The countdown has been updated and made visible on the front page. It will be updated further once we know the exact time.

At some point soon, I'm going to tackle a task I've been meaning to do for several months now, perhaps during a break period between the sweeps of the image surveying project - dealing with the excessive images for Sogiita Gunha, many uploaded by a certain fan of his (who I haven't contacted yet but intend to warn in due course). I have assembled most of the images concerned (if there are any missing, please let me know) and will be deciding which will be deleted and which will remain within the next few days. If anyone (besides the perpetrator) has any thoughts on the matter and how it should be tackled (e.g. opinions as to which images should be saved and which should be purged), please share them as soon as possible.

P.S. Running a test sweep on all Main pages to see how long it takes.

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