• New thread since we're in April.

    Wouldn't have thought we'd be in this position three months ago, but here we are...

    Railgun T's production and broadcast schedule is currently in doubt due to the COVID-19 event forcing Japan to declare several states of emergency across the country. Many highly anticipated anime series that were due to broadcast this season (Oregairu, SAO, Re:Zero) have been pushed to July. Here's hoping that they at least finish the Daihaseisai Arc.

    Dengeki Bunko Magazine (whose final print edition was released today) revealed that Toaru Majutsu no Index: Gaiten Shoku Volume 1 (とある魔術の禁書目録 外典書庫(1)) will be released in June. This is the BD side story collection that Miki promised would be released as a full light novel earlier this year.

    Gaiten Shoku translates to "Apocrypha Archive" but that's probably not a suitable translation. Apocrypha are works, usually written, of unknown authorship or of doubtful origin; as opposed to canon written by the actual author. These side stories are written by the original author, Kamachi Kazuma. The intent of the word is meant to convey that these stories exist outside the main novels. i.e. side stories. So the intent is something like Side Story Library/Stack Room/Archive etc. For the record, js06 is calling it the Side Story Archive.

    Also worth noting is that Haimura is surprised he's been credited for the illustrations as Fuyukawa illustrated the Railgun SS novels. Perhaps Norse Mythology SS is coming out first?

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    • Understood regarding new developments. I'll make a note under News (and that will probably be my lot for tonight)(Edit: I've been foiled).

      I'm a bit cheesed off at not being able to make much progress during the week, so I'm going to get cracking during the weekend. There are few possibilities which I'm considering which I will discuss with you when they are sufficiently thought out.

      Edit (11/04/2020): OH&S, I've made a draft for a possible data gathering blog post (perhaps to be made with a notification). Do you reckon this would be able to gather the relevant information properly?

      I've also been planning several sub-operations for overhauling, one of which (currently called Operation Fulgurate) is for refining the Railgun T-related stuff. I'm currently assembling a list of the relevant articles.

      Also, I've been considering the possibility of locking several pages while intensive work is being done to them, however I wasn't sure whether it would be necessary or appropriate - what do you reckon?

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    • You probably noticed OH&S, but Ollerus is back, having been sent home due to health issues (not connected to COVID-19, he's apparently OK).

      P.S. Speaking of COVID-19, was a bit down yesterday due to Tim Brooke-Taylor's death (not long after I got the complete collection for the Goodies).

      Edit: Sorry to bother you with something so minor, but do you happen to know the code for having a template switch between two different texts?

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    • I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to in particular but I find it helpful to go back to the wikipedia help pages to refresh my memory:

      Also noticed Ollerus's early return.

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    • You saw the questions/notes from the 11th on this thread I presume?

      Edit (16/04/2020): Do you have any stuff for the Image Tasklist at the moment, OH&S?

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    • Was just looking at the April 11th edit:

      • It looks like you're asking the right questions. For this to be successful, you're going to have to make the link to this blog post survey highly visible so people actually navigate to it.
      • Okay on Operation Fulgurate (where does the name come from)
      • Which pages were the important ones to lock or apply restricted editing to? I guess it depends. As long as you have a good rationale, you have admin's discretion.
      • I've got nothing for the Image Tasklist.
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    • I was thinking about using a Notification to draw attention to it - do you think that would do the trick?

      I think I might need to take some time to do some reorganizing and recataloguing, as I'm repeatedly losing track of the many notes and tasks (and my progress with them) I've got on the go both online and offline, and am starting to break down a bit.

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    • Depends where that notification is. Is it a general one that is sent to all users who frequent this page? Is it something posted in the Community messages or on the top of the front page? All avenues should be considered for maximum visibility.

      If it gets down to it, put a pause on the wiki stuff. Aside from the Railgun T anime and manga chapters, we probably won't get any new LN content till at least July. (Excluding the new SS in CROSS and the Agnese SS, I guess).

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    • Post submitted. I've made a general notification through the top bar (under the bell icon) and put a note in Community Messages. It is also visible in the blog post section on the front page, though rather low down on the page.

