Changes I've made:

  • Moved Maika back to the Academy City tab. It just makes more sense for her to be there rather than in Fall of Academy City.
  • Moved Frenda to the Railgun tab as she had a more prominent role there.
  • Added Radio Drama to the Series tab in the Novel Slide. It didn't quite fit anywhere else and was a precursor to the actual anime so putting it in the Series tab makes sense.
  • Reverted the Manga Slide background to the previous image. I just wasn't happy with the Misaka pic by itself. So even if on smaller windows Hokaze is not entirely in view, that's fine by me.
    • @Inept: You're definitely seeing the same cropping issue that everyone else will see on a similar window size. I've decided that I'm not too fussed about that issue.

Lastly, I will be finalizing and replacing Template:Slider and Template:Introduction in roughly 24 to 27 hours from now so its ready in time for NT22R and so that I can clear out Template:One Row Test for other projects to work on. If there are any further changes or feedback to be made, this thread will still be open for the mean time as the crucial feedback that I was waiting for has yet to be delivered (not that I'm rushing you, Inept; take your time).

EDIT: Added a characters tab in the World Slide; its a much briefer version than the Characters slide. Also looking to finalize the welcome message. I've given some trials and ruled some out (See top post). It currently says "Begin Your Studies Here". But I'm thinking of just defaulting back to the first one.

EDIT: Changed welcome message to generic "World & Setting".

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