• I thought it would probably a best to start a new thread for pre-Index III tasks, so here it is.

    I'm gradually assembling a pre-Index III tasklist on my new sandbox page, sorting through links from the volume articles and links from the chapters. OH&S, you have permission to edit it if you wish to do so.

    I was thinking that it would be an idea to split the article work into several phases, with the material likely to be covered earlier done sooner. That way, we'll have a bit more time than just to October 5th.

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    • Not to alarm you but NT21 in October!

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    • It's going to be a very busy Autumn...

      Edit: Do you think we should look for reinforcements or do you reckon we'll be able to manage it?

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    • I have no idea. How many people do we even have that edit consistently?

      • Inept
      • OH&S
      • herald
      • Ollerus
      • helpful anon contributor

      We might be able to better manage as long as we can delegate tasks. For example, as mammoth of a task new LN-related articles are, you seem to have a skill on getting on top of things. herald might be able to take control of some things on the anime side and I can step up on the background work, manga pages, other anime related tasks and any other odd job that comes my way.

      Or we prioritize the anime above the LN, etc. I can guarantee you that we will fall behind come October.

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    • Pretty much for the consistent contributors (I presume you're referring to A125/A175 for the last one). There are a few others whom we could call upon for help at times (e.g. LazyHunter, All fictions etc).

      I agree that it would be best to manage and delegate tasks - all the more reason to get that tasklist done as soon as possible. With regards to the other two, Ollerus tends to specialize in adjustments following on from previously seen changes and A125/A175 tends towards making new chapter articles and some other summaries (though some of their work needs a bit of fine tuning).

      One thing that would probably make the work a little easier would be increased capabilities. Do you reckon it would be alright to ask about them?

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    • No harm in asking.

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    • I'll ask then. If it is OK, do you mind if I nominate you for them?

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    • If we're both nominated I'd be fine with that. This wiki has survived because of the balance between herald, you and me (+other contributors).

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    • I have created a page for Kurosaki Maon's new Index III OP, Gravitation, featured in the new trailer today.

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    • Righto. Usual fretting and fiddling about with words on my end but I've made the suggestion to Herald.

      I'm continuing with the tasklist, though it is still quite messy.

      This shouldn't be too much of a problem, but my family have thrown a small wrench into some of my plans with an October holiday.

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    • Still working on sorting out all of the linked articles and subject references on the tasklist.

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    • More or less finished transferring chapter article lists and volume-linked subjects from the lists in the 'To Be Sorted' section to the individual categories. Will soon begin going through them all and listing the tasks to be done for each of them. Still quite a mess and some things will require further sorting, but could you have a quick look at the primary list to see if there is anything important missing, OH&S?

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    • Sorry, I've been busy lately so I have gotten a chance to respond but the primary list is looking pretty comprehensive.

      That said, its longer than expected. In general, what kind of edits do we need to do on the whole?

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    • In terms of the tasklist, I haven't got through most of the articles (which have links to the respective volumes from references or are linked from the chapter articles) and recorded what needs to be done to them, however I expect that many of the summaries will require reviewing, verifying and cleaning. From preliminary checks while compiling the list, I've observed that many of the V14-22 chapter articles require additions to their own lists and a fair number of them need restructuring to match the layout of the more recent ones. Some of the summaries elsewhere are a bit sparse and they will require expanding. On the other hand, some of the other summaries are somewhat bloated and will require refining. There may also be a number of points where information has been distorted and will require correcting.

      Aside from the pages directly involved with the primary Index III source material, I've also been recording a number of general tasks to be done as well. One of these involves the wiki's image collection - a large proportion of it is not tagged, undescribed and not given fitting names, and has been for a long time. Others include the pages concerning the voice cast, character lists, merchandise and the media lists. The manual of style could also do with a few tweaks. The front page might need some minor adjustments and the Did You Know template could be loaded with fresh items.

      There are a number of references which lack links to their respective volumes or don't follow the standard layout, and I intend to adjust them when I come across them. I've also asked Ollerus to update any which he comes across.

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    • So putting those thoughts into list form, this is what I've got.

      Tentative General Tasklist

      • Chapter Summaries
        • reviewing
        • verifying
        • cleaning
      • Chapter Articles
        • additions to lists
        • restructuring for consistency
        • refining/expanding
        • correcting distortions and other errors
      • Wikia Images
        • many without categories
        • many without descriptions
        • many with poor names
      • Manual of Style
        • Tweaks/Updates
      • Did You Know Template
        • New Items
      • Standardized References
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    • With regards to 'Some of the summaries elsewhere...' to '...distorted and will require correcting.' - this applies to summaries on character and subject articles as well.

      I'm adding additional details to the tasklist. When I've finished, would you like me to keep it where it is or move it to a blog post? (I don't think a forum post or wall thread would be suitable for that list)

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    • Have you encountered a problem with the bulk shift, OH&S?

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    • You better believe it. I stuffed up so I'm going to try again shortly.

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    • Actually scratch that. I need to be in the bot group before I try that again.

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    • Understood. While you're waiting for Herald's reply, could you rename the file for the German flag?

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    • Done so. Was there any other page which used that flag aside from Germany?

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    • Doesn't look like it.

      I'm currently adding information regarding Reference Locations, Links To/From, Tasks and other Notes to the subjects on the pre-Index 3 primary material tasklist. Once that is done, would you like me to keep the tasklist on the sandbox or move it to a blog post?

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    • Not sure at this stage.

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    • I'm working my way up from the bottom and I've just completed Organizations and Factions (following Events, Terminology (Magic/Science) and Other), about 1/4 of the way up. I've still got Setting, Arcs, Volumes and Chapters, Character, Abilities, Locations, 'Equipment, Weapons and Artefacts (Magic/Science)', and 'Vehicles and Craft' to go. I've also made an overhaul tag for certain intensive project work.

      Just for a bit of amusement, I've thought of a contractible name for this pre-Index III project - Series Three Overhaul Project (STOP).

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    • Heh, that's a funny one.

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    • That reminds me - have I asked you about this, All fictions?

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    • Not that I recall.

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    • In which case I'll ask now; if it is OK to do so, would you be willing to assist us with the project?

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    • I can try to do what I can.

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    • Thank you, All fictions. Your assistance is much appreciated.

      Though it is already quite late, I'm currently assembling a detailed tasklist to help coordinate the pre-Index III work and there is also a simplified general list earlier in the thread. I was thinking about carrying out the main work in three parts (OT14-16, 17-19 and 20-22) in order to make best use of the time we have left.

      If I recall correctly, your forte is mythological and mystical subjects, but which general area of the pre-Index III tasks do you think you'd be best suited for/comfortable with?

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    • Let me look through those once I get back home and I will get back to you.

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    • Righto. It's getting late over here, so I'll be going to sleep soon.

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    • Made up for lost time and did Abilities/Locations on the tasklist. Now for the big one - Characters.

      Edit: Tasklist posted without Characters while it is being constructed.

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    • Primary tasklist completed at long last. I'm quite tired so I'll be taking a short break to recharge before planning and proceeding with the rest of the work. If it is OK, OH&S, could you quick-check it in the meantime, prior to our further planning? (Don't do a thorough check, otherwise you might end up with a headache - it has ended up larger than the largest article on the wiki, though that is partially due to duplicates in the character section. I haven't fully standardized the wording as it would have taken too long.)

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