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The second chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on January 27, 2014. It deals with Accelerator and Esther delving further into the mysteries of the DA.


And now.. the blond girl and Accelerator confront each other. Accelerator smiles, glad that she had come to him and uses his power over wind, he pins her form down upon the wall, surprising her for he did not save her. Accelerator however says that he is not on her side and just wants to hear what she knows. The blond girl says that there is danger approaching the "specimen" Last Order. Hearing such technical words used on Last Order, Accelerator tightens his powers around her, asking if she wants to be crushed like a bug. In pain, she says that it fine if that happens, but tells him that he will have to use that power that will crush her for something, as the world is at risk. She blames herself for giving into them and says that everything will be lost, saying that they are trying to add a new layer to the world using Last Order. She then says that the enemy, DA, is a rogue Anti-Skill group, telling him that after he kills her he needs to do something about them. She then says please. Hearing this, Accelerator releases her from his grips and turns off his collar. With a smile on his face as she chokes, Accelerator comments on the thought where she would beg for her life.

Last Order comes before Accelerator's room's door, woken by the ruckus. After a little banter, Accelerator manages to have Last Order go back to sleep. Going back to the girl, Accelerator tells her to go back to talking. The girl says that "they" are after Last Order for the same reason she came to Academy City. Accelerator comments on how he doesn't care for what he is talking about and just tell him where the Anti-Skill group is so that he can just destroy them. The girl is surprised but manages to tell Accelerator that she only knows of the place where she is restrained, believing that it was one of their headquarters. Though Accelerator is concerned of his battery power of his Calculation assistance device for his esper mode being only 5 minutes left, he tells her that it is fine and tells her to take him to the place.

Meanwhile in that warehouse, the Anti-Skill from before talks to a colleague of his regarding the recent battle. The man complains to the man on the other line that the "coffin" was useless and that he can't fight espers with it. He calls out to his colleague, Hishigata, for lying to him, but the person on the other line reveals to him not to do that, showing that he is the Hishigata person. He tells that the power of the prototype is based on the esper's level, as such it can't do anything much. He tells him that he was the one at fault as he used it without permission. He however says that there was nothing it could do against Accelerator. Hishigata however says that at least he captured Esther and asks for her. This forces the man however to tell the truth, but says it was an unexpected situation. Hearing this, Hishigata deems the man, known as Nishio, a liability, making Nishio plead to him, but he does not listen. Another person asks Hishigata if he can handle this "new evil", the fragile justice that has pervaded the man, to which Hishigata says that he can because it is his job. Hishigata asks if the Qiong Qi would be sufficient, turning towards a dark figure in the other side of the room with many tubes connecting to the person. The person merely gives a sinister smile. Nishio prepares for his termination. Suddenly, a black sphere appears on the corner of the room.

Later, Accelerator and the girl arrives at the warehouse. Accelerator notes that he smells something familiar and goes to another part of the warehouse where the girl says is not the way to the entrance. Accelerator doesn't listen and knocks down the wall his power, astounding the girl. Entering, they find the mangled remains of Nishio, to which Accelerator comments on how not even a mind reader would of any use. Suddenly from out of the shadows a large robot appears before them just like the one Accelerator fought earlier that night. Hishigata speaks through the machine and calls out to the girl, Esther. She sees the machine before her, to which Hishigata says is the Qion Qi and is not a prototype. She asks if Hirumi intends to begin. Hishigata says that he and Hirumi are aiming for the perfect body and perfect brain, as such they have no reason to stop. Despairing, Esther asks about the Taotie and Hundun as well, to which Hishigata confirms her suspicion. She then asks if he included the "evil spirits" of the numbers, to which Hishigata says he did as well as the Coffin wouldn't function. He says that the prototype were disposable, though higher-ups don't know about it.

