• Following on from the previous thread, this thread is for discussion, brainstorming and joint-planning on the wiki from the start of 2020 onwards. With Railgun T beginning on January 10th and Souyaku beginning on February 10th, we still have much to do...

    See here for the joint recap from two weeks ago covering the previous six months.

    Edit: Have just updated and transferred the overview table for the Shared Drafts to its own template.

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    • There are a number of tasks in the leadup to Railgun T for which I'm in need of assistance/feedback, some of which have Shared Drafts assigned to them and any help with which would be greatly appreciated:

      • For the start of Railgun T, I was thinking of updating to a new Featured Article and have been considering possibilities (some currently listed with rough notes in SD56) - any thoughts/suggestions on the matter?
      • SD28 is being used for a Railgun T Shared Tasklist - I need urgent help in assembling a list of subject articles connected (in a similar manner to the ones I've previously done for Index III and Accelerator), as well as a list of tasks we need to carry out.
      • SD50 has been assigned for collecting of uploaded Railgun T images once the anime begins. SD52-55 have been assigned to collecting the images which are already on the wiki for some of the more recent manga arcs (SD52 for the Dream Ranker Arc, SD53 for the Jailbreaker Arc, SD54 for the Nectar Arc and SD55 for Astral Buddy). Could someone help me with assembling the images currently on the wiki on there so we know what we've currently got?
      • SD33, SD34, SD35 have been assigned for tracking purposes - the idea is to log the progress/current status of the sub-sections on articles for episodes and chapters. At present, the links have not been fully assembled/sorted, and the tables have not been fully implemented. Can anyone see any room of improvement with the tables? Also, if anyone has a moment once the tables are in operation, could they help in assembling the information?
      • Can anyone think of any tasks which we can give to the Wiki Manager to lighten the load?
      • Note: An article list is being assembled in SD57 to assist with bot sweeps.
      • More to come

      Just so it is known, I'm planning to restart the Image Information Survey sweeps as soon as possible, as it will be necessary to finish them before certain other projects are initiated.

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    • Is Kaysuami still the go-to guy for images? I do cover the Dream Ranker Arc and Jailbreaker Arc, but only for the synopses part.

      Now regarding the Featured Article, let's go for the Daihasei Festival itself.

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    • Yeah, I am still theĀ go-to guy for images.

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    • Alright, that I will leave to you.

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    • I think that task was gathering the images that are already on the wiki to confirm what we've already got.

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    • Yes, it is assembling the ones we've already got on the wiki for those particular arcs. I know you tend to be more for uploading new images, Kaysuami, but would you be OK with tackling this particular task?

      Dratted computer problems again...

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    • What is this particular task?

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    • I was attempting to gather all of the images that are already on the wiki for certain recent manga story arcs, so we have a clear idea of what we already have for them. They are being assembled in galleries on several of the Shared Drafts:

      The task was to continue and complete the assembly. Would you be OK with it, Kaysuami?

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    • I will tried to look for them

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    • Thanks, Kaysuami.

      Just so it is known, Ollerus and I are currently working on revisions to the Daihaseisai's articles on the assumption that another article won't be chosen to be featured first.

      There is another task from earlier which I need additional assistance with. Shared Draft 28 is being used for a Railgun T Shared Tasklist - I need help in assembling a list of subject articles connected (in a similar manner to the ones I've previously done for Index III and Accelerator), as well as a list of tasks we need to carry out.

      Edit: OH&S has also voiced support for featuring the Daihaseisai article.

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    • One day to Railgun T Episode 1. Since we know roughly what it will be covering, I'll begin assembling a list of images to watch out for in Template:Shared Draft 25. When new Railgun T images are uploaded, we'll also be gathering them in Template:Shared Draft 50.

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    • Ok on it tomorrow.

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    • With regards to Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01, this might be a bit early, but given the cover image and short synopsis, I'm planning to use Christmas Arc for the initial arc name placeholder when we do our initial work on it. There might be a change of procedure with the plan thread this time, given that there are plans on Community Central for the retirement of the Forums.

      Edit: The side-story accompanying Railgun T is going to focus on Agnese.

      Edit (15/01/2020): As you may have seen from the stream yesterday, Nephthys and Niang-Niang are going to be involved in part of the next Imaginary Fest event (NT10-based). Depending on whether the section is voiced or not (as the NT8 Epilogue bit was), we might find out who is going to be voicing them.

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    • Have created a separate thread specifically for the stuff strongly focused on Railgun T. Intend to continue using this thread for other stuff, including Souyaku and the general overhaul projects.

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    • High Priest, Nephthys and Niang-Niang voiced in NT10Ep section in Toaru IF.

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    • Just so people know for future operation planning, the TrackTags don't interfere with field and link operations if they end up inside them.

      Examples of use could include checking for long volume links and infobox fields in a full sweep.

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    • A FANDOM user
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