      I think I'll probably spend the rest of the day getting the log updated and recapping where everything is, what there is and how far we've got through them. I need to focus on getting memory and notes back into order, otherwise progress will be significantly impeded, though I'm also slightly uneasy about leaving certain things (which need to be monitored and revised during the airing period) for very long.

      Edit (17/04/2020): Forgot to mention earlier, have recently been keeping an eye on this one (possible newcomer?, promising).

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    • Just under 20 for the polls so far. Been dragged off for various things during the week.

      How are things on your end, OH&S?

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    • Its been quiet, I guess.

      I made a new blog post regarding an interesting topic, if you haven't already seen. Aside from that, just planning what I'm going to do next on the wiki and in real life.

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    • Still trying to get things in order. Slightly annoyed at having a glass burst on me earlier.

      Was considering the circumstances surrounding this recent image and related bits before settling down for the night. Any thoughts on the matter beforehand?

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    • WTF. What happened?

      Also noticed that image a while ago. But was a bit busy to deal with it. I've got some ideas on what to do with it, so I'll deal with it.

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    • Righto. I'll leave it to you then.

      I was laying the table for four and had nearly finished. I had just unstacked some glasses (our main sort) and was about to put two of them on the other side of the table. They clinked lightly, and one in my right hand shattered outwards into pieces of varying size, some quite small. A few pieces remained in my hand, but the majority of the shards scattered across the room (over the table, into the condiments tray, around the mats, onto the chairs and cushions, under the table, across the floor and its cream-colored carpet, onto (and into) the little wicker-table next to the dinner table with loads of papers (and crosswords) on and in it, and some went under the telly). I wasn't hurt at all, but I had to clear the table I'd just laid and find and remove all the shards.

      Edit: Won't be all that long until details of Chapter 1 of the Agnese SS emerge.

      Edit: Intend to update the sweep aid lists on May 1st.

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    • Damn, that's unlucky. I've had something similar happen to me. One time I was about to eat rice and chicken out of a decent sized bowl. While it was on the table, I used a spoon to push down on a chicken piece to break (like I always do). The spoon broke through chicken and hit the base of the bowl (also as normal) but this time around, the entire bowl just broke into pieces, with the food still hot on the plate. :(

      I've deleted the problem image (and all traces of it) and instead uploaded an even better quality version of the Accelerator Volume 10 cover in the properly named file.

      Also, what are your thoughts on the Kamijou and Misaka cameo in the recent Accel chapter; the entire scene I mean?

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    • Quite unfortunate. Was the meal salvageable at all?

      With regards to the cameo, to be honest I'm not sure about all of it, but the discrepancy seems fairly evident (be it error or otherwise).

      Edit: Polls from earlier now between 16 and 21 totals.

      Edit: Just remembered something else which I had intended to bring up with you; Category:Template documentation and Category:Template Documentation.

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      1. Surprisingly, the meal was salvageable. It was already on the table when the bowl broke and mostly balanced on the broken pieces. I got a fairly decent photo of it as well.
      2. The intent of the scene was actually pretty spot on with Accelerator's complex about heroes which he struggles with throughout the Old Testament being reflected rather well here; and including Misaka as well. But yeah, the clothes... the scene was too meta reflecting where the heroes are in their current story arcs (GT LNs and Railgun manga).
      3. I've changed the articles in Category:Template Documentation to Category:Template documentation. Must have been copied over from the One Piece Wiki when I was setting up the slide.
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    • Good to hear that the meal wasn't lost.

      OH&S, just so you know I've nearly completed assembly operations on SD76. Once the assembled captions are all sorted, we can begin reviewing and amending image captions for images from the first twelve episodes of Railgun T.

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    • Just experimenting with some new quick link templates:

      I did this because the existing Qvl and Qnl templates were very difficult to use with the various SS material outside of Index SS, SS2 and SP. I'll let you know when I'm done testing becuase after that I'll be planning a sweep of the wiki to standardize the links and presentation of all novel/manga/anime references.

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    • Righto, OH&S.

