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The first chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on the February issue of Dengeki Daioh on December 27. A preview of the manga however, was first released August 27 as part of the Toaru Kaki no Campaign.


December 2013 Dengeki Daioh-cover

Cover of Dengeki Daioh on the manga's debut.

A blond girl cloaked in black is being hunted down by Anti-Skill. She enters a familiar hospital, and the Anti-Skill follow, warned by his comrade over their comlink not to bother a certain patient. Running in its empty corridors, the girls finds the room of the worst possible patient in the entire hospital, the Accelerator. She flinches at her mistake but quickly tries to make the best of it, asking him of a whereabouts of a certain patient while giving him a photo, though Accelerator did not make any regard for it and continued to read his book. Then, the Anti-Skill caught up to her, and though she essayed many attacks on him the Anti-Skill was victorious. The Anti-Skill notices that the person inside the room is the Accelerator, and though fear he wishes to take him in, he has a mission to do and collects the girl before shortly leaving.

Now Accelerator finally ends his concentration on his book, and have not heard a single ruckus for he had used his powers to turn away all sound from coming into him. He then notices the photo the girl left behind and sees a familiar face, and thus his face became grim in shadow.

Meanwhile, the girl has been bound and silenced in bondage, and the Anti-Skill looks over her. However, Accelerator comes forth and ask him to let her go for he has questions that did answering. Bold is the Anti-Skill but in need of wisdom for he wishes to confound Accelerator's plans, though he accepts this challenge and easily overpowers him. Injured however, he continues to resist and pushes a button. Suddenly, a large mechanical object arrives and great destruction is on his wake, now Accelerator is intrigued of this and challenges its might.

Before the powerful beasts meet in battle, the Anti-Skill mocks him on how he isn't as powerful as he used to be after his brain damage. He then says that mercilessly destroying is evil is the DA company's policy, and tells him that it is time that he, the Accelerator, learned the foolishness of evil. With that fire gathers around the great machine, a fire born out of esper power, leading Accelerator to think that there is someone inside the machine. Accelerator is engulfed in a hail of fire, but he remains unaffected by it. Still though, the damage to his surroundings is of great magnitude. The Anti-Skill brags about this, but Accelerator just mocks Academy City's terrible taste. The Anti-Skill however points out that the machine isn't of Academy City's doing but the DA. Regardless, Accelerator just mocks him as an Anti-Skill and warns him not to become full of himself. The Anti-Skill however points out that he is not a mere guard dog but a hound that bite into all evil within Academy City, and brags about the fangs of DA that will tear evil to shreds. Accelerator laughs at his justifaction and say that if (using the biting metaphor) they took a bite of him and of himself they will both taste the same. But the man insists that they are not the same. Dropping the subject, the man says that though Accelerator still has his reflection he asks him how long it can last against his machine. Accelerator however points out that he has no reason to wait until he can't use his reflection, as such he'll just kill him right away.

With a light tap of his feet, a fissure opens up before his feet towards the machine and the man. They fall in and the man wonders how Accelerator could still have that much power even after getting brain damage. Despite their fall, the machine takes the man by its appendage and leaps out of the hole. Landing back, the man wonders if the prototype machine isn't enough to oppose the Accelerator. Without notice, Accelerator throws the two vehicles earlier towards the machine and then charges towards it. As he draws closer, the man orders the machine to protect him. And that it tries, using its powers to make wall of fire. He then orders it to buy him some time until he can withdraw. Seeing the fire wall, Accelerator's interest is piqued and just blows it away just so he can charge back towards the machine. There the machine forms fists of fire and tries to attack him but it is no use. He stomps on the ground again and propels himself into the air, changing his position midair. There, he reaches the machine's great "eye" and with a slap from his palm the machine falls apart. However, as it does, Accelerator notices a girl connected in the machine. The pained expression of that falling girl reminds of the face of certain girls. Shocked, Accelerator lands after the machine finally falls apart and the place settles down.

Accelerator finds that the man has escaped, and so is the girl that he wanted to inquire information from. He comes toward the girl and finds that she is a corpse, wondering if they shoved her into the machine.

Later, the frog-faced doctor is talking with Accelerator, and tells that he has contacted Anti-Skill. The officer in charge of this operation is Yomikawa Aiho. She approaches Accelerator casually, though he wonders who she is and asks her. Aiho laughs saying that she knows him because he's famous, but that doesn't mean he knows her. This however irritates Accelerator. Aiho then talks to him about the incident he was just in. She says that the person he fought was not a proper member of Anti-Skill. Accelerator doesn't understand, he then asks about the corpse. Aiho relates to him that the corpse is that of Hitokawa Hasami and that there was nothing odd about her corpse. She says that she died three days ago through suicide by jumping into a river and that there were many witnesses. However, she says that her corpse was never found, until now. As Aiho's face is shadowed, Accelerator takes a glance on her tablet and discovers that she is merely a Level 2 despite the great power the machine displayed against him. Aiho says that she doesn't know how a corpse's brain can use its power. She references that the machine causing destruction in the area they are in, but tells him that it would require powers equal to that of a Level 4. She then asks if he isn't mistaken. Accelerator however leaves, and says that investigating it is her job, waving goodbye.

He returns to his room in the hospital, and finds a shadow lurking behind some drapes. It moves and he discovers that it was the girl from before with a really mean look on her face. Accelerator tries to ask her a question but the girl interrupts him, saying that she needs to talk to him about the girl in the photo from before, the photo of Last Order.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Accelerator meets Esther Rosenthal.
  • Accelerator faces DA for the first time.
  • Accelerator meets Yomikawa Aiho.


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New charactersEdit


New AbilitiesEdit

No new abilities were introduced during this chapter.


New LocationsEdit

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


  • With 68 pages this manga chapter has the most pages of any manga debut from the Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise.
  • The Chameleon Camouflage is introduced.


  • Accelerator using his powers to drown out noise may be a reference to him using it on his first meeting with Last Order in the 5th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel.
  • The Anti-Skill references the events of August 30th where Accelerator receives brain damaged back when it occurred in the 5th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel.[1]
  • With Accelerator being in the hospital and with his collar but not knowing Aiho implies that this chapter occurs before the events of Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 08.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

No notable references to culture were introduced this chapter.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who is that Anti-Skill working for?
  • Who is the person ordering that impostor Anti-Skill?
  • What is the DA?
  • Why did Hasami kill herself?
  • How did Hasami's body end up in that mecha?
  • What does Esther want with Last Order?


  • Accelerator: "Hey, hold up there. Yeah, sorry about this, but leave that luggage there. I've got something to ask her."―to the Anti-Skill regarding Esther.
  • Accelerator: "What's that thing? Did you ask Santa for it?"―to the Anti-Skill regarding the mecha he just mobilized.
  • Nishio: "Guard dog? That fits perfectly. We are the hounds that bite into all evil within Academy City. All evil will be torn to shreds by DA's fangs."―to Accelerator in reference to being called by him as a "guard dog" of Academy City.
  • Accelerator: "Do you love gnawing on evil that much, hero? Then how about you try taking a bite out of me? Can you bite into the darkness? If not try biting into your own arm. It'll taste the same. It's just gonna be a lot blander than me."―to the Anti-Skill as a response to the above statement.

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