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    This is a continuation of the usual discussion thread. From here.

    The background theme for this thread however is the fact that there are less than 2 months till Index III begins airing (less than 60 days).

    There are key threads already open that discuss Index III:

    Complicating things (or making things more excited) is the recently confirmed release dates for the upcoming LN/manga/anime releases:

    • August 9: Dengeki Magazine V63 with Index III news
    • August 10: Comiket 94 with probable new Index III trailer
    • September 15: Kyoto Anime Fair - Index III Special Stage
    • September 21: Index Manga V21
    • September 27: Astral Buddy Manga V2
    • October 5: Index III Episode 1
    • October 7: Dengeki Bunko Aki no Dengekisai - Index Special Stage - Toaru Project Announcements
    • October 10: NT21
    • October 11: Railgun Manga V14; Accelerator Manga V9
    • October 12: Index III Episode 2 (probable)
    • ...

    The anticipation for October begins!

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    • Toaru Majutsu no Index III Promotional Video 2 revealed.

      Opening: "Gravitation" by Kurosaki Maon

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    • Dude, its okay. You don't need to post the new trailer in this thread. Everyone knows.

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    • A few things to mention:

      • Firstly, I have finished updating the code for Template:Franchise Overview so that the syntax is simpler to read and easier to update. But I'll be around so unless I'm strangely late by a day, I'll continue with the updating of this template.
      • Secondly, Square-Enix and Dengeki Bunko have recently given their websites a complete overhaul. However, this invalidates all of the previous references we had to the site. Fixing them is now on the agenda and this is right up my alley.
      • For Dengeki Bunko in particular because of the change they made to their site, we now won't get any teaser summary, isbn or exact release date for the novel 2 months in advance (at least not from the site). There's only a list. One month before the novel's release date,we'll get everything.
      • The site also seems to have removed all mention of the associated manga releases. Which makes tracking them just that little bit harder.
      • The series pages (portal) have been given a small facelift; small but fancy.

      EDIT: Good news; links to the Dengeki Bunko novels are not invalid; the link automatically redirects to the new page. But from here on out, we shall use the new url format.

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    • Your new tool has me interested, OH&S. Looks useful.

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    • Inept Wiki User
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    • This page contains the instructions for the tool I used. This one does a complete category rename across the site.

      There's another mass categorization tool that's included in the code you copied that targets specific pages in a list. Its more functional than the above one.

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    • But before we go crazy with this tool, I have to caution that the output is very similar to what a bot would do. I think I need to double check with Herald if he needs to put us in a special registered bot group among the users.

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    • Understood. Speaking of categories, Haimura's artwork category may need reordering at some point.

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    • Yeah, that was next on my list. But that's a huge category; so I want to get added to the bot list first. For Nogi Yasuhito, that was my mistake to begin with and its a comparatively small category.

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    • Understood. By the way, I've spoken with Herald regarding the other matter from earlier and from what I can tell, he seems OK with it.

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    • Yeah I saw that. Though I was under the impression you were going to ask for both of us but you just ended up nominating me. Perhaps we should both have a higher level of rights? Maybe not even admin level but a mod level.

      I'll say it again, I like the balance. It doesn't sit right with me that the user that does most of the work will have less user privileges than me.

      We all kinda work on different things.

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    • I can't recall my exact thought process at the time, but I had some lingering doubts when I asked Herald (I think I might have also been wondering if asking for myself might have been pushing my luck), so I think I probably decided to be careful and prioritized your benefit.

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    • Welp, I've got admin privileges now.

      Just to remind me, what was the main purpose of me acquiring this?

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    • The main purpose was to provide you with additional access, tools and other capabilities to further aid you in the crucial period leading up to Index III. In addition to increasing your individual capability, it will also increase the overall capacity, capability and flexibility of the group as a whole and allow us to cover more ground in the short time we have left. It also means you can directly edit stuff like the News section, meaning you won't have the delays and occasional misunderstandings or 'brainfarts' on the other end that are experienced through the current indirect method.

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    • Well, fair enough. I'll put it good use then.

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    • A little minor thing for later - there is a double png on the German flag.

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    • Short story will be released in Dengeki Bunko 25th Anniversary Summer Super Thanks Fair on September.

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    • Found a new tool, OH&S?

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    • Yeah: Mass Editing. I was testing it out to see how it works and what it's limitations are.

      I tested it on two tasks:

      • Swapping Template:PORT Character Infobox to Template:Character Infobox.
      • Updating the references for the Monthly Shonen Gangan Mangas (Index, Movie, Crossover).

      For the first task, it worked perfectly. I made hundreds of edits with my bot account in a matter of minutes using the find and replace option

      The second task had some parts which worked well but ultimately required some manual input as the references could only partially be updated on mass. I used my own account for this one as I didn't expect to make too many edits. Still ended up making about 100 due to running the script a few times.

      Either way, at the end of the day, all Index Manga, Movie Manga and Crossover Manga references have been updated.

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    • To the main site, I see. I imagine the tool will be quite useful in the work to come (it'd certainly make finding and shifting the remaining main article links a breeze).