      A few minor things concerning the Shared Drafts:

      • The sweep aid lists (AllPage/AllFile) have been updated as of May 1st and assembled in SD92.
      • SD76 is ready (with the exception of an addition earlier this morning by a certain Gunhamaniac) for reviewing/amending image captions for Railgun T Ep1 to 12. I'm planning to carry out this work soon, but if you wish to be involved in the revision, I'll hold off on carrying out the sweeps for a bit.
      • SD82 currently contains some text extracted from the News sections after an aborted transclusion test.
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    • I've taken a brief look over of SD76 and it looks comprehensive enough for me not needing to be involved with that process.

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    • Righto. Considering doing a locator sweep for Kodoku links.

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    • Have we come to a decision on how references to source material should formatted?

      I was looking at instances of Template:Qnl in the wiki and found the Kamijou Touma/Chronology (Toaru Majutsu no Index) page littered with its use.

      We need to figure out consistent rules for how references will be labelled and what will be in their text.

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    • Auric Drake's doing by the look of it.

      Do you want me to run any locator sweeps for additional quick-link tweaks or would you prefer to handle them all on your own?

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    • Nah, no need for any additional sweeps. Right now, I can't even begin my own sweep of quick link templates until we figure out a consistent reference format. I might begin experimenting in my personal template to come up with a referencing guide; or hard rules that consistent editors have been following implicitly.

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    • I'll assemble some data on the matter in Shared Draft 39.

      I've assigned SD93 for Agnese SS notes and information collection. However, I might need to spend a bit of time doing some work offline.

      P.S. I did a sweep with TrackTag2 a couple of days ago to locate external links to the blog Trigger Happy End, kodoku21, which don't seem to be functioning anymore. However the WLH doesn't seem to have picked up some of the placements in places similar to where it had done previously. I might need to look into this a bit...

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    • What's up with the Biohacker Arc, OH&S?

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    • I renamed the article to be consistent with other SS. So just Index SS: Biohacker.

      Unfortunately, Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker Arc/Chapter 2 doesn't redirect Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker/Chapter 2. Would you be able to fix that?

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    • How exactly is it inconsistent?

      Edit: Router trouble (typical...).

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    • Just looking at the other SS:

      • Necessarius - 『必要悪の教会』特別編入試験
      • Biohacker - バイオハッカー
      • Agnese - アニェーゼの魔術サイドお仕事体験

      The character is what we've translated as Arc. But all the SS have it; we only translated it for Biohacker for some reason.

      EDIT: Just checking all the old links.

      EDIT: Missing redirects added.

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    • OH&S, regarding the whole referencing guide matter - do you mind if I do stuff for that?

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    • Sure, go ahead. This is all exploratory for the moment. Though I have some ideas I might push for.

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    • Thanks. The router trouble seems to have passed for now. I'm feeling somewhat uneasy at the moment, but I'm not sure why.

      Edit: Having been going through the logs and trying to get them sorted. Feeling somewhat despondent.

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    • Alright, why are you feeling despondent?

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    • Sorry for delay. Multiple factors combined together (will take some time to list). Slight improvement but still gloomy, had trouble getting to sleep and bad wiki dreams last night.

      Edit: Sorry, wasn't able to properly write and explain circumstances before bed. Have only got some rough notes up so far.

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    • Dude. Take a break. Focus on one thing at a time. Timetable and all that stuff. etc. (I need to think of some more platitudes...)

      But seriously, focus on cleaning stuff at home first. It does take heaps of time. But slowly and surely you'll get it done. Do you want some decluttering advice for those papers/mess?

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    • I'm toying around with an idea for consistent referencing. I'm thinking of a Qref template where its only input is and id of sorts eg NT9Ch8Pt3. The template then takes that input and splits it apart to get the relevant information and spit out a properly formatted reference. e.g.


      • {{Qref|NT9Ch8Pt3}}


      • <ref name=NT9Ch8Pt3>{{Qvl|Shinyaku|L|9|NT Volume 9}} Chapter 8 Part 3</ref>

      Or whatever standardized reference we come up with. Its a bit of an endeavor but referencing needs to be sorted out before I can sweep the wiki and convert article links to quick links.

