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    New thread opened.
    12:04, April 10, 2020

    New thread for the new season.

    • NT22R is out; end of NT. Next Series in 2020.
    • Accel anime is airing; hopefully not sh*t like Index III.
    • Slider is now on the front page and is fully functional.
      • Revisions from Inept still need to be considered.
    • Currently testing replacement for Template:OneRow Volume
      • See demos here.
      • Looks like I'll need to do a manual replacement of all the templates like the previous infoboxes I was working on. Hopefully this time, my BOT account can give me an edge.

    EDIT: Continuing the conversation:

    Inept Wiki User wrote: I think I'll try those out. I take it the flags are for the volume boxes and that it is a new version you're currently working on with the One Row Test template.

    Just remembered something - do you know if the Wikia Visualization images are still used?

    Which images are those?

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    • These two:

      • File:Wikia-Visualization-Main,toarumajutsunoindex.png
      • File:Wikia-Visualization-Main.png

      Such images were used for promotional purposes on the bottom row, however I wasn't sure if they were still used due to the format change.

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    • "hopefully not sh*t" is what you meant I hope?

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    • @Inept: It doesn't look like anything was done with those images. But I do remember seeing it used. When an admin goes to edit the mobile version of the front page, that image is present with the description of the series. However it doesn't actually appear on the mobile version of the front page. So in practice, there's no harm in updating the image to something more current but don't expect that many people will see it.

      @The Lord Reader: Whoops. I'm not so cynical that I wish for the entire franchise to burn because of Index III; just Nishikiori. Fixed.

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    • I've updated the Anime Countdown and the Poll.

      This may well just be my usual tendency to worry too much, but if it is OK, OH&S and Lord Reader, could you keep an eye on this thread and its counterparts on GreatEye and Herald's walls?

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      • I have finished upgrading Template:OneRow Volume.
        • Still have to figure out how to implement the case-by-case preload templates; what's there should work in the mean time.
      • I have also retired Template:One Row Test. It started with the first upgrade of OneRow Volume and now dies with its last.
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      • The Preload Templates will be fixed soon once the latest JS code I've submitted is accepted.
      • Created a new quick link template: Template:qnl - Quick Novel Chapter Link
        • I'm currently researching if the editor syntax highlighting can be modified to give a different color to the quick link templates vs the regular templates. Seems like a long shot though...
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    • Made the NT22R chapter articles with bare bones. Haven't fully sorted out the subject list in the plan thread. Unable to do any more tonight and likely won't be able to continue until tomorrow afternoon. Using 'Post-Coronzon Arc' as placeholder arc header.

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      • Preload Templates now working as intended as JS code has been accepted.
      • I have found a pathway to customize the syntax highlighting in editor mode. However, it looks to be a lot of work that I don't feel like committing to anytime soon; maybe at all.
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    • I have made significant unexpected progress on updating the syntax highlighting in editor mode. On my personal wikia.js space, I've got it working such that the qvl, qcl, qnl and qal quick link templates have a distinctively different color to regular templates.

      Before I take the initial steps to make this available to the entire wiki, I still need to check a few things:

      1. General Opinions on the choice of color: #E3D9F6
      2. Any other template to give a different color? My suggestions: Template:Nihongo
      3. Check if there is a more efficient way to get the same result by consulting the dev wiki.
      4. Set up permanent pages for the highlighter js code.
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    • Astral Buddy Volume 3 Chapter Titles added. Still a bit iffy on the Japanese characters and translations for some due to the low quality of the ToC image on Amazon Japan. Treat the titles and translations as temporary for the time being.

      • Setup for custom highlighting is going slow due to running in to new problems.
      • But added new rule for Template:Nihongo and Template:Link color.
      • Potential for more inline templates to be added.
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    • Understood regarding Volume 3. Unable to provide feedback on syntax highlighting stuff due to computer problem. Will try to fix tomorrow.

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    • Do you have a sample for the result of the highlighting syntax, OH&S?

      Also, just so you know, I had to move several pages back earlier due to unsolicited renaming. I'm keeping an eye out for any further moves on that front.

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    • Sample can be found here.

      Renamed pages noted.

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    • Thanks, OH&S. Looks good.

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    • Cool. As an update, I'm still working my way through the implementation issue for the custom syntax highlighting. The issue is that the custom JS scripts do not work when importing using importArticles or importJS. But they do work if you directly paste the code into wikia.js/common.js.

      I'm just waiting for advice on the dev wiki to check if I'm doing anything wrong. If nothing can be done, I'll be going ahead with directly pasting the code and submitting it for review.

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    • Delete comment. It's advert.

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    • Comment deleted.

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    • As you know, the last BD/DVD volume of Index III anime was released on July 30th, 2019. Also Toaru Majutsu no Index III Amazon bonus Drama CD was released as a bonus for those who purchased the limited editions of anime volumes 1 to 8 on Amazon. Titled Anglican Church Women's Dormitory, it will cover a chapter from Toaru Majutsu no Index SS which wasn't adapted to anime form. See News Archives.

      I'm going to create the article for it, but I'm not sure what title is appropriate for the article. We already have article named Anglican Church Women's Dormitory.

