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Memory of Death (10031回の死メモリー オブ デス Memorī obu Desu?, lit. 10031 Deaths) is the ninth episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator anime series. It was broadcast on September 6th 2019.


Adapted From

Major Events

  • Accelerator continues his pursuit of the Coffins, damaging Hundun's connection and interrupting the memory download. Following 'Hirumi''s suggestion, Hishigata has Qiong Qi and Taotie fire on a building to put bystanders in danger from debris, forcing Accelerator to divert his attention and buying Hundun time to return to their base. Hundun arrives back and the download is completed before Accelerator arrives and frees Misaka 10046.
  • Using a ploy, Hishigata successfully installs the formula derived from the memories of death into the Coffins, and restarts them to delay Accelerator while he installs the formula into 'Hirumi'. While Accelerator faces the enhanced Qiong Qi and Taotie as Misaka 10046 looks on, Esther and Huotou arrive and make their way towards Hishigata but run into Hundun on the way. After dealing with Taotie's cameras, Accelerator dispatches it and Qiong Qi, while Huotou deals with Hundun.
  • As the formula installation nears completion, Esther arrives unnoticed and runs to stab Hirumi's body with Emperor Shun's Blade in order to neutralize Taowu. However, Hishigata is alerted to her attempt and intercepts her blade, getting stabbed as the installation is completed.


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By order of appearance:

New Characters


New Abilities


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New Locations


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  • The voice actor of unnamed Anti-Skill is Maeda Hiroki.
  • The voice actresses of unnamed three female students are Asahina Madoka, Makino Amane, and Hoshitani Miho.
  • The voice actress of unnamed announcer is Iwahashi Yuka.
  • The voice actress of Qiong Qi is Kobari Saki.


Cultural References

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Despite being in broad daylight and every other character being colored normally, Accelerator is colored purple before arriving at Hishigata and Hirumi's hideout.


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