      One thing that has just popped into my head - do you know of a tool which is capable of more specific searching than the standard search and from it, either tagging or producing a list?

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    • Not that I know of.

      This is actually the hard part of using some of the scripts: you need to have a list ie. generate something looking like a list of the pages you want to target.

      I haven't found an easy way to do this.

      There are always ways of getting something similar to a list but having to clean it up in MS Excel.


      • Get a list of articles in a category.
      • Get a list of pages that link to the current page you are on with the What links here tool.
      • You could probably do it by namespace as well.
      • There are JS scripts that lists articles by what you type in the searchbar.
      • etc.

      But its not easy.

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    • I see. I already make extensive use of the first two, and I'll investigate the last one.

      If it is OK, could you give the bot the main link template shift task at some point? (i.e. shifting the remaining Main article: X which are written in the articles to the {{Main|X}} template)

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    • That might not be possible. It looks similar to the problem I had with the manga references.

      I had to do the following: Convert

      • [oldaddress/###.html]


      • [newaddress/###/]

      Because the ### part was different for each volume, I had to run the script at least twice: once to replace the text left of ###; and another to replace the text to the right.

      Luckily for me there was unique text on the right side I could use to find and replace with.

      For your example, I probably can't do the same for the part after the "X".

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    • Yes, that does look problematic. The ]]'' probably wouldn't be any good, as there are others which share it. Oh well, if we cannot find a way to get around it, we can use the first part to identify them and deal with the remainder manually.

      By the way, there is one PORT Character Infobox left on your sandbox.

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    • Yeah, its just a broken link. No biggie.

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    • It might be possible to do what you've asked using AutoWikiBrowser. I'll look into it.

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    • Thanks OH&S. I'm resuming work on the tasklist and I've reached the Locations section on the primary list on my way up. Providing it won't cause a headache, at some point could you have a quick look at the sections below it?

      Edit: Understood. Good night.

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    • Later. I need to sleep.

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    • I have shifted my focus to revamping the manga volume pages.

      eg. Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 01

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    • Kyoto Anime Fair - Index III Special Stage soon ended.
      Nothing revealed in Kyoto Anime Fair.
      We're getting the new informations after the movie rebroadcast at the end of September.

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    • How are things on your end at the moment, OH&S?

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    • I'm alive. But I've been a bit out of it for the past few days. Not sick, but strangely lethargic and head occupied with other thoughts.

      Haven't had a chance to go over you tasklist either. <sigh>

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    • Understood, OH&S. I'm not fully recharged yet, but I'm going to be resuming work soon - is there anything in particular which you would like me to focus on while you recover?

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    • Nothing on the top of my head.

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    • Starting to panic a bit.

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    • Why would you–

      "8 days left till Index III premiere"


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    • Indeed. Eight days left, there is masses of work to be carried out and more stuff on the way (both internal and external). There has been no contact from any of the others and subsequently a fair bit of the initial work will likely have to be carried out unplanned. What's more, I've been experiencing a hot, stabbing pain in the back of my left shoulder which is probably connected to my computer activities and will probably necessitate a reduction in such activity. As such, coupled with existing influx concerns, I'm even more worried than I usually am.

      That aside, how are you at the moment, OH&S?

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    • So-so. I've been feeling pretty drained this week. But I've got an extra long weekend so I should be able to recharge. I need to organize what I want to accomplish before Index III begins. Less than a week now!

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    • Understood, OH&S. While you recharge, I'm going to do some of the Part 1 primary material work unplanned while also devising a few plans for the rest of the work to come. When you have recovered, I'll post them in the Pre-Index III tasks thread so we can compare and coordinate. In the meantime, are there any areas in particular which you would like me to leave alone for the time being?

      P.S. While I remember, there are a few non-urgent tasks on the general tasklist which will need a little admin assistance at some point; renaming images with non-subject-related names, renewing the Did You Know? selection and updating the archives when the new poll and Featured Articles are put in place, however these aren't as important as the other tasks and can wait a little longer.

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    • Not really.

      I'm waiting for HQ versions of Astral Buddy V2 so I can update the chapter titles.

      I need to update the news section with some of the latest updates.

      Then I need to catch up with the Index Manga Volume pages updates I was doing before I paused it.

      I also had some images I wanted to add to the wiki from Struggle Battle (their colored illustrations of LN characters).

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    • Righto. I know you'll be careful with the last one.

      I'll start off with restructuring some of the LN chapters which are not in the current format and correcting a few link mistakes, as well as verifying the chapters for the manga chapters' Adaptation sections. Then I'll make a start on the subjects covered in Volume 14. I'll also think of some new items to put in the Did you know? box.

      One other thing, OH&S. Do you want me to try to make a smaller version of the tasklist which is a bit less likely to cause a headache?

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    • Perhaps a super high level version? Though the detailed one you made has its own value.

      But I think if you've been working so hard on this wiki that its given you physical pain, its a sign you need to reduce your workload ASAP; invest some time and money into your own health.

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    • I'm planning to add the new design images which were released today. I was also thinking about adding the facial profiles as temporary anime infobox image placeholders - is this OK with you, OH&S?