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    • So after playing around some more I've got a working test template for references. Currently works as follows:

      • Input - {{Qref|L|NT9Ch8Pt3}}
      • Output - {{Qvl|Shinyaku|L|9|NT Volume 9}} Chapter 8 Part 3

      Current problems:

      1. Since I predict there will be some inevitable crossover for the reference ids for novels, manga and anime, I decided that it would be necessary for there to be an input for what type of material was being referenced. Otherwise it would be too hard to distinguish between the different tags.
      2. Reference name and output can't take input parameters. This ones the real kicker. I was hoping for the input parameter to do all the heavy lifting but it seems to be incompatible with references. This essentially prevents me from making the template as simple as I wanted it. To get the same output as in the post above the input would have to be:
      • <ref name=NT9Ch8Pt3>{{Qref|L|NT9Ch8Pt3}}</ref>

      ...which isn't the worst; but still a step down from the ideal.

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    • Sorry to go off topic OH&S, but it would seem that there has been a slight dispute regarding certain text in NT1 which we might need to check to settle.

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    • Silvercross Alpha - while he wasn't confirmed to be deceased, from what I remember the narration said he was as good as dead when he was forced to pilot the Five Over with his wounds.

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    • Yes. From what I can see, the disputed point for Silvercross Alpha seems to be something involving Kuruwa in Chapter 5 Part 8.

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    • But then again, the original Japanese doesn't lie.

      “Is it over?” 「終わったか?」

      “The remaining ones were taken away by that irritating clone. However, you took out the two most important people, so it’s just a matter of time. If you can use that, it means that the original rider got dragged out.” 「残党は目つきの悪いクローンが片付けているところだ。っつっても、メインの二人はオマエが (つぶ) したよォだから、時間の問題だろォがな。それを使ってるって事は、元々の乗り手は引きずり出したンだろ」

      “That’s the case. Right now, Kuruwa-chan…that ninja girl’s taking care of it.” 「まあな。今は (くるわ) ちゃん……忍者マニアの女の子が手当てしてるよ」

      The 手当 is the critical phrase. It means medical care/treatment. So the anon who was saying Silvercross was alive might be right in the end.

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    • Minor question.

      You know how Kamachi sometimes has a section after the Afterword that continues the story and sometimes segues into the next novel? What do we formally call those? From what I've seen in the references, they are just referred to as part of the Epilogue. Do you think that would be adequate for the sake of referencing? Or do they get their own name?

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    • I think it is sufficient. Regarding the Silvercross matter yesterday, I've removed the Deceased Characters category and switched the status to Unknown for the time being. I'm going to spend a fair bit of time offline and outside today, but I intend to take pencil, paper, books and printouts with me.

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    • Godspeed, Inept.

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    • Thanks, OH&S. As you probably gathered, I've returned safe and sound, though quite tired.

      Just out of curiosity, were the two deleted comments earlier from today or older than that?

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    • Good to hear.

      Comments were from today.

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    • It has been somewhat delayed, but I'm going to carry out the review and update operations for Railgun T Episode 1-12 image captions today.

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    • Righto.

      I've just been patiently working on Template:Qref. Its proving to be quite the pain in the ass compared to all of the wiki projects I've worked on; and I'm still only on the light novels.

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    • Is there any circumstance where the Cycle Arts Collections in NT13 or the Ingredients Lists in NT14 need to be referenced in an article?

      EDIT: Forget it. I found some examples.

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    • Have been delayed with the caption processing, annoyingly.

      Just so you know, there is a qvl error on Template:Franchise Overview.

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    • Thanks for the heads up. I've fixed that now.

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    • I've fixed the qvl error which caused the issue you brought up (Ollerus also brought up some more instances). Its finally completely fixed.

      Also, I have finally finished the code Template:Qref's LN referencing. This might have been the most difficult single task I've completed on the wiki yet. And its only 25% done. Hopefully, the rest of the template comes out a lot easier. But I need to take a break first.

      Check Template:OH&S_Test's Output section out for a look at how things are formatted.

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    • Understood, OH&S. I might be delayed in properly checking due to certain things on my end. Apologies for not making progress (there are also a few things which I didn't manage to spit out earlier).