Tired of their cryptic conversations, Accelerator tells them not to have a chat without him. Hishigata now has focus on him, saying that he would love Accelerator as a specimen. Accelerator then mocks them for using a doll, and says that he isn't that bad. However, the man then mocks Accelerator, saying that it is the way they're respect his murders, angering Accelerator. Hishigata comments on how when Accelerator uses his power information increases, and says that it might be the key to his powers. He however states that it is too soon to fight him, as such he will have to repeat. However, electricity begins coursing around Accelerator, not wanting the machine to leave. A great gust of wind formed by Accelerator whirls towards the machine, but it dissipates before it can reach it. Hishigata claims that he has plenty of data on him, saying that his powers work on anything he touches, but he can't touch anything long range. He tells Accelerator that the machine has Psychokinesis boosted to that of a Level 5-class. With that, the machine somehow uses its powers and smashes a large hole on the ceiling. As it leaps, Accelerator rushes towards it, but stops and the machine has already left. Accelerator curses Hishigata.

The next day, Esther and Accelerator are in his room as Last Order arrives, bringing three bentos for Accelerator. There, Esther finally meets Last Order. She tries to introduce herself to her, but is interrupted by Accelerator, forcing her to say that she is but a mere classmate asking for advice. Last Order says that it is nice to meet her despite having no idea what's going on, and seeing Accelerator's secretive look angers her. She throws one of the bentos she brought for him to his face, and quickly hides behind Esther. Accelerator asks what Last Order throwing food when she is so hungry. Last Order then suggest they go to a family restaurant. Accelerator stands up and says that he is sick of family restaurants. However, he isn't mad, which Esther notes. Accelerator says however that he doesn't waste is efforts in pointless things. And with that Accelerator and Last Order leave the room, with Esther following with a smile.

Adapted To[]

Major Events[]

  • The DA is revealed to be a rogue group of Anti-Skill.
  • Nishio, the DA Anti-Skill from before, is killed by the Qiong Qi.
  • Esther discovers that the Qiong Qi, Taotie, and Hundun have been completed.
  • Accelerator indirectly meets Hishigata.
  • Esther meets Last Order.


In order of appearance:

New characters[]


New Abilities[]

No new abilities were introduced during this chapter.


New Locations[]

No new locations were introduced during this chapter.


  • The Coffins are introduced.
  • Accelerator is shown for the first time driving a motorbike.


  • Last Order carries a frog doll reminscent to a Gekota.
  • DA trying to add a layer to the world is reminscent of several concepts introduced in the world of Toaru Majutsu no Index, such as the AIM Diffusion fields and the Artificial Heaven, and even the Phases and Filters that have been used by Othinus.
  • The "perfect body" and "perfect brain" comment by Hishigata is reminscent of the concept of the Level 6 and SYSTEM.
  • Accelerator remarking that he is sick of family restaurants may be a reference to him and Last Order visiting one in Index Volume 5.[1]

Cultural References[]

  • Qi, Hundun, and Taotie are mythical Chinese creatures as mentioned in the in the Shanhaijing. They are three of the Four Fiends in the book.
  • The Qiong Qi is similar to Metal Gears of the Metal Gear franchise.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • How did the DA go rogue?
  • What did the DA do to Esther when she was under their restraint?
  • What are these "evil spirits" of the numbers Esther refers to regarding the Coffins?
  • How do the Coffins use and boost the ability of a dead esper?
  • Why does DA want a perfect body and perfect brain?
  • Who is Hirumi?
  • Who is that shadowed person in the corner with Hishigata?


  • Accelerator: "I thought you would beg for your life."―to Esther after she tells Accelerator to stop DA while he manhandles her.
  • Accelerator: "I don't give a fuck about your life story."―to Esther regarding her telling about the DA.
  • Accelerator: "Waiting's a pain in the ass, so I'll just crush them."―to Esther regarding the DA.
  • Hishigata: "Fragile justice is an evil that disturbs the order. An evil must be destroyed even if its one of us. Our organization is meant to bring perfect justice to Academy City."―to Nishio.



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