This is a partial translation of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator × Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Toaru Magazine article regarding the third season of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

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Key Visual for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Season 3

The article addresses the minor "controversy" regarding Mikoto and Shokuhou's shorts which are supposed to be white with red linings as shown during the Railgun version of the Daihasei Festival Arc in the manga instead of red as depicted in the image, a key visual for the anime. The key visual, which was edited before to add Shokuhou's missing gloves were a point of discussion for fans of the upcoming third season of the anime.

  1. Shokuhou Misaki will play a prominent part? - There's another Level 5 esper housed in Tokiwadai Middle School. Academy City No. 5 - Shokuhou Misaki, with a remarkable ability "Mental Out", able to manipulate someone's mind and alter their memories. There's always a scent of hostility with her and Mikoto, you could say there's a competition going on here. Since she stands right next to Mikoto in our promotional poster, there's been speculations that she will also be the center of the story.
    1. What the fans are on about: Shokuhou "That Expression" - For fans who have read the original manga, whenever it's about Shokuhou, something feels amiss without a mention to this scene to the right. For those who haven't read the manga, this might be a bit puzzling, but who knows how much of a bombshell this will be when we get to see the scene fully animated...!![Notes 1]
  2.  The stage will be set during Daihaseisai? - Considering the Daihasei Festival Arc follows right after the Sisters Arc, and we have Mikoto wearing sportswear in the poster, there's a strong indication that Season 3 will start with this arc. Daihaseisai is a seven-day long, city-wide tournament where all schools within Academy City will participate. As it's a fight among Academy City students, there's no restriction on esper ability use. In other words, we'll get to see students fight for a champion with their esper gimmicks!
    1. What the fans are on about: "Two types of sports wears?" - In the manga, there are two different types of sports pants that Tokiwadai students wear, one red, one white with red linings. To put it simply, the first is for lessons within the school, the second is for outdoors events. As for why they're wearing the red one in the poster, we'll see...?[Notes 2]
  3. What about Anime-original Episodes? - We've seen numerous anime-original plots with the past two seasons. Seeing how impressive the characters these original plots brought to life were, there seems to be a lot of voices calling to see more original episodes alongside a faithful adaptation of the manga....?
  4. Will they appear? - Vol. 14 of Toaru Majutsu no Index Sidestory: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun is still on sale. We've seen how some characters from Index and Accelerator play a role there, but will we have a glimpse of them in the anime as well...?[Notes 3]


  1. Refers to the face Shokuhou Misaki makes upon seeing Kamijou Touma in Chapter 62 of Railgun.
  2. This is corroborated in chapter 40 of the Railgun manga where Kongou and Kuroko are seen wearing red shorts during their training, as an adaption of a scene from the 8th volume of Index novels. Strangely, Misaka Mikoto is however seen wearing the white shorts with red linings earlier in chapter 1 in a similar scene depicting her power when using a Railgun next to a pool. Regardless, the Tokiwadai girls would later be seen wearing the white shorts with red lining by the time the Daihaseisai begins, as depicted in chapter 47.
    However, this doesn't apply to the Index manga as shown in chapter 58 which depicted the girls fully wearing the white shorts with red lining in their training in it's adaptation of the 8th Index novel volume.
  3. Refers to silhouettes of the Scavengers, Hokaze Junko, Kuriba Ryouko (Doppelganger), and Kakine Teitoku.
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