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    This is a continuation of the usual discussion thread. From here.

    The background theme for this thread however is the fact that the Index III anime airs today along with light novel NT21 releasing on October 10th.

    There are key threads already open that discuss Index III:

    Complicating things (or making things more excited) is the recently confirmed release dates for the upcoming LN/manga/anime releases:

    • October 5: Index III Episode 1
    • October 7: Dengeki Bunko Aki no Dengekisai - Index Special Stage - Toaru Project Announcements
    • October 10: NT21
    • October 11: Railgun Manga V14; Accelerator Manga V9
    • October 12: Index III Episode 2*
    • October 19: Index III Episode 3*
    • October 26: Index III Episode 4*, Railgun C109, Accelerator C49, Idol C38, Astal Buddy C15
    • October 27: Virtual-On Manga V2
    • October 28: Virtual-On C11
    • October 30: Index Manga V15 (Eng)
    • November 2: Index III Episode 5*

    Major Notes about Anime


    All images being used in the Episode articles which are snapshots from the episode should be in the following format:

    • Toaru Majutsu no Index III E## ##m ##s.jpg
    • Categorized as Anime Images, Episode Images and Toaru Majutsu no Index III images

    This is to keep consistency with the images in the previous 4 anime seasons. Any image being used in the episode articles that are snapshots from the episode and do not conform to the established naming format will be deleted.

    Manual of Style

    So we have a manual of style linked to on our front page that hasn't been updated. While I don't have the drive to get around to refreshing it, I did want to point out one thing regarding the issue of how to refer to characters in an article.

    • For Japanese Names:
      • All full names will be written in Family Name - Given Name form e.g. Kamijou Touma
      • All singular references to characters will be by first name. e.g Touma.
    • For Non Japanese Names:
      • All full names will be written in Western format e.g. Stiyl Magnus
      • All singular references to characters will be by first name e.g. Stiyl
    • Exceptions to these rules:
      • Direct quotes and references from franchise material
      • Official publisher's summaries for franchise material
      • Characters who are primarily referred to by their surname.
        • e.g. Leivinia Birdway, Samuel Mathers
        • Use context to determine what to refer to them as.

    Key Anime Pages

    These will be updated every week. Template:AnimeUpdate will be put on the front page after the first episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode III has aired.

    Availability of Admins

    I will probably not be available at the time the anime airs. Bad time zone compatibility. So for 6 - 12 hours after the anime episode airs, any admin issues can be directed to the other admins:

    Let this crazy month of Index begin! Episode 1 airs in T minus 2.5 hours!!

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