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    • OH&S, any thoughts or suggestions for the Daihaseisai overhaul (as it is at the moment) before I continue with the work on it in Shared Draft 58? (I going to be spending most of the (birth)day working to get it done)

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    • Happy Birthday Inept!

      Nothing to add on SD58 except to remember the whole Daihaseisai/Daihasei Festival kerfuffle and that Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 08's title and the arc names need to be made consistent. Likewise with Ichihanaransai.

      Also, as expected Dream Ranker Arc has been pushed to July. I'm glad they at least finished the Daihaseisai Arc and that the Dragon Strike wasn't a CGI monstrosity. Hopefully they improve upon the scene further in the BD release.

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    • We didn't manage to fully complete the overhaul in time, but the page has been upgraded with what we've managed to compile so far (with a few temporary adjustments) and been made May's Featured Article. I intend to gradually finish the remaining updates over the next fortnight.

      You might have already seen this OH&S, but there have been a dozen or so Q&A-related posts on Ogino's Twitter within the past few hours. Not sure about the exact contents yet.

      Edit: Seems to be a mix of old and new.

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    • Yeah, I saw them. There were some info which helped clarify things like the Dolly sisters both being part of #0 Prototype set as well as giving an idea of how much input the mangaka has over the story Kamachi provides (turns out its actually quite a lot).

      Anyway, I am planning on renaming Shokuhou Misaki Figure Arc to Shokuhou Misaki Figurine (as well as related articles) in order keep consistent with all of the other side story names (And js06's translation). I've already got a list of articles I need to modify (using What Links Here).

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    • I think we should probably record the text while we have the chance, given that several have already gone.

      I'm currently reviewing the wiki logs to see if I've missed anything while I was focused on getting the Daihaseisai overhaul as done as possible before Episode 15.

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    • Its all recorded here by the same person.

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    • Updated the Shokuhou Misaki Figurine article name and renamed all links to it except some in your archive/sandbox.

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    • The record doesn't have all of the current lot of Q&A tweets and it doesn't include the raw text.

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    • Alrighty, here's the link to all the Toaru related tweets the editor has made since he started his Q&A session (no copied raw text or translations):

      EDIT: Moved to SD100

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    • Thanks OH&S. I've assigned SD100 for the task of collecting the stuff from Ogino.

      I'm going to have to spend a little time offline today due to external circumstances, but I'll do some of the work offline and put it online later.

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    • Just so you know OH&S, I've recently started a new joint discussion thread on my wall for situations involving informing/talking about stuff with everyone together rather than separately.

      Edit (28/05/2020): OH&S, the Find and Replace function has disappeared from the editor on my end - is it gone on yours as well?

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    • As expected, eh?

      Find and Replace has returned to normal. Sweep aid update carried out yesterday.

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    • Yep. I wonder what trick Kamachi is going to pull.

      Also, Find and Replace never disappeared for me.

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    • What's your current status, OH&S?

      Also, minor question out of curiosity, is there any particular reason why the language bracket was moved to the front for the external reference link updates?

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      • Current status: alive and well. Just need to muster up motivation to continue with the referencing guide.
      • What are you referring to with the 2nd point?
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    • Example of external reference link format from Gaiten Shoku V1 (though this one was not one of the existing ones which were revised) - AA Volume 1: (Japanese) Dengeki Bunko.

      My current status; also well, but currently disorganized. Trying to recap and reorganize again and a bit frustrated from being impeded in doing so previously.

      P.S. There were a few side-story category edits by Golden Darkness a few days ago which I've been meaning to look at. Any thoughts regarding them beforehand?

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      • Ohhhhh. I'm not 100% sure why I did that as its been a while since I standardized the external reference links. I think I was researching the best way to standardize external reference links across different languages and ended up settling on Language (in brackets) before publisher website. Can't recall what pushed me to make that final decision though.
      • I've taken a brief look at the category. I agree with the idea or spirit of making such a category but the one as it exists is too broad. Index SS/SS2 are different from the BD bonus novels and other stuff tagged with the category. I believe it should be removed.
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    • 2) Just to make completely certain, you believe the category should be removed from SS1/SS2?

