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Toaru Anbu no Item (とある暗部の少女共棲アイテム Toaru Anbu no Shōjo Kyōsei (Aitemu)?) is a manga adaptation of the novel by Kamachi Kazuma of the same name, serialized in Dengeki Daioh. It is the 12th manga based off the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe. The artwork is drawn by strelka. The series began serialization on October 27th 2023.


Toaru Anbu no Item Manga Promotional Image

Promotional image for the manga

On the same day Volume 1 of Toaru Anbu no Item was released, a manga series adaptation of the light novel was confirmed for serialization, set to be published in Dengeki Daioh. The artwork will be done by strelka.[1][2] The series is scheduled to begin serialization in Fall 2023.[3][4]


The Academy City is a place where the best of science and technology are gathered and the development of supernatural abilities is promoted. Behind the seemingly peaceful and glamorous atmosphere of this city, there are those who are called the "dark side". The girls known by the code name "Item" are part of this elite group, which consists of specialists in various fields, led by Mugino Shizuri, a Level 5 esper. When a new member joins the "Item," the girls become involved in a conspiracy that is stirring in the city's underground......

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Toaru Anbu no Item Manga Volume 01
First Part of the Enemy Item Arc
Toaru Anbu no Item Manga v01 cover
Release Date 日本語 June 26, 2024[5]
ISBN-13 日本語 ISBN 978-4-04-915751-2
Number of Pages 194 pages
Cover Characters Chapters

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