Toaru Gakuen no Index (とある学園の禁書目録?), translated as A Certain Academy Index, is a parody short story based in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe written by Kamachi Kazuma.

One of the more obscure short stories written in the universe by Kamachi, it was released on the Dengeki hPa (電撃hPa?) issue of the Dengeki Bunko Official Bootleg Book in October 25, 2005.[1]


Kamijou Touma wakes up as usual, but everyone is acting oddly. From what he hears, a "rule" has been imposed on Academy City for some reason that says everyone must play the role of a character from an academy story. People who are exactly the same, people who have taken roles they fit quite well, and people who have been forced into their roles, even Accelerator disguising himself as Suzushina Yuriko surround Touma and it all develops into a great turmoil.




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