• Hi herald, I was hoping to make some mass categorization edits on the wiki but require to be put in the "bot" group so I can do so unimpeded.

    Would that be possible from your end?

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    • Welp, I can't do that myself. You have to contact Staff about it. At the very least I can give permission to have your bots used on this wiki.

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    • Ah. I see how this works now. If I raise a bot flag on my account, the entire account is treated like a bot and no edits will show on the recent changes. But the limited editing rate (1 edit/second) still holds for the bot.

      So in other words, we'd need a separate account just for the bot for it to do its thing. Or separate bot accounts for separate scripts.

      So my account getting a bot flag is the wrong approach; but this mass categorization is only semi-automatic (needs to be manually set up for a specific task).

      I thought the mass categorization I attempted failed because of the limited editing rate but it turns out it was just me accidentally terminating the process partway through.

      I don't know if I want to make a separate account for it. herald, do I have permission to try the mass categorization again knowing full well that it will drown the recent changes page in edits? Or would you like me to create a bot account?

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    • Just make a bot account. It also prevents your account from being whack from being turned into a bot in case it happens.

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    • I have made a new account to be used for BOT edits: OH&S BOT. All I need is a visible confirmation allowing this account to be a bot for this wikia and I can pass that onto staff.

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    • You have my go ahead. Roam and lay waste on the wiki aid your master, OH&S BOT!

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    • OH&S BOT is now in the bot group. Roboteer, standby.

      Edit: 3, 2, 1, activate!

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    • In Mr Burns' voice: Excellent.

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    • I've made good use of the bot account and have migrated Category:Artwork by Kiyotaka Haimura ---> Category:Artwork by Haimura Kiyotaka.

      It wasn't seamless though. I used one script to rename the category but it stopped after 500 images. Afterwards I couldn't get a list of the remaining files in the category so I had to manually paste things into Excel and make the list there.

      I then used another script with the generated list to replace the remaining categories. Bu then I screwed up and spelt Artwork as Atrowrk leading to 800+ files with a wrongly spelt category.

      So I then ran the script again to fix the incorrect spelling.

      With everything almost done, there strange errors where some files (about 10) were still listed in the incorrect category pages even after their category was fixed; I re-categorized them manually to be doubly sure they were correct.

      Anyways, its all done. 1,311 images now correctly categorized.

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    • A FANDOM user
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