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<center>'''Currently compiling/writing'''</center>
<center>'''Currently compiling/writing'''</center>
'''Sections to be written''': Recent Wiki Activity, New Pages/Files, Image Information Survey, User Actions, Series Three Overhaul Project<!--2020-->, Progress Log, Personal Notes (Operation Leaf Sweep, Depression), Wiki 10th Anniversary
'''Sections to be written''': Recent Wiki Activity, New Pages/Files, User Actions, Series Three Overhaul Project<!--2020-->, Progress Log, Personal Notes (Operation Leaf Sweep, Depression), Wiki 10th Anniversary
'''Previous Discussion Thread''': [[Thread:67316|Discussion, Brainstorming & Plans (22/10/19-)]] <ac_metadata title="Joint Recap (Mid-December 2019)"> </ac_metadata>
'''Previous Discussion Thread''': [[Thread:67316|Discussion, Brainstorming & Plans (22/10/19-)]] <ac_metadata title="Joint Recap (Mid-December 2019)"> </ac_metadata>

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Seeing as there are a number of people in need of a recap as to what's been happening on the wiki over the past few months, I'm going to be compiling a joint recap here.

There is a lot to cover so this might take a little while.

User Status

So far as I know, OH&S is due back today after their trip overseas. Herald is planning to help with Railgun T episodes. Ollerus and The Lord Reader have been busy with end of year exam work but that may have passed now. As for me, I'm currently attempting post-stall recovery (not for the first time).

Upcoming Media

As most of you know, aside from the monthly manga chapter releases, Railgun T, the 3rd season of the Railgun anime and 3rd of the three anime announced for this stage of the Toaru Project, is starting in January and Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, the 3rd series of the Index light novels, is starting in February. Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Biohacker Arc is also continuing with the release of the Accelerator anime BDs, up to the end of December. Imaginary Fest is also ongoing. No sign of Toaru Kagaku no Dark Matter chapter 2 yet.

Community Central

There are a few things which have been brought up on Community Central, some of which might need to be looked at in a bit more detail. One of the plans on there is a system change which means the retirement of the Forums and Talk. Certain other discussion-related parts of the wiki are on the same system and may be affected by the switch-over.

I'm not completely sure about some of the details, but just in case, I updated the wiki's database dump file a few weeks ago and might do so again soon, so people can take up-to-date backups if they wish.

Shared Drafts

In the past, we have tried to carry out simultaneous joint work on certain subjects, with mixed success in the draft phase. I've previously considered the idea of having an open sandbox for such work (though there were a number of problems with this idea), but a month or so ago, I realized that there was another possibility and began an experiment to test it.

The result of this was the creation of the Shared Draft templates. As the name suggests, these are templates containing a draft which can be worked on by multiple contributors. The contributors can place them anywhere on their sandboxes, wherever is convenient. The template has a top-nav bar on top containing links to the sandboxes it is located on as well as an edit link and refresh button - that way the users can easily edit the template and then easily return back to where they came.

First impressions seem good, so I intend to continue with them. I have to admit, I did get a bit overenthusiastic and carried away in the early test stages so I created a large number earlier than I probably should have done. There are currently 50 of them, 45 of which have been assigned tasks, though only a few of them have been positioned on multiple user sandboxes.

Given the nature of the Shared Draft templates and subsequent discussion, I've decided to discontinue the Image Tasklist posts that I had previously been doing in favour of a regularly updated one on one of the Shared Draft templates. Other tasks which have been assigned include monitoring, aggregation and brainstorming tasks.

Image Information Survey

One of the major undertakings within the past few months is an effort to catalogue the many images which are lacking proper information and add it to them (which will be necessary for certain other plans which are in the works - such as a link to episode images from an episode infobox, which would depend on the images listing the source episode so they can be listed via Special:WhatLinksHere). Given that there are over 9000 files on the wiki, I decided to carry out the initial phase (going over and recording all of the images lacking info) via sweeps carried out with my recently activated Bot.

In order to carry out this project, which has been called the 'Image Information Survey', I copied a list from Special:AllPages (File:) of all files on the wiki at a particular point - separated into 28 batches, created a tag (which can be used to produce a convenient list via Special:WhatLinksHere) and category (to indicate the files currently being processed), and drew up a plan of sweeps to be carried out in a specific order to accomplish the objectives.

I carried out the first lot of sweeps on the first batch at the start of November, logging the results as I did so. I ran into a few unforeseen problems while carrying them out, which I intended to tackle and record so the procedure could be amended. However, I did not record them in the clearest of manners, and I was interrupted by other matters, such that when I returned, I had forgotten many of the details and couldn't easily remember them. This led to other stuff, and coupled with other matters demanding simultaneous attention, resulted in the project stalling.

I hope to get it going again as soon as possible. I've tried to review and recover all of the details, but the messy recording and other matters interfering has meant I've kept losing my place (I'm somewhat tempted to start over with the second batch and amend/recall as I reencounter things).

Currently compiling/writing

Sections to be written: Recent Wiki Activity, New Pages/Files, User Actions, Series Three Overhaul Project, Progress Log, Personal Notes (Operation Leaf Sweep, Depression), Wiki 10th Anniversary

Previous Discussion Thread: Discussion, Brainstorming & Plans (22/10/19-)

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