• Hey there! I'm planning some stuff around A Certain Scientific Accelerator, and I wanted to see if you had any plans. Have we considered where that content might live? It's certainly related to content here, but I don't know if that's part of your content plan or not.

    EDIT: I got ya. -- herald_of_meridian

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    • A Certain Scientific Accelerator. The series is covered here along with all other parts of the overall Toaru series. We're currently carrying out plans and work ahead of the upcoming Accelerator anime, as well as other new and recent releases.

      Could you elaborate on what you had in mind?

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    • Sorry, Magical got stuck in my head! As for specific plans, I was more trying to see if the admins here had anything planned. I definitely want to do some promotional efforts, maybe make a landing page, etc., but I also wanted to see if you had planned any efforts so I'm not stepping on toes. Do you have a Discord? Might be easier to just talk there so we can discuss what's possible, what's planned, etc.

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    • The wiki itself doesn't have a Discord for it. Why not contact us from here then? This wiki is pretty much active after all.

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    • Are you still up for discussion, Furusato? (I don't use Discord, so it'll probably have to be here)

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    • Hello, I'm Lucas, another member of the Fandom Anime Content team like Furusato. Other projects are taking up a bit more of his time than expected, so I'll mostly be in touch from now on. 

      I read through the Accelerator - Plans and Progress thread, and it seems like you folks have a pretty solid idea of the direction you want to take the wiki and how to handle the recent release of the Accelerator anime. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need a hand implementing any of those changes, I'm here to help as best I can. 

      I was also wondering if it's okay for me to make some edits around the wiki? It'd mostly be grammar and readability edits to the more popular pages, and also some organizational changes like making sure all pages have at least one category. Nothing major, but hopefully these edits would encourage people to stay on pages longer, explore more of it, and maybe even contribute themselves. 

      Lastly, Fandom is running a couple of giveaway sweepstakes that tie into the launch of the summer anime season. We already have one going for Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga , and Fire Force. We'd also love to host a giveaway tied to the Toaru wiki, if it's okay with you folks. The prize for the sweepstakes would probably be the first volume of one of the manga series, a Fandom anime t-shirt, and maybe one or two other goodies. 

      Sorry for typing out a book, but please let me know how all this sounds when you have a moment. Above all else, I'm here to help your wiki grow. So feel free to let me know if you have any questions or issues you'd like to discuss. Thanks!

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    • Hello Lucas. Thank you for getting in touch and sorry for the late reply.

      • It should be OK to make grammatical and readability edits, so long as context is kept in mind while making them (there have been a few occasions in the past where users have inadvertently introduced distortions into article information by rewording the text without keeping context in mind - these have been a bit of a headache).
      • With regards to uncategorized articles, the special page indicates that all articles have at least one category and as far as I know most of them are fine, though it is still possible that a few may have slipped through the net - if so, it might take some time to track them down.
      • With regards to the giveaway, how would that be conducted - would it be presented via a blog post?
      • There are a number of questions and points which I would like to discuss in further detail, if it is OK with you. I can't convey all of them immediately, but I'll put a few down below for the time being:
        • As you have probably gathered, there are a considerable number of plans in progress on the wiki at the moment. A fair number of these plans have been noted down, however there are a number of them which haven't been written down yet (some of them pertaining to the overhauls which are going to be carried out on quite a few of the major articles).
        • Due to both internal and external circumstances, we've been a little overloaded for a while, so some additional beneficial help would be much appreciated.
        • With regards to structural and navigational edits, which you mentioned in the messages to Great Eye and Herald, what articles and what changes did you have in mind?
        • With regards to the site in general, are the Wikia Visualization images still being used?
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    • By the way Lder1995, this wiki also has a Twitter account (@IndexWiki) which I'm currently moderating. If you need any correspondence through Twitter, you can contact me there.

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    • Thanks for getting in touch! 

      I promise to be extrememly mindful when making grammar and readability edits. If it brings any peace of mind, I do have a background in anime and general media writing, so I'm used to convaying the more abstract and complicated ideas found in a series like Index

      The giveaway would be presented as a blog post, and have the same rules, restrictions, and formatting as the giveaways I linked to previously. 

      As for structural and navagational changes, it'd be mostly minor things like filling in dead links. For instance, I noticed that the 'Most Popular' link under the Community tab doesn't go anywhere. Also perhapse reorganizing the 'Characters' category so that it's organized in a way that's more intuative than just alpahabetical order. This would be a bigger undertaking, though, and I'm not sure I have the availability to work on that in the near future. 

      Also I'm sorry to say that I'm not really familiar with Wikia Visualization images or the situation surrounding them. 

      I hope this offers some clarity, and feel free to get in touch again if you have any further questions or would like my assistance in tackeling a specific project. 

      - Lucas

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    • A FANDOM user
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