someone to read the original Japanese?

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    • Ambiguous. Yeah. I will try. Please let me know if you find anything else. And thank you.

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