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    • That seems fine as they are temporary. Don't forget Acqua and Terra's profiles.

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    • Righto. I got a little bit sidetracked earlier reading about the tower ravens (on that note, would I be correct in assuming that it was one of them which Othinus rode and Touma mistook for a hawk, rather than one from outside?).

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    • Don't forget to activate this again when Dengeki Online eventually posts its next episode synopsis: Template:AnimeUpdate

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    • ^ Good point.

      I have finished updating the Index Manga Volume pages. The other manga volume pages can wait as far as I'm concerned.

      I've completed all the leftover tasks I can think of before Index III begins in a bit over 4 days from now!!

      As for Inept, I'd need to reread that part to confirm. It's a bit of a blur right now.

      Are there any other tasks which absolutely need to be completed before Index III airs?

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    • OH&S wrote:

      Good point.

      I have finished updating the Index Manga Volume pages. The other manga volume pages can wait as far as I'm concerned.

      I've completed all the leftover tasks I can think of before Index III begins in a bit over 4 days from now!!

      As for Inept, I'd need to reread that part to confirm. It's a bit of a blur right now.

      Are there any other tasks which absolutely need to be completed before Index III airs?

      Yeah, cleaning up the DRAGON Arc + World War III Arcs and all of its associated articles and all the character Chronologies and profiles that comes with it. Good luck.

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    • And cleaning up after a certain someone as well...

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    • Parts 2 & 3 will be tackled in due course. Part 1 takes priority at present.

      With regards to the comment earlier OH&S, I think I had a slight misunderstanding with regards to Othinus's education comment ("Now that is sad to hear. Has basic education changed that much?”).

      The shoulder pain and headaches are persisting, but I'm going to continue on regardless.

      P.S. Regarding the top navigation OH&S, I think 'Other' might be better than 'All other' for the manga section.

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    • Yeah, cleaning up the DRAGON Arc + World War III Arcs and all of its associated articles and all the character Chronologies and profiles that comes with it. Good luck.

      That's probably already listed on Inept's tasklist; its a fairly exhaustive piece of work. That said, its not something I can do; long write ups aren't my thing as is evident in the kinds of edits I do.

      And cleaning up after a certain someone as well...


      The shoulder pain and headaches are persisting, but I'm going to continue on regardless.

      No! Do the opposite and rest!

      Also, "All other" changed to "Other" as per suggestion.

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    • Understood, OH&S. I'll rest for a bit, though I can't afford to rest too long. I'm minimizing computer activity at the moment and making use of printouts and scrap paper (of which I probably won't be running out of any time soon). Aside from exercises and posture, I've also been looking into the possibility of other temporary alternatives to lessen the load, including dictation (though the microphone doesn't seem to be working).

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    • If you don't mind me asking, have you seen a doctor about this? I'm not sure if you're in the States and don't have access to cheap and affordable healthcare but where I live, you can go to a doctor for a free checkup.

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    • Not yet, but I'm planning to go tomorrow during the drop-in times at the local surgery.

      Edit (02/10/2018): There are few items which have been marked for deletion and a few duplicate images for the HsB (the images posted on the article beforehand are also not particularly well named). If it is OK, could you handle them, OH&S?

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    • ^ I'll get onto that tomorrow.

      I've accomplished all of my pressing goals.

      • Astral Buddy Volume 2 updates completed.
      • Index Manga Volume pages updates completed.
      • News has been updated.
      • Navbar has been updated.

      Still outstanding:

      • Index III preparation - template re-use
      • remove duplicates/marked articles etc.

      3 days left

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    • The Character PV for Misaka Mikoto is deleted in Toaru Project Youtube Channel.

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    • ^ Its back now.

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    • I have removed all unneeded duplicate images and cleared the articles/files marked for deletion/speedy deletion.

      Only the anime stuff is left.

      2 days left

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    • (Worry and tension rising. Cue the Devil's Galop.)

      P.S. Pre-NT21 poll added to front page. Could you archive the post-NT20 poll, OH&S?

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    • post-NT20 poll archived in the Poll Results. Also cleaned up outdated comments in Template:Polls and Results. You can undo it if you find it necessary.

      OP and ED for Index III might drop tonight where I am so I'll be on the lookout for that.

      Still need to experiment with Template:AnimeUpdate.

      Index III will premiere tomorrow.

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    • As Episode 1 airs in approximately 24 hours, I am notifying everyone that I will be creating a new discussion thread tomorrow with the currently airing anime being the main context. I will remind everyone of some ground rules ahead of time which I think everyone implicitly knows but will good to put them out there. More on that tomorrow.

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    • Understood, OH&S. It won't be possible to carry out the full tasks, but I'm going to carry out preliminary revision for the articles connected to V14 in the time we have left. I'm also going to write an initial Uploading Guide (a red-link which someone added a video into earlier and which I had temporarily redirected). If I have an opportunity, I'll also carry out a few tidying sweeps as well.

      I'm fairly sure don't need to say this, but please remain vigilant.

      P.S. Just remembered this; could you update the Community Messages with the usual pre-volume warning and a little note about the ongoing overhaul and new anime conduct?

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    • Thread continues here.

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