Most of the stuff I wish to bring up is still being sorted out, but I thought I should mention now one of the projects which I have been planning (which I've been referring to as the Image Information Survey (I2S) in my written notes offline), with preliminary lists and preparations being assembled in my third tasklist sandbox.

The objective is to go through the 9,548 files which have been uploaded to the wiki and identify the images which have information (i.e. a licensing tag and source information mainly, and perhaps a description and purpose) and those which haven't, and then tag the ones which are lacking information with the ImageReqInfo template - allowing us to produce an automatically updated list via WhatLinksHere which were can use to keep track of which images are lacking information.

Obviously, carrying this out manually would take up a large amount of time and effort, which is needed elsewhere, so the plan is to perform a series of automatic sweeps using the Mass Edit function in order to identify and then tag the images in question. There is another problem in doing this as the massive number of edits would clog the Recent Changes list if done with a standard user account - as such, the plan is to carry out the sweeps using a Bot account (edits for which are normally concealed unless specified). As OH&S is occupied at the moment (and as such, OH&S BOT is unavailable), I have been making preparations for my own Bot account (User:Inept Bot) which is being tested but has yet to be flagged.

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