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    • Well, the entire category needs rethinking. I personally don't think it applies to the side stories either as they are not full fledged light novels until they are collected into the Gaiten Shoku LNs.

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    • Shall we de-categorize the lot now or wait until rethinking complete?

      P.S. Have you read both Agnese SS chapters?

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      • Its a bit of a hassle. I say de-categorize the lot and delete the category.
      • Haven't read any of the Agnese SS chapters yet. (Or a thorough read of Railgun SS3 for that matter). I'll get to it before GT2.
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      • OK. Will do so shortly.
      • Understood, I'll avoid bringing up information about it until you've read it. There were a few article tweaks and possible creations which I've been considering following certain parts of the story.
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      • Then I'll get to reading those parts tomorrow. I've always enjoyed the magic side SS's.
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    • Did you read them, OH&S?

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    • Unfortunately not; I was quite literally busy all day. Tomorrow for sure.

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    • Understood. I'll continue to keep quiet about the related subjects in this thread to avoid spoiling things for you (quick note, I've been discussing a few of them with Ollerus and Lord Reader in their one-to-one discussion threads as they've read the chapters).

      P.S. Is this an extraction tool?

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      • I've finally read Agnese SS Chapters 1 and 2. All in all, they were quite enjoyable.
        • Chapter 1 was a simple case regarding a misdirection using the cleanup of magic. It expanded a bit more on necromancy and Haitian voodoo. A nice and simple case.
        • Chapter 2 was even better: a whodunnit case involving summoning ceremonies, ghost ships, phases and Golden cabal members. My favourite part was the questioning of the five suspects and seeing the various different summons which could be performed as well as their applications to real world problems. Very fascinating.
      • Quanteda is a package for a statistical program called R. It specializes in performing data/text analysis of literature it is provided. We're talking wordclouds, data visualizations, word usage frequency, measuring lexical diversity, topic modelling, lexical dispersion plots, network diagrams, etc. I'm currently practicing on Moby Dick in .txt format but I'm hoping to eventually get to applying everything I learn to the Index light novels; it'll be something that I'm certain no one's ever done before as only a superfan would spend their time on it.

      Also, thoughts on the PS5 livestream?

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    • I haven't seen the livestream yet. I'll let you know of my thoughts once I have seen it.

      Quite a bit of interesting stuff in the Agnese SS chapters.

      I'm having a bit of trouble focusing at the moment due to chainsaw noise outside, so I'm going to copy and paste one of the posts from the other threads to fill you in on a few things:

      Inept Wiki User wrote: Sorry for being a bit late. As you probably already know, updates for the side-story are currently ongoing and incomplete (as with quite a lot of stuff on the wiki). Given the information from the chapters, there have been a few subjects which I've been considering making articles for or changing the way they are placed on the wiki at present, with the usual amount of uncertainty.

      Summoning is one of the subjects I was considering making a new article for (hence the sweeps to locate instances of the term a week ago) and with the forensic cleanup stuff in Ch1, I was wondering whether it might be time for an article on Residual Information. Barcelona and Calais were also possibilities but I wasn't completely sure.

      Earlier, I moved the links to Mandrakes from Windsor Castle to Folklore and have wondered whether or not to leave it like that or make an article. At the moment, Taphthartharath is linked to the Lady of the Masquerade Ball, but I was considering the possibility of moving the link to Astrology when the article is revised.

      For the lunar hexagram, although I've made a temporary redirect, I wasn't sure whether to go with using one redirect for the whole term or have two separate links together for lunar and hexagram. I also wasn't sure where the hexagram was in the RL GD notes and if any of the ones I'd found were the one in question.

      With regards to the Treasure Ships referenced in Ch2, I'm fairly certain that it is referring to the Takarabune, but I haven't found any sources for the Onmyoudou connection yet. I also have a few uncertainties surrounding the composition of the Hood summoning and some of the church subjects.

      Sorry for being a bit messy with this, but what are your thoughts on these things so far?

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    • OH&S, are you aware of Operation Interim?

