• Hello GreatEye

    Sorry to bother you, but would it be alright to ask you a few admin-related questions?

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    • Yes?

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    • Thanks Great Eye, and sorry for the delay.

      Regarding the matter from earlier, I felt I spent a bit too much time determining all of the reasons to put down and should have been more decisive, so I thought I should ask in order to avoid a repeat in the future. (There have also been a few other cases which have sort of been tip-toeing the line in a different manner)

      With regards to the earlier deleted comments from B-50, aside from being off-topic and baiting, what other reasons do you reckon would have been applicable to put down as reasons (I'd also been considering non-constructive, language, borderline spam, and some way to describe hate/false/nonsense stuff which I couldn't decide how to say). Also, for future reference, when dealing with posts which are basically hateful fallacious codswallop, what do you reckon would be the best way to word it?

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    • I can't think of any other reasons. They were off-topic hit and run posts designed to troll/bait/flame, and he seemed to have no intention of discussing his opinions on the matter despite being relatively active in comments.

      As for your last question we use the term "Shitposting" generally used for anything non-constructive, obstructive, hateful, trolling/flaming/baiting, off-topic, etc., generally any post whose sole purpose is to cause a negative reaction on the reader.

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