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The third chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator manga was released on February 27, 2014. It deals with the mystery surrounding Hitokawa Hasami's death and Accelerator's first exposure to magic.


The story takes place just after "Anti-Skill" retrieves the body of Hasami right after she has committed suicide. She survives however, and as she laments on her failure in even killing herself, the "Anti-Skill" comments on how her being a Level 2 Pyrokinesist would be useful and that she committed the evil act of suicide. And so, they have done what she could not finish—killing her. Through her oxygen mask, she is drowned with a liquid and, as she dies, she is told that her body would be used for justice, for they are DA.

Back in the present, Heaven Canceller can only frown as he begins his check-up on Hasami's corpse. Meanwhile, both Last Order and Esther are enjoying their meals, with the latter amazed with the food. It doesn't take long before Accelerator leaves them both. He then contacts Yoshikawa Kikyou to ask her if she knows anything about DA. Kikyou says that she does not, but will look it up for him. Accelerator thanks, to which Kikyou comments on, and guesses that it may have something to do with Last Order, much to his annoyance.

Back in the restaurant, Esther apparently made a mess of herself in the drink bar, and that she and Last Order had already went back to clean Esther up. Returned to the hospital, Accelerator passes next to two armored men in a corridor, but he ignores them. Accelerator comes into the room, only to be greeted by a pillow to his face from Last Order. Apparently, she is protecting Esther's dignity as she changes herself. However, while being half-naked, Esther comments on how she doesn't mind, much to Last Order's embarrassment as girls of her age should have concern for such things.

Heaven Canceller then arrives and tells Last Order that it was time for her scans. After much teasing towards Accelerator, she leaves. Heaven Canceller then tells Accelerator about his check-up with Hasami's corpse, and though Accelerator doesn't care for her at first because she is a "weakling", his attention in piqued when the Heaven Canceller hands him a parchment with strange symbols on them, stating that he found it in Hasami's mouth. After he leaves, Esther comes over and states that what he is holding a low-level spiritual rank charm, confusing Accelerator. Esther tells him to wait for her to freshen up and says that she wants to give Hasami a proper end.

In the morgue, Esther comments about Hasami's corpse, that despite her being be used in an ugly way she is still human. With her magic, she checks up on Hasami and says that her "residual memory" still wondering and her circuits are still open, commenting on how even if she was buried, she will still crawl back up, and that her body will never pass through the gates if heaven. As she performs her flashy ritual, Accelerator, ignorant of the world of magic, comments on how Esther may be using history and tradition to delude herself in order to expand her Personal Reality, believing it to be an esper power. As the ritual continues, a hazy fluctuating brain materializes before them, Hasami's residual data. Curious about this, Accelerator switches to esper mode and tries to touch it, prompting Esther to shout at him on not doing it. With it, Accelerator sees the events of Hasami's life, from birth to her demise. The ritual then ends, and Accelerator recoils, having experienced first-hand the power of magic. Worried for Accelerator, Esther asks him if he is fine to which Accelerator says he is.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Accelerator is exposed to the mysterious laws of magic for the first time.


In order of appearance:

New CharactersEdit

No new characters were introduced during this chapter.


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New LocationsEdit

No new notable locations were introduced this chapter.


  • When Esther was in her underwear, her thigh high socks disappear between panels.


  • Last Order referencing her reading magazine with regards to things important to girls may be a reference to the Sisters reading magazines for advice, as shown in volume 12 of the novels and as adapted in episode 17 of Toaru Majutsu no Index II.[1][2]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • A Huotou is a legendary creature in Southern Chinese folklore. It is described as being of a shaped of a dog, a monster that eats feces and blows fire.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Who put that charm inside Hasami's mouth?
  • What is the purpose of that charm?
  • Who were those armored men that were in the hospital when Accelerator returned?


  • DA personnel: "Don't worry, we of DA will make sure to use your body for the sake of justice."―to Hasami.
  • Esther: "What a wonderful feast. I've never had anything like this before. Academy City's science is amazing."―to Accelerator as she eats food from a restaurant.
  • Kikyou: "How honest. Is it related to that child? You only get like this when it's about her."―to Accelerator after thanking her.
  • Esther: "What do you think this is? She is a human. Even if she was being used in an ugly fashion."―to Accelerator regarding Hasami.


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