      Also, I've been encountering a few problems with my locator sweeps for the past couple of days. Could I ask you for some advice or assistance?

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    • I'm aware about the name of Operation Interim but not certain on the specifics.

      No issue if there's something I can help with.

      I'm sure you've noticed the inactivity on my end. I can't say there's any particular reason for it; just feeling a bit burned out. I'll get back to the referencing style guide eventually. Hopefully before Railgun T resumes.

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    • Operation Interim was prompted by certain recent actions/comments (and a bit of annoyance at them). Basically, I'm planning to lock a collection of articles, from July 1st up to just before Railgun T resumes, and try to give them a good cleaning - not a full overhaul but enough to act as a stopgap measure to tide things over for a bit.

      Before any of that though, I have been running a few sweeps with my bot to locate and record the different header names and structures used on certain (older) articles for SS/non-canon/other media etc plot sections (once the articles are locked, it won't be possible to use the bot for tagging via sweeps through those articles). However, when running a sweep for something that I know is present on at least a few articles, no results were tagged. I was wondering if including single equal signs either side of the target text in the search criteria might be causing an error.

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    • Due to recent external circumstances, my online progress has been hampered again. I wasn't able to get the notices and reminders done before the 1st. I'm intending to proceed with Operation Interim regardless though.

      On a separate note, can you think of any News items to be retroactively added?

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      • 1st Anniversary of Index IF?
      • Announcement regarding Accel's final chapter and AB in climax?
      • Also important, Toaru Majutsu no Index SS series has been licensed by Yen Press.
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    • Agreed. Number three was added earlier, but it might need a bit of tweaking.

      On a separate note, I was working on a notice and some reminders (incomplete) earlier, connected to the temporary stopgap measures, but not working too well. Sorry for bothering you with this, but do you reckon what has been written so far is OK or do you think they need further improvement?

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    • Sorry if I've asked this in the past, OH&S, but do you happen to know of a function which can show the size of an individual section within article?

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    • Elaborate on what you mean by 'size' and 'individual section'.

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    • Size in bytes, individual section as in section or sub-sections under headers.

      I've been doing a large number of manual size checks recently (as in copy/pasting with the bot in a testing area and checking the logs to measure the change).

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    • Hmm... not that I know of.

      The only thing I've found is this website to copy and paste source text into (which I'm assuming you already know about):

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    • Actually, I didn't know about that site (either that or I'd forgotten). Thanks for that, OH&S.

      Regarding recent activities, I think I might have bitten off a bit more than I can chew.

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    • Well... the first step is acknowledgement, I guess.

      How so?

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    • Trying to go through this lot before the 24th, on top of the other stuff.

      P.S. Have previously been drafting a couple of stopgap reminders - how do they look to you, OH&S?

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      • Try to limit yourself on what you really want to accomplish before the 24th. Cross things off your list that you deem low priority compared to others.
      • I'll give the stopgap reminders a closer read tomorrow morning. Nothing bad stood out FWIW.
      • If its okay with you, I'd like to update tomorrow's News Items with GT2's release.
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    • 3) That's perfectly fine with me, it's all yours if you wish to do it.

      Edit (10/07/2020): Have been experiencing a few computer problems. Might have to work offline for a while today.

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    • Random minor question, OH&S; have you any thoughts for the next image for the mobile front page wiki description?

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    • None atm.

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    • Which do you think would be the best flavour for the present if we did change it in the near-future?; NT-GT, Dream Ranker or IF?

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    • Hmm... I am fond of the new IF 1st anniversary image with all the main characters and NT plot items like the Dragon Rider, Othinus and the AAA.

      Also, there's a new PV out for the Dream Ranker Arc.

      EDIT: Also worth noting is the translation for the arc name for Railgun SS2. Its not Shopping Mall Demonstration but Ability Demonstration Trip; which makes much more sense. I have no idea why it was translated differently in the first place.

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    • Similarly. I know we have at least one of them (swimsuit one, can't remember if we have the Tokiwadai version as well).

      Saw the PV earlier and added it to Featured Media.

      Edit: I don't recall the reason, but I'll look into it.

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