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    • ^ That's a tricky one. That said, I nominate Toaru Majutsu no Index III Drama CD.

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    • Anglican Church Women's Dormitory (Drama CD)

      Wouldn't be the first time we have many articles sharing the same name, like Accelerator, Kamijou Touma, Kakine Teitoku, etc.

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    • Article created. I redirected Anglican Church Women's Dormitory (Drama CD) to that page as well.

      Also we got the voice actor for AI-Equipped Fully Automatic Washing Machine. It has the same voice actor as Kamijou Touma.

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    • Customized Wikitext Syntax Highlighting in the source editor is now live!!!

      Quick link templates qvl, qcl, qnl and qal will now be highlighted purple. Templates still not clear for general use. But they are almost ready.

      Inline templates Nihongo, Link color and update will now be highlighted orange.

      Explanation of code will be found at MediaWiki:Custom-SyntaxHighlighter.

      Blog post and Community message will be made later.

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    • If it is OK, at some point, could someone check the kana used for each of the individual pre-NT22R mentions for the royal maids?

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    • Quick templates announcement now added to my message wall. Not sure how to change it to a Wiki notification...

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    • The page which deals with wiki notifications is accessed via the Admin Dashboard's Announcements button. I've made a new notification linking to the quick link and syntax highlighting announcement thread.

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    • Out of curiosity OH&S, what do you have in mind for your next project?

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    • ^Thanks for the announcement and info.

      Next projects? Nothing big lined up. But I might get back to the older tasks which kinda stalled:

      • Update Dengeki Daioh Volume References to
      • Deal with Manga Volume Stubs
      • Add some new CSS/JS to the wiki
      • Determine Regex for replacing old wikilinks with new quicklinks and see if a bot can take care of past references on the entire wiki. (No luck so far).
      • Maaaaaaaybe update A Certain Unified Calendar. (Gotta reread AB, Railgun and read Railgun SS3.)

      Anything else can wait; I'm taking it easy for the time being.

      Unless you have identified something that my technical skills can aid with...

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    • I haven't identified any new technical issues yet. Speaking of stalling, I've got a bit of a problem with that on my end. I'm not sure if it is spending too much time in front of a screen, disorganization, being unaccustomed to heat, lack of exercise or just being a bit tired, but I can't seem to get my creative engine going properly. Depending on how things go, I might have to take a short break.

      P.S. Have also begun to wonder if keeping a highly comprehensive log might have been a bit of a mistake.

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    • ^ I know the feeling.

      Yeah that log is incredibly comprehensive and runs the risk of being a time sink.

      If taking a break is what you need, go for it. Maintaining the wiki should be done out of love for the series and not essentially be a second job. Maybe that requires limiting your time or changing how you tackle some tasks.

      I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your predicament.

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    • OK at the moment, OH&S?

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    • Yeah. Just resting and taking a break.

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    • Hope it is a nice and restful one.

      Slight problem which I thought I should check - I've been trying to plot the target point for the Ceremony of Mo Athair using the map with the centre points uploaded earlier and a protractor, however I've ended up over land.

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    • The center point of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is located in approximately 2.4km off the coast at Moracambe. The location is so close to the land that the zoomed out map cannot distinguish the actual location of the position.

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    • That isn't the point I was aiming for - it was the point equidistant from the centre points of the four regions.

      Do you reckon we should re-check that little detail in the raw?

      Edit: Just received some news on the MoPai Wiki. Looks like my workload might be increasing a bit.

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    • I think it is time to remove Virtual-On in Franchise Overview.

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    • I concur, although I'm not sure about the structure afterwards.

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    • What about remove Virtual-On and replace it to Dark Matter? Dark Matter Chapter 1 had been released two days ago, but there is no notice for it.

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    • Added a notice regarding Dark Matter in the News section. Haven't got an image ready for the Franchise Overview switch yet. Still need to catch up after dusting.

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    • Use the pic of Kakine in File:INDEXIII Anime v2.jpg.

      Rather, leave updating the Franchise Overview to me. We've got some time until whenever the next release is. I'll also need to update a few templates to accommodate the new series.

      But just so I'm on the same page, the current plan is to replace the Virtual-On space with Dark Matter?

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    • That is what we were considering. If you are OK with it then I'll leave the Franchise Overview to you, OH&S.

      By the way OH&S, are you aware of the little problem involving the Ceremony of Mo Athair?

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    • Just remembered something - it is going to be the wiki's 10th anniversary on the 19th.

      Edit (03/09/19): Work delayed. Having trouble focusing due to an annoying sore throat.

      Edit (06/09/19): Feeling better. Still got a fair bit of catarrh but it no longer hurts to swallow. Going to try and catch up, and capitalize on positive state to make a bit of progress. Started 10th anniversary plan thread.

      Edit (13/09/19): Have had an idea concerning episode images which I thought might be worth noting down. I've been planning to do a systematic sweep through the images for a while now and this would include putting in the source (with a link to the source's article). In conjunction with this, what I was thinking was that we could rig up a template which produces a link leading to the Special:WhatLinksHere for the page and set to the Files, and put it in the infobox template.

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