• As with the case in the days leading up to the airing of Index II, Index III's airdate has been confirmed, will you implement a countdown feature once again in this wiki?

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    • I haven't thought of it yet, but it can be a great addition to the main page.

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    • Agreed, and once the Autumn timetable is released, we can tweak it to match the broadcast time.

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    • I can get that timer up and running if you want.

      But the overall layout of the front page when the anime begins airing still needs to be discussed in terms of how we want to present the currently airing anime.

      EDIT: Holy crap, there's less than 60 days till Index III begins!

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    • Indeed. Somewhat worrying considering what we still have outstanding.

      I'm going to make a new thread specifically for discussing pre-Index III work.

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    • It would be a good idea to have the regulars join the maintenance work (with ample oversight, btw). We can finish tasks faster that way.

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    • The relevant Index III threads have been created:

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    • Right, so regarding that countdown feature.

      We can have either a static counter or a live counter.

      For the live counter we'll need to enter some code into the Mediawiki:Common.js page.

      e.g. Subaru Wiki

      Static counter shouldn't be a problem.

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    • Here is the detailed documentation on the Countdown script.  From what I read, it is possible to chain multiple Countdowns, preventing the "counting up" issue on Subaru Wiki. This would be important in case nobody is able to update the countdown.

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    • Seems simple enough. I don't know why the Subaru Wiki hasn't coded it properly. I'll implement it on my personal js file before we finalize it for inclusion on the common.js page.

      Also, I have updated the News section in News Archives/2018 for August. Could you please update the front page news as well?

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    • So I've created a template for the countdown timer for Index III Episode 1: Template:Anime Countdown.

      You can only see it once you have added the relevant JS code to your personal wikia.js file.

      In short it says, "Only XX days, YY hours, ZZ minutes and ## seconds until the premiere of Toaru Majutsu no Index III.

      The countdown date is currently set to "October 5, 2018 22:00:00 +0900" the air time of Episode 1 on AT-X.

      Once the timer hits zero, the message will change to: "Don't miss the premiere of Toaru Majutsu no Index III! Episode 1 is out today!"

      We have ample time to modify the post-countdown code, functioning and stylization of the template.

      If th is is fine, the easiest way to include the countdown JS code on this wiki for everyone is to use the MediaWiki:Import:JS page and enter the one line code:


      After that, we can add the template to the front page at the top.

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    • Also, a reminder about updating the News section with the three new items. nvm.

      EDIT2: News section looking a bit derp right now.

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    • Also, don't mind my bot-like edits. I've recently come across a very useful mass categorization JS tool and I'm putting it to work.

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    • Well, if everyone is in agreement I guess the timer can be implemented now.

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    • Soooo, is anyone going to update the JavaScript? You've got options:

      Also, the news section was updated incorrectly and needs to be fixed.

      Lastly, I would like to request my account to be added to the bot list (or whatever its called). There some mass categorization edits I need to make and it would be best for all if my account had a bot flag on it.

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    • Wait what? What should be done to the News Section?

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    • I mean, I had 3 new news items for August which should have been added to the hot news section with the newest on the top.

      Instead you just took one of them and put it on the bottom of the hot news.

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    • Oh, that was a brain fart on my end. I already fixed it as of posting this message.

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    • Countdown JavaScript imported via MediaWiki:ImportJS and added to front page.

      Still need to tweak the format/style of the table which contains it.

      Just to make sure we're all on the same page, currently when the timer hits zero the message will switch to:

      The countdown time is set to 10pm JST (when Ep 1 airs on AT-X).

      Is everyone fine with the final message and time set?

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    • Seems good to me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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